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Raspberry & Almond Cake

Momma always baked for family and friends, it was her way of making them feel special 

and welcomed to our home.

Whenever "company," was coming into town she always assembled her best recipes

together, freshened up her linens and got her best pots and pans altogether

Thankfully she passed this ceremonial gene onto me, because now I do the same.

The best part of it all is that I enjoy preparing it and hopefully my family and friends enjoy 

eating it!

This past week we had my hubby's 83 year old Dad and his sister from Mississippi come 

for a little family visit. 

They drove those long 10 hours and arrived safe and sound.

We enjoyed seeing them so much and I baked a couple of desserts in honor of their arrival.

Back tracking a bit here, I felt as though I needed some new cookbooks.

I do have a gloriously delightful collection of cookbooks that I really do need to show you all 


One dates way back to 1895, it is the Presidential Cookbook.

I need a cookbook or two that focuses more on fresh eating, especially since I planted the 

new garden and all. 

Which I will be giving you an update on it's progress this week, with all of the rain it has 

flourished and I do believe that I could watch it grow.

So, Debbie, over at Mountain Mama recommended some books a bit ago.
I thought one of them looked so good, Summer Food.
Presto, I ordered it and start cooking out of it too!

I am always looking for tips in the kitchen and I have a little tip I would like to share with you.

You know I just love to cook from scratch.

Well, one year I made one of our daughter's a fresh key lime for her Birthday and squeezed every tiny lime by hand to get fresh lime juice.
I think the bag held fifty of them...true story.

Back to the tips- did you know that having a can of prepared frosting on hand is a lifesaver.
It can make a real difference in the presentation of your dessert and if you are short on time, well why not use a smidgen....smiles.

We highly recommend this recipe, that is, my sister-in-law and I do.

She said it even tasted better the next day-enjoy my friends!


Please Join Me~

J & J


Raspberry Scones

This is a recipe which you might just consider making this coming Sunday for Mother's Day.

Bake it for your own Mom, or if you are a Mom with young ones, have your hubby help them

make it for you, or if you are like me and you have a craving for a fresh raspberry scone-

Ta da...make some for yourself!

Did I mention that they are No Fail- I know this to be true because I made them with a

plastic spoon in a Pyrex casserole dish, with not one measuring cup nor, a measuring spoon.

But I did have a very random cooking tool that did not get packed during the move

-a pastry blender...hmmm

 (or the almost move-yes we are sitting in a house full of boxes since Friday,

double trouble on the buyers end, shame on them -details to follow. (  Am I fit to be tied? Yes.)

Fresh butter, juicy ripe raspberries, homemade vanilla extract (thanks to my SIL-Vicki)

you can already see why this is an amazing recipe-

A dough that is incredible, in fact one that I was thinking could double as a pie crust, and it

is wonderful to handle too.

You can see from this photo the consistency is amazing, tender, but does not fall apart.

These scones do not look like the traditional scone, but flavor and texture certainly are.

These scones get rolled up like a jelly roll and then sliced.

They make about 9-10 depending on how thick you slice them.

This great recipe is adapted from Erren's Kitchen

Now my friends this is a scrumptious scone, grab yourself your favorite brew and enjoy.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to the best group of ladies around!


Please Join Me~

Ivy and Elephants