M Is For A Tiny Miracle

I was driving home on I-20 West from Shreveport to Southlake. Mother Nature was bringing in some long needed rain, a heavy down pour with intermittent banks of rolling fog.  I was just thankful that traffic was much lighter than usual- since my  thoughts really were not on driving.  The previous weeks events were chiseled in my mind.  I do  believe that I had experienced  shattering fear and pure joy in a   12 hour period. My daughter Rebecca (22) who looks like she is 12!!  And her  husband Josh (25) were expecting their first baby!!  Molly. (you remember the wreath which I made for Molly in a previous  post.)  Well, Rebecca was being induced and Josh and I were to be her caring coaches. We had all discussed and written down Rebecca's birth plan, I was in charge of recording the birth events for the family.   Rebecca settled pleasantly into her birthing bed, Josh gave his love and support to Rebecca.  Then the nurse came in and began the induction process... I have given birth to

Fashion Friday -Pantone 2013

Did you ever see the movie The Devil Wears Prada - wasn't Meryl Streep amazing?  She is one of my very favorite actresses. Well, when I think of all of this Business on Pantone Fashion Colors, I think of this movie, and how all of our decorating, whether it be  adorning ourselves or our homes is chosen for us by designers. So, lets take a peek at what they have picked out for us for! Pantone 2013 Monaco Blue is an anchor for all of the other colors in Pantone, it presents itself in formal wear, shoes, blazers even jewelry. You will see the colors of the Season in all elements, even in  home decor.   Lemon Zest another Pantone color shown here in  lamps, shades, bowls, vases.  You might be surprised where it will show up. I fell in love with this Emerald Green Clutch Pantone's top color  for 2013!  So vibrant rich and such a statement maker. Poppy Red-such a smashing color in clothing and home decor .                                                                 Source This

Inspirational Thursday-Write a Letter

Happy Valentines Day!! I have a little story to share with you today.  Last week, one of our young associates came into my office to chat during her break.  She was feeling very sad because her boyfriend, was being deployed over-seas.  She shared with me her concerns, and excitement at the possibility of going to visit in the Summer and then she said we are going to write to one-another.   "Write? really?"  I replied as I looked at her a little dubious. " Oh Yes! there is nothing like writing or holding a letter, so much better than texting."  She genuinely smiled at me as she clasped her hands together. "Do you really mean this?" I asked, as I peered over my reading glasses. "Why of course," she responded, "My Mom shared some letters Dad had written her and I want to have something like that when I'm old." This conversation took me back to another time... My generation wrote many letters. We wrote to classmates and tucked the lette

Valentine Cookies

My cakes and cupcakes are filled with delicious strawberry filling,   however I am still in need of just a bit more... I am not in the mood  for an elaborate frosting.  What to do?   Whip up some sugar  cookie dough! I have a great recipe which I used for our  Christmas Sugar Cookies . This creamy vanilla frosting is Vanilla Bark- it is wonderful for  many things-coating strawberries, graham crackers, dipping  pretzel sticks- today  I am using it for frosting cookies! I am going to melt 1/2 package of vanilla bark in microwave at 50  % power  at 1 minute intervals. Stir after each minute. After 2  minutes mine was completely melted and ready for dipping my  cookies. If you'd like to change the flavor of the bark add your  favorite extract-   Melted bark is so creamy and smooth-it makes decorating cookies  a breeze. Bark has a tendency to harden quickly, if this happens  add 1 teaspoon cooking oil to thin. This particular sugar c

Valentine Table

Setting the mood for a gathering is just as important as the food itself.  We want our guests to feel as if they have  "experienced," an event.  Whether it is a casual barbecue, swim party or sit down dinner-it should be memorable. I have been going through some boxes in my attic and have found treasures I had forgotten I had!  So many assorted china pieces.  So, I am going to use them!  My theme for this Valentine party is Vintage-  I enjoy experimenting with different pieces.   I want there to be a "glow," for this party-I'm trying tea candles in these vintage goblets.   I am enhancing my theme by adding vintage vases and placing glass domes over them.   Vintage China from my Grandmother.   I always begin working with my theme and decorating several days in advance.  That way I am not rushing about the day before trying to throw things together. I usually change my mind on some things and then add more of something else- When we entertain it is for our enjoyme

Give Me Some Love-Valentine Cake

Just imagine heart shaped cakes filled with sweet strawberry filling, topped with butter cream frosting and fresh strawberries!  Our Valentine Dessert Party is just around the corner and I am busy baking up a storm.  After looking through my recipes, I have chosen White Cake with Strawberry Filling. I could have made the cake from scratch, but honestly, I got into decorating instead! Give Me Some Love -Valentine Cake - 350 degree oven Ingredients: 1. One white cake mix (your choice)follow directions on package and make the following adaptions. 2. Substitute 1 cup milk for 1 cup water-makes for a richer cake. 3. Add 1 tsp. vanilla. 4. Beat egg whites until fluffy-then add the cake mix. 5. Follow directions on cake mix package, from this point forward. I am using these adorable spring form heart pans- spring form pans come in all shapes and sizes and are typically used for a cheesecake.  There is spring lock on the sides of the cake pan that releases the sides.  They are