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Making Pompoms With My Grandgirls

It recently became clear to me that I have a pompom love illness and I feel better knowing this. Not only do I have this illness, I spread the virus to several grandchildren while visiting North Carolina. It all began as I packed for my trip. I feverishly began tucking several skeins of colorful yarn in my suitcase, scissors and of course my pompom maker.

I had a pompom chandelier to make for, Sawyer, the newest member of our family.

My goal was to make pompoms on my flight from Dallas to Raleigh. However with safety restrictions, pat-downs and x-rays there seemed no possible way to smuggle a pair of scissors on the flight.

So instead I smuggled in nail clippers.

I chuckled to myself in an evil sort of way, feeling as though I had outwitted TSA, as I zipped up the inside compartment of my coral colored purse.

Seriously, can airport security stifle the creativity of any one person with restrictions and moreover should they even try. If you really think about it have we become "that," untrusting sort of society.

Hindering a creator from creating is like telling the sun not to shine!

Through security I went; unpacked my lap top, took off my shoes, held my breath that the nail clippers would sail on through.

And yes they did!

But I did not.

My earrings, of all things, caused quite a stir.

After the pat down at the airport, I claimed my belongings, headed to the gate, boarded the plane and settled into my window seat. I was feeling almost giddy as I was ready to begin making those pompoms.

I discovered that using dull nail-clippers to cut yarn just doesn't work. Thwarted once again...grrr….

Defeated and discouraged, I tucked away my pompom supplies and read.

But what I did discover was the sweetest group of grandgirls ready with smiles and hugs to help out their Mimi!

Meet my team of Pompom makers from North Carolina; Kennedy, Macee, Preslee and Molly!

It is true you know that "Many hands make light work."

Love you sweet girls~ XO