DIY Fall Clay Pot

This is a festive week for us Texas bloggers as we welcome you to our homes for our Fall In Love With Texas Blog Tour. We have Katie from  Let's Add Sprinkles  to thank for this gathering of 20+ Texas Bloggers, you will find the complete list of Fall participants at the end of this post. As for me, I have been creating some DIY Fall projects and fine tuning a few recipes to share with you during this week.  Today I am making such an easy DIY project and tomorrow I will be opening up my home to share with you how I add a colorful Fall to our neutral decor. It is my true wish that you will be inspired with what you find here and hopefully discover some fabulous Fall ideas from my Texas friends as well. We are a little short on Fall color right now, but who's to say that this should stop us from feeling a little Fallish. We can imagine that we have glorious reds and golds and who's to say we don't, if we take the time to look we might just find a few colors...they arrive

Gardening In The Fall

Some of the strangest things happen in Texas this time of the year and one of them is that it is time to plant seeds again.  As long as I have lived here, it always seems so frustrating to me that during the Summer our gardens slow down and then as the temps cool it's time to start all over again. Oh I get the part about the heat, the lack of water and all of the chemistry sort of details, it's just that seasonally it seems to me illogical not to have a vigorous vegetable garden in the middle of Summer. Well, there is an upside to this and that is that we can grow a Fall/Winter garden too! Right now I am still enjoying these amazing zinnias and as you can see so are the butterflies. I wanted to share with you some drought resistant plants, that I have had great luck with and also you know Fall is a great time to add plants to your landscape. What to plant that is drought resistant. Plants do not produce well in the middle of a Hot Texas Summer, except drought tolerant plants. I

A Transitional Dress For Fall

I saw on Facebook the other day this saying about Summer in Texas and I thought it was so perfect. We have Summer and then we have Summer 2, you know this Summer heat is relentless. I so envy all of you who have a colorful and cool Fall. So while I am waiting for true Fall, I am wearing this comfortable and stylish dress from Glamour Farms . You know their clothing line is amazing, easy to wash and easy to wear. My life is in transition, I am no longer a young woman, but a woman who is striving to age with style in every sense of the word. From the way I think, the way I speak, how I choose to age is my choice.  Aging is much different than it used it to be, we live much longer and remain more active, so if I can find a "look," that suits me, I hope to pass it on to you so you can see what it looks like on a real gal who is doing her best to finding her path in aging with a certain bit of class and style. I am also all about comfort and easing style these days, between heat a

DIY Stenciled Fall Jar Candle Holder

Do you enjoy a craft challenge? If you do I hope that you will stay awhile and also visit these six other bloggers, listed at the end of this post to see how they took this Fall Jar challenge and created their own Fall decorative jars. I would like to thank the  Jar Store  for generously providing us with these 64 oz. Anchor Heritage Hill Glass Jars. I positively love the versatility of jars, and the endless possibilities that go along with customizing them.Such a perfect time of the year to customize and display them too. Today I am super happy to share with you how I took this clear glass jar and stenciled it, added twine, metal ribbon and then tossed in a few pine cones along with a mercury votive candle to create this stenciled Fall jar candle holder.  Then I  placed it on a clear cake plate, tucked it into  a natural wicker basket, added a few faux pumpkins, autumn leaves and wooden letters too. Sometimes just a little goes along way! If you have a few hours to spare over the week