Inspirational Thursday- Forgiveness

I began blogging just over a year ago and my vision for my blog was  one word- Inspiration.   When you visited me I wanted you  to feel welcomed and cared for...  I always wanted you  to  feel inspired...   at the very least uplifted.   There are so many things which have the ability to    inspire us.  Music, Art, Writing, Photography... Oh the list is very long and it depends on who we are, where we are  and  well, there are just many, many variables.  Life is pretty much  like  that - subjective. However, we are all human beings in this mix of humanity- together. It is not by accident that we are, and it does not matter what your  Religious affiliation is- it's a fact we are here,  together-now amidst  the hurry scurry of life and the sometimes isolation of the  accelerated pace of our journey. And since we are, we might as well get along.  Let us remember to also  be  kind , because it is true we are all dealing with something and since we are kindred spirits in this beautiful 

Fashion Friday Dreaming of Handbags

A girl can dream, right?  Dream of warm white sandy beaches... Dream of a killer pair of  heels... And gorgeous handbags... And that is exactly what I have been doing,  dreaming of gorgeous leather handbags.  You know, all handbags are not created equal,  and even though some of the luxury brands get pretty pricey there is a smidgen of a reason for it and it all has to do with the type and  quality of leather used to make these beautiful handbags. All leather is not created equally and Saffiano is in a class all of it's  own.  Even the name suggests something extra special and well it pretty much is. I suppose many of you are already are familiar with Saffiano  Leather.   I have heard the term, I have seen the handbags, but I  was  not certain as to what it all meant. I really wanted to know the  real  scoop o n why all the fuss over this   incredible   leather.  So, I did some research and this is what I found out. What is Saffiano Leather? Well it seems that the "indicat

From One Mom To Another

Welcome to Inspirational Thursday where I share with you the  things  in life that are inspiring to me in way or another! This week  we are receiving some beautiful inspiration from my  youngest  daughter  who has tenderly written a Mom Post.  So whether you are  a young  Mom, a seasoned Mom or now a  grandmother, I feel  certain that  this reflective, honest and open  writing will resonate with you!   Grab a comfy chair, I  have to show you what Motherhood  looks like from our viewpoint. This is our silly, magical little group... our    precious  chaotic,   beautiful gift from God!  A perfect mix of p ure goodness  and  delight  that  has  been  entrusted  to us.  So,  please join us today on the journey of being MOM.                                                Source ~From One Mom To Another~   Rebecca Anne Wheeler From one mom to another mom, I want you to know that I know your job is hard. I know it’s demanding,  exhausting and  sometimes nerve wrenching. I also know it’s

Simple Decorating Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just fun, it is such an  easy Holiday.  A little mix of fun, whimsical, happy, silly and of course a time to celebrate those  we love.  We can decorate as little or as much with pinks, reds,  golds or whites or whatever we like.  I have made a few things to  share with you over the next week or  so.   They are just simple things  but really and truly it feels good to  have simple.   With a few simple steps it is so easy to create a Valentine Vignette. Last year we made this  Vintage Valentine Grapevine Wreath , if you  like grapevine you may want to take a little peek.  Amanda took it  home with her and incorporated it into her guest room decor. You all know I love this little secretary, and I so enjoy dressing her  up, but I must tell you after all  the decorating for Christmas I am  enjoying the beauty of simplicity.  In fact, some of my home seems a little bare, but very refreshing and good.   Step 1- Make or purchase a colorful wreath.  I did make this one  t

Fashion Friday -Fragrance

As many of you know I was the hiring and ops manager for our  local  Victoria's Secret, and as long as I was working there I was  supplied with all the fragrance I ever needed.  Granted, they were  not  designer scents but Victoria's Secret has a lovely selection of fragrances for all ages.                                               Source After retiring last year I have had enough fragrances to last me until  recently and Bombshell was one of my favorites because of it's clean  scent.  It was of a reasonable retail price of $52 to $60.00.                                              Source So, this past week and a half I have been sampling four  fragrances.  It  was fun and my did I smell wonderful!  Since we all know that  scents smell entirely different on each one of us because of our own unique body chemistry, it truly is wise to try some samples before  purchasing.  Prada Candy caught my eye because of the pop  of pink and  gold,  everything about the packaging scr

Get Real Girl

I was born August 31,  with  a pair of rose colored glasses on.  Mom said I was a month late and now I know why, I was being  fitted with just the right tint of rose colored glasses.                                               Source I arrived into this world seeing all the love, goodness and joy I could  in  each day and in everyone I met.  I suppose like most glasses they  do  come in different levels of tint.  As you can see mine are the  heavy  tinted ones.  I didn't really have a choice-I arrived this way,  sort of  like a cabbage patch kid with a pre-designed outfit and birth  certificate.                                                Source Although  these glasses have served  me quite well for all of these  years.  I  think it is time to trade them in for  a lighter shade of rose.  Getting real for me means, accepting what is and making the  very most of it daily. If I am ever going to get real this seems like the year to start, after  all I  am aging, well we all are an