Decorating with Moss Pots and Baby's Breath

As sunny Summer days give way to heat, tired grass and water  restrictions   I have a hunger for cool green.  It feels alive and although much of this decorating is related to early Spring.   I have decided to bring that "feel," into our home and this is  how... These two moss pots have moved all around our home for  several months.  I actually purchased them for my Easter  Vignette.  They sat empty-seemed I could not find just the right thing to put in them.   And then, when I was just browsing through the floral  department at Walmart  this sweet little sprig of baby's breath said-  "look at me!" And I did! I picked her up, gave her a good look over-she was a keeper. So, with a little  nip here, a tuck there, a bit of Styrofoam and  sphagnum  moss - she was what I had been looking for all  along. Feeling so much cooler already! Please Join Me At These Parties- Have A Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olson COZY LITTLE HOUSE SAVVY SOUTHERN STYLE-WOW US WEDNESDAYS Elizabeth &am

Spinach Pasta Salad

This is one of my go to salads-it is a great mix of  awesome nutrition and great ingredients which complement one  another in every way. This salad is an easy salad to put together and can even be prepared  earlier in the  day.  Make it in the morning and stow it away in  the refrigerator until evening. Radiatore is the pasta I use for this salad, it catches all of the goodies  in this salad ever so nicely.   And do you notice this darling vintage colander... My Grandmother's! I used smoked Gouda for this recipe I am such a fan of these cherub tomatoes, they are so sweet, juicy  and loaded with flavor.  Just toss all of the ingredients together,  cover and chill 2-8 hours.  Prior to serving pour salad dressing over chilled salad, toss and serve.  Garnish with sliced egg. Perfect for a Summer evening. Please Join Me At These Parties: The Dedicated House The Brambleberry Cottage This Gal Cooks

Inspirational Thursday-What Inspires You?

Inspiration - Inspiring-Inspires-Inspired-Inspirational Produce... Influence.. Energize... Stir... Shake... Excite... Invigorate... If you happened to read  Patio  Passion , you would have a  pretty good idea of what truly  inspires me! I feel energized, excited, invigorated and productive.  This it was happens to us when we live a life with inspiration and passion. It is critical to our well being to find inspiration in our lives. When we are actively engaged in doing what inspires us we are staying healthier, feeling much happier, focusing on our goals, transforming negative thoughts to positive, enhancing  our creativity and even increasing productivity. What inspires you?  Where will your passion take you? I love this quote and I wanted to share it with you! Joining these Parties A Rural Journal-Tuesday Muse

Patio Passion

We are outdoor people, my husband and I live to be outside. Our days begin with a marvelous cup of steamy coffee-poured into our favorite mugs.  The door opens to our Passion,  the outdoors.  We are greeted by early morning sun beams,   birds singing and thankful for the Blessings of the day. Our day begins right here... These are some of our most worn and treasured outdoor pieces. Don't you just love it when your belongings can tell a story? When love, time and energy has been poured into giving them newness.   But yet preserving them in an old way... This great outdoor Art was created by my husband.  He used remnants of  bead board and cedar from some of his other projects.    I found some leftover trim paint and stain-barely dipping the tip of the paintbrush into the paint and going over the beadboard lightly and briskly I achieved an aged and  weathered look.  I topped it off  with s tain.  For the frame I dipped a rag into the stain and rubbed it  all  over.  My friend Laura,

Lemony Cream Cheese Frosting

A few weeks ago I bought these cute little cupcake liners, they look like a flower.   And while I was on my adventures I found these pretty pink  flamingo  glasses. Aren't they just fun? I just had to make the big investment of $1.00 per glass! I have fallen head over heels in love with the flavor that a fresh  Lemon  adds to frosting's and cakes. In April I shared with you a  Post on  Blackberry Lemon Studded Pound Cake .  For these cupcakes  I was  trying to create a frosting that I had  awhile back while having  lunch with a friend.  This particular  recipe does not use  butter.   I make my frosting a tad bit runny, that way I can dip the cupcakes in the frosting, or for these I  spooned the frosting on - it then sets up smooth. This Lemon infused frosting will add a little magic to any of your  upcoming  Summer Celebrations. Please Join Me At These Lovely Parties: Linda-Coastal Charm-Nifty Thrifty Tuesday A Stroll Thru Lif

Fashion Friday-Nail Love

When you have a Fashion Tip like this one, it just has to be shared-this is one gals fashion tip to another. No  reimbursement  or advertisement, just pure facts! So, would you like to know a little secret about how to have  a  set of pretty nails, without the expense, the fills, the  drill,the damage,  the time it takes? You see, it has always been important to me to have well groomed nails. Because I have thin nails, no matter how much milk I drink, calcium supplements I take- they remain thin. When I was a young woman the trick to long, sturdy nails  was to drink Knox gelatin mixed with water -  nasty tasting  stuff!   So I tried, I tried all of these  home and scientifically  proven   remedies and still my nails  were ridiculously thin. This how I became a fan of acrylic and gel nails... So, twice a month I have faithfully marched into a nail spa to have a fill, color change or new set of nails put on.  I  know all of the controversy and health hazards.  But truly I  didn't car