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3 DIY Tin Can Styles

For me Summer time goes hand in hand with simple gatherings, grilling, picnicking and fun crafts.
So I am happy today to be sharing with you 3 Tin Can Crafts from my home along with a  group of fun loving, happy go lucky crafters who have gathered together to share their fun easy tin can crafts with you.
All links will be available at the end of this post for our annual Summer Time Blogger Challenge!
So lets go and grab those recycled green bean and pinto bean cans along with the olive and soup cans for this easy and customized DIY Can Decorating workshop right here, right now!
The theme for these cans are gift bags! Save money and use your creativity to customize tin cans any way you please:)  
Supplies for 3 DIY Tin Can Styles:

Let your imagination be your guide and have fun!
* 3- 14.5 ounce tin cans rinsed and dried
* Wire
* Fabric
*Tacky Glue
*Drill & 1/16th size drill bit
*Assorted Ribbon
*Scrabble Pieces
*Burlap Ribbon
*Assorted embellishments
*Faux Metal Ribbon
Let us begin with the pet owner in your family or yourself!
Everyone loves giving a little gift to the puppy in the family, a dog bone, maybe even some little snacks.
If felines are your thing customize this can for the kitty in your life and tuck in some catnip inside this gift giving tin can.

For all of these Tin can projects I began by drilling holes in the side of the can using a drill and 1/16th size drill bit.
After this I roughly measured enough fabric to cover the tin can and then I glued the fabric on the tin can with tacky glue.
I inserted wire into the drilled hole and then wrapped the wire with ric-rack.
I chose some scrabble pieces to glue on the tin can, you could easily put the pets name on the can as well.
Add your choice of fun embellishments and then toss in some pet treats and you have a great gift for any pet!



After drilling holes in the side of the tin can I measured and cut the burlap ribbon to fit the around the can. Then I attached the ribbon with tacky glue.
I inserted  wire into the drilled holes then wrapped the wire with twine as well as the top of the tin can.
I finished up the project by adding embellishments that went along with my foodie theme and tossed some baking supplies into the tin can for gift giving.



Cut metal ribbon, ric-rack, stars and stripes ribbon to fit the size of can and secure with tacky glue and wire.
Add star embellishments. For an extra festive Americana centerpiece add various red, white and blue flowers and other festive goodies.


I hope that you enjoyed these fun and simple DIY tin can projects as much as I did!
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