Decorating Blue Bedrooms

We love our new paint color in our upstairs bedrooms.  We chose blue. You can do so much with blue-it is such a forgiving color-blends, melds and compliments so many other tones prints, and vignettes. Afternoon naps are best taken in this sun-kissed soft blue  bedroom , with billowy cotton curtains and brown toile linen. Brown and blue are such a soothing combination. This little accent table was a dowdy brown at one time-from  Bombay  company.  Immediate update - a coat of blue paint.   For a Spring update, I put away the toile and bring out the  color. I am changing my warm brown for winter to brighter with just a hint of nautical.  Isn't this quilt incredible-almost a chevron print hand-quilted from Mom. Gallery wall with treasured hand embroidered linens from  25 years ago. very well preserved from resting in a cedar chest. Future post on this DIY project. Blue walls, upholstery nail-head headboard and accent pillows-a  Red Door exclusive. Please Join Me At These Parties: Thist

Fashion Friday-Accessorize

What will you be doing this weekend? Shopping with friends? Lunch with a family member? Dinner and a movie? Just remember two things-Lipstick and Accessorize!!                                                  Accessorizing will transform every outfit you have.  It is all  in the small details that will give you that put-together look.                 Notice the handbags, necklace's, earrings, bracelets and shoes-   All of these seemingly minor items have a dynamic impact on your outfit and you.                                           So, maybe you haven't really been a gal that wears bracelets and necklace's.  Spring is a great time to begin, because of the marvelous colors and neutrals.  Think fun, smart, sassy and  classy! There are so many choices and styles for everyone. Pops of colors and just a bit of glitz and glam are always a safe and simple choice. And yes Ladies, always add a dollop of color on those gorgeous lips!

Inspirational Thursday-Thankful for Spring

Thankful for Spring! Sharing This Inspiration with  A La Carte Gratitude Sunday Sharing This Mosaic with  MOSAIC MONDAY Sweet Blessings!

Spring Decor Updates For My Home

Weather is warming and Spring is drawing near.  So I have been looking for a few ways to bring a little change and some  Spring updates to our home... I love the way mirrors reflect light and images-this precious clay  gray mirror with two sweet little birds gazing at their reflection came from my most recent shopping trip to the RED DOOR. One of my special treasures is this green antique bowl- it just feels like Spring to me! I have noticed the use of Galvanized containers being  incorporated into home decor.  I personally like their earthy look and I have been wanting to include them in my own home. So I have added just a hint of this look.  I found this gorgeous galvanized container with beautiful scroll work that is the perfect accent for my formal living room. I am still debating on where to put this precious little dish. For my Spring flower this year, I have chosen Poppies.  I have  red (family room-previous post.)  Pink and lavender in Kitchen. Cream poppies in Formal Living Ro

Homemade Egg Noodles

When you have a recipe this easy and good you just have to share! My Mom was the quintessential homemaker.  She made all of  her pastries from scratch. Her homemade bread was a piece of heaven- her cakes, pies and noodles a tradition. Not only is it rewarding to make these goodies from scratch, it is also a money saver. Making homemade noodles is actually easy, it is more of a time commitment.  Mom didn't use a pasta maker, she rolled them out and sliced each and every noodle by hand.  Some were plump (almost like a mini dumpling-others long and thin.)   Ingredients: 2 eggs 1/4 cup water 1/4 tsp. salt 2 cups flour (or until dough is firm, but not dry) Directions: Beat 2 eggs in Kitchen Aid mixer with wire whip attachment until  frothy, add water and salt. Remove wire whip attachment and replace with dough hook. Slowly add 2 cups of flour to mixing bowl, blending well after each addition.  If dough seems to be too sticky to handle add  additional flour in 1/4 cup increments. On a fl

DIY-Grapevine and Burlap Spring Wreath

I had such a good weekend, I hope that you all did too.  I was  decorating for Spring and Easter.  I came up with this simply stated grapevine wreath for one of my Easter Vignette's. If you would like to make it, just follow this little tutorial~ Grapevine and Burlap, such a beautiful combination. What you will need: Grapevine Wreath-Oval shape Burlap Paper Mache Bird Forsythia Glue gun and glue sticks Twine Cut burlap into 2 1/2 inch strips Loop burlap into 2 inch segments and secure with twine. Tie Twine into bows If needed secure with glue gun Add Forsythia and bird Hang and enjoy! I am partying Tuesday with   Knick Of Time Tuesday                                                           COZY LITTLE HOUSE Partying Wednesday with The Self Sufficient Home Acre