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Spinach Pasta Salad

This is one of my go to salads-it is a great mix of 

awesome nutrition and great ingredients which complement one 

another in every way.

This salad is an easy salad to put together and can even be prepared 

earlier in the day.  Make it in the morning and stow it away in 

the refrigerator until evening.

Radiatore is the pasta I use for this salad, it catches all of the goodies 

in this salad ever so nicely.  

And do you notice this darling vintage colander...

My Grandmother's!

I used smoked Gouda for this recipe

I am such a fan of these cherub tomatoes, they are so sweet, juicy 

and loaded with flavor.  Just toss all of the ingredients together, 

cover and chill 2-8 hours.  Prior to serving pour salad dressing over

chilled salad, toss and serve.  Garnish with sliced egg.

Perfect for a Summer evening.

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