Blue and Orange Monogram Harvest Wreath

A long time ago in the land of living plain and simple, there  was majestic farmland nestled  in  the inter-mountain west. Along with the land, the rivers, the mountains and fresh air there was a saying  that  many  of  the old timers and farmers often shared with one another. It was simple and very true, a proclamation of sorts, spoken in reference to Fall. You see there was always an underlying sense of urgency when the phrase was spoken,  as  well as  there  should have been, given that much time, money, sweat and and physical  labor had  been  devoted  to these crops that were on the cusp of being harvested. Precious crops which had to be harvested before  the first frost of the season. Of course this phrase does not apply to me or mine now, there is currently not a single crop  to  harvest in the Texas territory of my home. But each time the first of August rolls around, I hear in the meadows of my mind, voices of many a farmer, including those of my parents, telling one another.

Coaxing Fall Winner & Just Imagine

Well you just must know that you are all just the sweetest of the sweet leaving me such thoughtful comments like  you do and you know they warm my heart, so here is a big Texas hug! I am so happy to be able to announce to you the winner of the coaxing Fall print, dish towel and spatula giveaway. It was a close running race for the Darren Gygi Home Collection  sunflower print and scarecrow print, however the sunflower print won out and lucky for our winner Eileen, from Viewing Nature with Eileen, as that was the print that she voted for. I use  to determine a winner. Thank you so much  Darren Gygi , for offering myself and my dear friends this fabulous opportunity to have your lovely art in our homes. We will be hosting another art giveaway the 29th of August, so mark your calendars. Do you have a little time to spare? If you do,   just imagine with me for a few minutes. Just imagine the momentum, creativity, energy, discussions, inspiration, vitality, and all of the possi

The Lavender Farm-My Life List

I think it might just be safe to say that most everyone likes Lavender in one form or another. It could be in a sachet, in your tea, perhaps even a chocolate cake. As for me, I adore lavender in my garden, tea, cake and truly most everything. So as we began our mountain adventure two weeks ago we stopped over in Santa Fe New Mexico for a few days and visited the  Purple Adobe Lavender Farm . Although it required a little backtracking into the tiny town of Abiauiu New Mexico, the  extra travel time was well worth it. Walking among flowering lavender has been a dream of mine. I suppose one could say it is on my life list. As my husband and I strolled along the well kept rows of pungent, and humming lavender  the experience  was  euphoric for me  and I think the bees too. In fact, if you look closely at this photo you will see one buzzing about! There were at least a half of a dozen varieties thriving and blooming in this little valley  nestled between mesas, where a gentle breeze blew an

Coaxing Fall & Two Giveaways

I was really and truly hoping that once our Summer break series came to an end so would Summer. Silly me...who was I kidding?? I mean seriously, I live in Texas and I just know that right now my Texas friends are shaking their heads and thinking to themselves what is wrong with this lady... You see I am one of those people who rush through Summer, sort of like when you pass everyone on the freeway, well that is me passing on thru Summer. I have two super nifty ways that I am coaxing Fall on in and this how I am going about it. One, I am personally hosting a little tiny sweet giveaway this week, as well as a Darren Gygi Home Collection Art Giveaway , now seriously if this doesn't coax Fall on it, what will! I am thinking way ahead because I am ready to decorate for Fall and I am wondering if you  would like to join me in choosing a print for the giveaway. I am going to share some photos of a few of Darren's prints and you help me choose which  one you like the best for the art g

Get More with Garden Infused Water

This is the last post in our two weeks of the Summer break series and I truly, truly hope that  you enjoyed this series as much as I did. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to get to know these talented women a little  better  and have them share their talents with us all. Today we welcome my friend  Carole from  Garden up Green , we both share the joy and  struggles of gardening on  acreage   in Texas. Carole is an accomplished writer and you will find her published works both online and in a  kindle format. She and her husband are living the life of empty nesters and she feels very blessed to live on a small farm where she enjoys and thrives living an independent lifestyle. Get More with Garden Infused Water Carole West – Garden Up Green Summer is Hot in Texas and I’m always reminding myself to drink more water Sometimes I forget because unless it’s ice cold with lemon or lime I’m not interested.    This summer I decided