Simplify Your Thanksgiving Decorating

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I have been thinking of   simple ways to utilize what I have and bring Fall into our Home. This season I have chosen to showcase some beloved treasures.  My Grandmother's Hutch, my Mother's lead glass bowl, along  with some handcrafted decorator pieces from my three talented  daughters! A cozy little spot in our family room needed some Autumn color. Thanksgiving is the time to share the things we are thankful for so I have added some sweet ceramics to this vintage  sewing machine that was my grandmothers.  My daughter  Amanda,  hand painted this delicate creamer which is just  perfect for a small bouquet of sunflowers.  Rebecca my youngest child decorated this polka dot bowl which turned out to be a  perfect spot for a pie pumpkin. These are two ivy topiary that I have had for several years.  I  purchased natural burlap from the JoAnn Fabrics and twine  from Home Depot.  I placed the topiary on top of the burlap,  did a rough measuremen

Gift Giving Ideas for Christmas

The door bell rings, a neighbor drops by, a in-law decides to join you for Christmas, you remember how much your child loves the school librarian and oh the Girl Scout Leader!!  Sound familiar?? Years ago, I decided that I wasn't going to get caught up in that vicious cycle so I began shopping in November for just those "sort" of gifts to have on hand. Vessels with bath Salts Greet overnight guest with this simple and thoughtful gesture.  Fill these petite vessels with various colors of bath salts and attach a handwritten wish for a relaxing visit. A Collection of Christmas Stories Wrapped in Ribbon This time of year all bookstores have Christmas Classics and many  times they are discounted. If you can find vintage looking even better!  Purchase some that you would enjoy having in your own collection-and bundle them up with a beautiful  lush ribbon. Wheat Grass Centerpiece We all have a friend who loves gardening and nature-wheat grass isn

Christmas Palette-Tips and Tricks

Many, many years ago I had this flamboyant friend who decorated her home in vibrant, intense  color schemes- a bit over the top for me at the time.  I preferred what I call(  the 3's)Simple,  Safe, and Sweet!  Even safer- monochromatic and serene.  Then I discovered-  The   Red Door,   in  Shreveport Louisiana, which has ignited a spark in me to step out of my comfort zone and try a  new decorating theme for Christmas this year!  There are certain decorating measures to make  note of to pull this new look off successfully!  Monochromatic  Simple, Safe and Sweet Having committed to this project I am going to remind myself, dear reader, that a Christmas  palette does not have to be serene, traditional greens or reds, jingle bells and Santa's of days  gone by.  I do not have to use the same colors and designs year after year to celebrate the  traditions that I hold dear in my heart.  I can try new bold colors and themes to give my home a  holiday look that reflects who I am today!

The Great Pumpkin

Goodbye October-Hello Holidays Well, October is officially over and the night of Bewitching is gone.  November and December  will be such busy months and will be gone in a blink of an eye.  Before you know it we will be  ringing in the New Year , but before all of these festivities begin, I want to share with you my  most precious joys and treasures(including my children) my grandchildren-they were all dressed  up for Halloween! Thinking ahead to Holiday baking I have included a great recipe for Rich Chocolate Pound Cake. I like it because of it's simplicity, rich chocolate flavor and beautiful presentation. Afton-Captain America's Daughter (6 years) Afton is the first of our grandchildren, she is delightful, honorable and an enthusiastic little girl  with a  "can do attitude!" Maisy-Tinkerbell- very enthusiastic (3 years) Maisy is our second grandchild, she and Afton are sisters.  Maisy dances through life, loving all of  her family and sprinkling pixie dust wherever

Visiting The Red Door

Visiting The Red Door With Rebecca and Josh Well, I have had the traveling bug these past two weekends-it has been a long summer with some  medical challenges so, when I feel well enough to venture out I seize the moment! Last weekend I took a little road trip to Louisiana!  Rebecca, my youngest daughter moved to the great metropolis of Shreveport.  On my visit we discovered a little creative niche that we all fell in love with!  RED DOOR INTERIORS.  Oh my, it is a DIY and decorators dream come true!  The Red Door is a cross between Santa's Workshop and a whimsical candy shop,  I was in heaven!  Rebecca and Josh in front of the magical Red Door Red Door Interiors Inspiration is around each and every corner, and just when I thought I had seen as much bling, Christmas Cheer and dreamy lighting there was even more!!  I did buy some goodies, to make a Christmas Wreath, which I will be sharing with you all very soon! Red and White Christmas Fabulous Chandelier Blue Christmas Flagg Lake,

Georgia on My Mind

Sweet Times With Wyatt along the Chattahoochee I took a little trip to Ft. Benning Georgia to visit my daughter and her family-they are all thriving and very happy!  So not only did I get to spend time with Wyatt- I enjoyed the surrounding little town of Columbus Georgia-where the Chattahoochee River flows along the edge of town.  The river intrigued me with it's rich history.  For centuries, the Chattahoochee River has flowed from the mountains of North Georgia to the oyster beds of the Florida Panhandle.  Sometimes a trickle. Sometimes angrily slapping against the rocks.  Always telling a story of the history of Georgia and  of Columbus. Amanda and Preston's home-Such a bright and colorful front doorway Charming Fall Entry Preston, Amanda and Wyatt Ft. Benning The many faces of Wyatt!  Wyatt is a happy baby boy, always giggling and trying to catch your eye so he can flash his award winning smile! Such a joy for me to watch my grandson grow  up in a home filled with so much lo