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Duncan Donuts Coffee & Peas

So, I am sorting of writing this off the cuff so to speak, as my husband makes fresh Duncan Donuts Coffee and we just finished eating fresh peas from the garden.
Do you know that every time I write a post reminiscing of the past, share family values and reflect on life I lose several subscriptions.
Yep, it is true.

So, I am going to tell it like it is for me.
If it is not the same for you, please feel free to move on.
I love Jesus, my family, growing good things from the earth.
These are the things that bring me joy, comfort and strength.
I am proud of where I came from and I am embracing the journey of where I am being led.
Which is by faith.
I am a survivor of cancer, divorce and deaths of those that I loved more than life itself.
I believe in goodness, forgiveness, rainbows and heaven.

I feed wild bunny rabbits in my garden.
I feel the joy in gentle rain, crops and choirs singing Sunday hymns.
I believe that goodness lives in all of us, no matter how dark our days.

I know that God has a perfect plan for everyone, from the littlest to the oldest and
I am blessed by grace, forgiveness and His everlasting love.

My journey is far from perfect, but it is perfect for me.

I will write about the past as it serves a purpose for the future.

Family will always be a mixed muddle of beautiful complicated imperfections, but it will 

always be the essence of life and a blessing from my Holy Father.

Honestly, who could not feel humbled and blessed by the beauty of it all.

Share the bounty of the fields and savor the delicious flavors of the crops.

The journey of life can be long when we choose to go it alone, or it can be a journey of knowledge and peace when we walk hand in hand.
I have grown from the paths of darkness and I speak from the heart.
Let all of us shine and be the rainbow for someone in the gray clouds of the day.

I invite and welcome you to join me in my journey of light, faith and hope.
We will explore the good earth together, share the journey and hold on tight to 
the glory of goodness and the light.
However, if this is not for you, I thank you for the opportunity to connect and I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Next up we will be exploring the joy of collecting and saving flowers.
See you on Wednesday.

With love, joy and peace on this day and for all the days that are to come.