Guest Post at Nancherrow

Good Morning and wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  In celebration of this fun Holiday I made a little terrarium with a tutorial to help you make your own. So, please come on over to  Nancherrow  and see how to create your Spring terrarium.   It is very simple and a great family activity. Thank you Alison for sharing my post with your readers today!

Greenhouse Tales

Hello Gardening World, my seeds are sprouting! And this has not been any easy task with recent temperature fluctuations.   One day 80 degrees the next 15 degrees. So, what I discovered was this- What this little Green house lacked in shelving and anchors it has made up for in maintaining  an interior temperature of a balmy 65 degrees, when the outside temps were  in the low teens. With these wickedly cold temperatures,  it was imperative to  keep the greenhouse warm so the seedlings and fragile  plants would not  freeze. Our solution to keep the temperature moderate in the Greenhouse was an electrical portable heater.  We ran an extension cord from the garage to  the greenhouse, and through the tiny space above the door the extension cord fit through. We placed the electrical heater on the floor of the greenhouse and set it on 80 degrees and it ran and ran for two days and two nights. Other gardening friends had suggested putting Christmas lights in the  greenhouse to add warmth-I ju

Sweet Mint Tea

As you know, I am in full steam ahead gardening mode which includes  gardening inside our home as well as outside.   I just can't seem to get enough of planting and growing and enjoying. So with Summer just around the corner I have been thinking  of Sweet Mint Tea, doesn't that just sound so good... Well, you know  mint is very hardy and when grown outside it can become  quite invasive,  even taking over a petite garden so this cute and sweet smelling little herb is staying put. In this cup, my  garden space is prime property. In time my mint will bloom her blossoms may be any shade of  white to purple.   In Greek Mythology, mint  is known as the herb of  hospitality . Isn't this so nifty how Sweet Mint Tea and hospitality go together, sort of like.. biscuits and butter   cocoa and marshmallows. Well last Summer I really got into tea and this is one of the recipes which I so enjoyed-so did the hubby.  Sweet Mint Tea Ingredients: Serves 8 2 q

DIY No Sew Table Runner

My Mother could sew a fine seam, I cannot.  I get all boggled down with the idea of measuring and then,  when that happens I become  intimated  by a sewing machine, actually even a needle and  thread. But, as we know necessity is the Mother of Invention and when a grand baby needs a  table runner for a party, her Grammy is going to come through. That is how this DIY no sew table Runner came about. I made a table runner for    Molly's Birthday Party   and then I made one for me. In just a few simple steps and with these supplies you can have your own no sew table runner in a matter of 30 minutes. When Rebecca called and asked if I would make a couple of table runners for  Molly's  Minnie Mouse Birthday party, I said  of course.  However, my sewing machine has been tucked away since Christmas. ( I am  more of a gardener than a stitchy sort of person.) So, I said to myself- hum... then I remembered that years and years ago I used some stuff  you iron on to fabric to make  it stick

Hemlock Green Vignette

I am dazzled with Hemlock Green,  one of the perfectly inspired Pantone  Spring colors for 2014.  I have infused a little Hemlock green into our home to add a dash of  Springtime happiness to my treasured secretary desk. Did you know green is a color which represents harmony , growth   and balance ?                                                                                                 I am normally not a huge fan of green,                         but when I paired it with our French gray walls...                                                   I fell in love.                          These two colors complement  one another perfectly.                                                                                                                                        Hemlock green, a lovely hue with soft and cool undertones.                                               Green- symbolic of freshness, nature and rejuvenation.                             A Hemlock Green Vignet

Tulips For You

I think I may have an obsession with flowers...I have a bouquet just for you. This obsession may include dove chocolate,  and gardening. Toile, table runners ( no sew) later this week- and keepsakes. Bette Midler ( but you knew that didn't you...) and of course tulips. This bouquet is just for you-  Please Join Me~ Common Ground Nancherrow French Country Cottage Ivy and Elephants An Extraordinary Day A Stroll Thru Life The Dedicated House Dwellings