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Taffy Colored Pumpkins

Hello friends!
I have been gone for a bit, but I have returned  refreshed, renewed, revitalized and recharged-Fall does that to me, how about you?
I have a new lease on life and I'd like to share the joy of it all with you.
Thank you for welcoming me into your lives where we are able to chat and exchange ideas.
You know I really do believe that we can be anything we want to be at any age, we just have to go out and embrace it all. Not to say there won't be hurdles, but anything worth doing is going to have bumps along the way.
Thank you too for your sweetness in your emails, I loved, loved hearing from you and  I missed you too!

decorating, pumpkin, gourds Jemma

During the course of the last few months the garden was a little neglected. One of our wee pumpkins was budding out ever so slowly and was going to be a little late for Halloween
cheer. But my motto is never let a pumpkin go to waste (especially homegrown!)
If it can't be turned into a carriage, well how about a taffy colored planter for some pansies.

Jemma, decorating, Fall

Many of us grew up in a world where pumpkins were one color.
Some of you may remember that world and it was great, however...we have options now!
I bet my Mom would have thought that it was neat that pumpkins could be pink.

How to paint a pumpkin for Halloween, Jemma

Since I have been feeling a little adventurous in my crafting style of late, and moving away from my comfort zone.
I decided to take some homegrown pumpkins and gourds and turn them into taffy colored Fall décor as well as a planter.
This project is simple, inexpensive, easy and can be done with any color of paint for any style of décor. If you'd like to jazz it up a bit add a stencil, rhinestones or ribbon. The sky is the limit.

blue, pumpkin, Fall,

Simply take a real or faux pumpkin, cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin large enough to accommodate the size of the plant you will be using. Remove seeds from real pumpkin, spray paint and tuck the little pot inside.

Decorat with pastels for Fall

Well, since the spray painting turned out, I took another daring step along with a big gulp and headed for the Master bedroom. I decorated our little grey Secretary desk in the master bedroom with these glorious shades of taffy hued gourds and the pumpkin planter.
Trust me, I am not adventurous in decorating-I am always afraid of making a mistake.

pumpkin, carnations, gourds, secretary desk

So, with some spray paint a pumpkin transformation was born!
I began with blue, then pink and for adding glitz and glam I added some gold.
I really didn't take it all too seriously because it was pumpkin fun.
I approached the entire project similar to tie dying.

glitter, pastels, fall

I meant to add glitter...because it is true it does make me happy!


But instead of adding it to the pumpkin I added it here!
We have a little miss who will be turning one very soon...

Image Map

Decorating With Acorns

A Chill in The Air!  

Fall has finally arrived in North Texas needless to say I am thrilled!! I scrounged around in my attic and found all of my Fall treasures -feeling satisfied, I plugged in my little scentsy pot with cinnamon wax, flipped the switch on some wall sconces and settled in to Fall decorating!  Did I mention that I love, love, love this time of the year!!

Gold Spray Paint on Vase and Acorns
Re-purposed Grapevine Wreath

Please join me for some decorating adventures-

The walk to Find the Acorns-

Well, you see I enjoy walking, not only is it good for my body it is 
good for my soul.  I find it is a time to reflect, be thankful and observe what Mother Nature has to share with us.  On my most recent walk I discovered two Oak trees, and although they were both Oak trees they had two very different and equally wonderful acorns!  Isn't this just like human beings-same species and yet intriguing and wonderful in their own way?!  

So, with some sunshine, acorns, recycled fall treasures and a new can of gold spray paint, I am in business!

Acorns Found on my Walk-Big and Beautiful

Spraying the Acorns with Metallic Spray Paint-

Home Depot, as well as all craft stores sell Metallic spray paint, this is my favorite. Rust-oleum specialty Metallic, with a bright and reflective finish.  I recommend spraying outside with a piece of cardboard or, plastic covering underneath what ever you are going to spray.  Make sure there isn't any wind and that you are careful not to breathe the fumes.  Prior to spraying shake the can several times and then spray in a steady back and forth motion.  And there you have it! 

Big Beautiful Gold Acorns

Wishing you all a good week and Happy Autumn!