My Idaho

Welcome to At Home With Jemma and thank you for subscribing! Today I am sharing my Idaho. This will begin my series on the West, and I hope that my tale will be one that you and my own family will enjoy. My husband and I just returned from a little trip to my Idaho. I grew up in Southeastern Idaho on an agricultural farm in the upper snake river valley. Mountains surround the fertile soil of the patchwork fields and from a Birdseye view the fields really do look like quilts. To the north of the farm gushing, clear waters of the snake river wind their way around nearby Buttes. Eagles soar, Moose roam, Deer have plenty of food and God is present in every inch of this good, solid earth. I have always thought that growing up in this region of the country was like heaven on earth. The mountain air is always clean, crisp, and dry. Seems that each and every time I visit I am reminded of how this pristine and natural environment influences my way of thinking and living even now.

Skin Care Tips and A Jemma Tale

Hi Friends, just popping in for a real quick visit and sharing a couple of neat skin products too. These thoughts come to you today on the tailcoat of my previous post; The Voice Of A Woman . I seem to be on a pro-woman kick right now, and who knows I might be for a very long time. Now, not to say I haven't always had a GO Girl outlook, because I have. It is now just framed with the viewpoint of a 60 year old woman . I am a seeker of information, innovation, improvement, and being the best you can be at any age. So when I saw myself in the mirror the other day, I saw my skin texture and Melasma . You know how we all go through our daily routines with out really "seeing" ourselves. I mean who has time to scan ourselves and really who wants to, right? Boring... I wouldn't have thought much about my reflection in the mirror, except I really can't see that well. So when I saw larger pores, saggier skin and brown spots dancing in the mirror I knew I was

The Voice Of A Woman

Have you ever felt invisible as a woman? Do you remember when, why, or what made you feel that way? I have felt invisible as a woman more times than I care to even admit. There have been many times I felt like I was operating in the dark. I knew, that I knew more than I was permitted to share in order to keep harmony. As I write this I cannot fathom that I navigated through life like this. I believe that all women, each and every single one of us is designed perfectly by our Heavenly Father to do great things. But in order to accomplish great things we must speak up. Silence is not tolerated. So in honor of all women; those women who surround me now and those of you who have forged ahead of me, I write this from my heart for you. Do you see the shoulder of an invisible woman in this photo? You see I am way past invisibility now, that young gal got left behind several lifetimes ago. The gift of age has brought me visibility, and a voice... and of course wrinkles. But I feel

Homemade Old Fashioned Caramel Icing

Well, hello friends! Today is a rainy day here in North Texas and I am not complaining. Anytime Texas gets rain is a good day, except if you are making homemade candy or frosting. If I had been making my Old Fashioned Caramel Icing today the humidity might just have made it take a tad bit longer to set up and I might have had to add powdered sugar to it too. Good news is that I made the homemade cocoa cake last week and the frosting too. As you can see by this photo this is a great, creamy, easy to spread homemade caramel icing recipe. This is an adaptation from the recipe which I found on Food Network , I changed out the regular milk for evaporated milk and added a splash more vanilla. I really am so happy with the results. Before we proceed any further with this recipe though, there are a few Kitchen utensils that you will need. One you will need a cast iron skillet and candy thermometer for this recipe. You will find other recipes that will give you different ingr

Positvely Perfect Homemade Coca Cake

Hi Friends! You asked for more recipes in our reader response survey so I am going to deliver! Today I have a positively perfect homemade cocoa cake recipe to share with you! I get crazy happy when I discover a recipe that is share worthy and this delicious cake most definitely is! It's has the loveliest consistency too, not too dry, not too gooey and a day or two in the fridge makes it even tastier. Cocoa cakes have been around for a very long time, in fact they were one of my Mom's most favorite cakes to make. I have thought about that some and I think I know why. Cocoa was an ingredient that she always had in her kitchen cupboard. I would venture to say that most of us have these basic staples in our kitchen; Cocoa, flour, sugar, oil, vanilla salt and baking soda and baking powder. If you have these along with an egg or two you can make a cake. I have always enjoyed baking when I have the time, but I sure don't like to be rushed. Have you ever tried to mak

It's A Wrap Season One of Making It

It's a wrap friends, season one of Making It on NBC is over. While my presence on the show was somewhat brief the positive experience is not! The camaraderie lives on in my spirit and heart and propels me to continue to believe in the goodness and creativity of mankind and that truly when we design and Make from our heart we give that gift to others. MAKING IT — “Home Sweet Home” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman — (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC) Our Making It journey began about a year ago. Eight of us arrived in California to join Nick and Amy in this Oasis set against the California Hillside. We had never met, never spoken, and yet when we did, there was an immediate bond. I suppose it was because "we got one-another." We understood the quirkiness that goes along with an artistic soul. We were welcomed by Amy and Nick and the entire production company in an unexpected way. Not a what I would imagine "Hollywood way," but a "