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Best Fruit Salsa Ever

I have a recipe to share, it is the best fruit salsa ever, no kidding.

Texas gals know their salsa, and I have been here long enough (30 years) to claim residency.

So come on over to my backyard and let me cook some shrimp on the barbie and serve you, my

friend, the best fruit salsa ever.

Growing up in Idaho, garlic powder and black pepper were the most zesty things that I ever tasted.

But once we crossed the Red River and settled in the southwest, cooking took on an entire

different flair, and I love it.

It is going to have some zing and zest to it, because that's how we do salsa in this home.

Serrano's oh yes, garlic, onions, lime juice...oh yum...

It is fresh, healthy and pretty.

Easy to make, just allow yourself a little prep time.

The table is set, the grill is hot, it is nearly supper time!


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Avocado and Egg Salad Sandwich

Don't you just get a bit tired of the same old sandwich? 

Well if you do my daughter and I created this healthy and colorful sandwich to 


Did you know that the Avocado is such a healthy substitute for mayo?  

Healthy and Interesting Facts about the Avocado

They are rich in potassium
High in vitamin k (helps protect our bones)
Rich in magnesium, calcium and iron
Good Fat
90 % of the Hass Avocado are grown in California

I am crazy over avocados! 

They are just so perfect! 

Not watery, or mushy just perfectly firm and dense-you are going to love this sandwich! 

My home is Texas-so I like my avocado and egg salad sandwich spiced up a tad!  

Avocado and Egg Salad Sandwich

Ingredients: Make 2 generous sandwiches

1 ripe avocado- cubed
2 hard boiled eggs, cooled and cubed
1 tablespoon vidallia sweet onion finely diced
1/8 cup blue cheese/feta
2 teaspoon Salsa Picante hot sauce 
salt and pepper to taste

It is the eggs, and avocado that are the basis of this sandwich-you could add 

tomatoes, celery, sprouts, cucumber a number of healthy choices are 

available. If spicy is not your thing-do not add Picante.

All of these wonderful ingredients are just about to be mixed together!

Spread avocado and egg salad on your choice of bread ( I love whole wheat) 

garnish with your favorite fruit and you have nutrition and perfection in one 

Hope you enjoy this healthy and satisfying recipe!

Do you have any special sandwich recipes to share?

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