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Woodland Wreath~ DIY

The Woodland wreath is a lovely wreath for your Fall decorating, it is also very natural and has a slight rustic and primitive feel. 
If you are searching for a craft that is hands on, and are eager to take a walk with Mother Nature this is the perfect craft for you to do this Fall.

This Woodland wreath also comes with a short Tale of a little grandson with sun kissed blonde hair, brown eyes and very busy hands.

The majority of the goodies on this wreath were collected by the grandson, and his Mimi as they spent several Fall afternoons on walk abouts in the warm afternoon sun in Sacramento. The two of them spent time outside while his Mommy, and new baby sister rested inside their home.

The little brown eyed grandson talked alot...
about fire trucks, garbage trucks, his friends and such.
He found many treasures, some of which did not end up on this wreath, but were still carefully gathered and placed in the paper bag.

After many afternoons of searching, walking, chatting and savouring these precious moments there were finally enough treasures to actually make a wreath.

A little high pitched voice rang throughout the house, proclaiming with excitement that 
all of the woodland treasures were now going to be hot glued onto the grapevine wreath.
Something the grandson had never done before.

A plan had been set in motion, and a new tool was about to be used.
If you have ever been around a young lad, you know that they enjoy gizmos, gadgets and using wires, mechanisms, pulls and gears.

Making a Woodland wreath is very messy.
Best to make them outside on a back patio, or in a garage.
The sweet grandson sat on the Mimi's lap, and together they glued their woodland finds onto grapevine the wreath.
Two Woodland Wreaths were made, one for the Mimi, and one for the boy.

This Mimi had a fantastic time with her grandson and you know, it was such a wonderful way to connect with him. 
It was the simplest of adventures, and the quality of time spent together was the main ingredient.
It really goes back to living a traditional, somewhat Old Fashioned life style, where lasting bonds, lessons learned, and meaningful relationships are built on quality time together with those you love.
It felt good to step away from the commercialism of life.

Supplies needed for Woodland Wreath~

Grapevine Wreath (any size)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks,
Twine or burlap ribbon
Pine Cones
Magnolia seed pods
Sweet gum seed pods
Dried Camellia blossoms
Assorted pods

Directions For Woodland Wreath

Hot glue layers of pods, pine cones, blossoms, nuts and repeat until desired fullness.
Wrap twine or burlap around the wreath.

I wrapped my wreath in a garbage bag and squeezed it into my suitcase to bring home.
It survived, and only needed a few


Please Join Me~

An Extraordinary Day

Image Map

Natural Spring Wreath & Vignette

It's wreath season at my house and I am thrilled to be making wreaths for my dear girls.

The two oldest have chosen neutral naturals and the youngest has chosen green naturals.

I have finished one of them and I have hung it on my secretary for inspiration

to create this Spring Vignette.

I have been hot gluing like crazy at my house these past few days and unfortunately have a

blister on one finger that is very uncomfortable.

I think it was worth it though for this cute Spring Wreath, one thing is certain,

I know it is not going to fall apart!

Not one thing went to waste making this wreath, not even the leaves.

Total cost around $10.00- $15.00, it will depend on your choice of flowers.

At the very least I buy my floral when they are 50 percent off, better yet, always shop the

discount section, as there are always pretty posies left behind.

Materials Needed to Make This 12 inch Spring Wreath

*( 1) 10 inch straw wreath form (finished product measures 12 inches).

* (24) 2 inch flowers and leaves from stems.

* (30) 1/2 inch flowers and leaves from stems.

* Scissors.

*Floral Cutters.

* Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

* Ribbon ( to hang wreath).

Spring Wreath Tutorial

12 Inch Spring Wreath Directions

Remove plastic from straw wreath, cut 24 floral stems to one inch in length.

Cut leaves off stems and set them aside.

Taking the tip of scissors separate the fibers of the straw wreath.

Place a generous dollop of hot glue into hole made by the tip of scissors.

Push 1 inch floral stems into hole with hot glue and hold for a few seconds.

Glue the 24 floral stems that you have cut to one inch length around the top of the wreath

then work your way around to the sides.

Cut stems and leaves off (30) 1/2 inch flowers.

Set leaves aside and save to add later.

Hot glue 1/2 inch flowers onto the bare spaces of the wreath.

Glue the leaves, around entire center of wreath.

Tuck and glue leaves around wreath to create natural appearance.

There are a couple of great finds that I have been wanting to incorporate into this Vignette.

The wicker/rattan chair which I found at  Angels Attic-$15.00  and the brass water pitcher I picked

up in Oklahoma while visiting my daughter and granddaughter-$5.00.

I cut back the roses that were still looking good from my Valentine flowers and bunched them up

in the cute chubby brass pitcher.

I added some green zest to my antique secretary desk by using green Ikat scrap book paper and

taping it to the back of the desk, along with green ceramic apples which I picked up at the Red

Door in Louisiana.  I like how the green adds harmony to the Spring vignette.

Then, I found these hankies in my sister's cedar chest.

 I lovingly ironed them, placed them on this silver tray and included them in my Spring Vignette

-but I must share this with you.

You see those monogram MJ initials-those were my Mother's-

I suspect she did this stitching as a child.

This Spring Vignette seems to have something for all of my pleased.


Please Join Me~

French Country Cottage

Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

Ivy and Elephants

A Treasured Georgia Christmas

Amanda has finished decorating her historical home in Fort 

Benning, Georgia.  You'll remember my visit there in October, 

when I shared my trip with you in my Thankful and Pleased post. 

She has incorporated treasures from the sea as well as the 

forests to bring a certain natural magic to the Season.

Starfish, silver baubles, pine cones and the glow of her frosted

Christmas tree make her sitting room a very special place to be.

Although she did not join us for Tis The Season tour, I was looking 

forward to sharing with you some of the ways in which she 

celebrates The Season with her young family. 

In creating her Christmas theme she combines natural elements with 

her own handmade creations.  It all begins with the simple elegance 

 of the natural grapevine Star on top of her petite Christmas Tree.

To her handmade Toile Christmas Stockings, hung by 

the chimney with so much love and care.  Her creativity 

and talent shine throughout her home.

The mantle decorated so effortlessly with her hand sewn

fabric Christmas Tree, mercury glass and clear glass ornaments 

nonchalantly placed in a clear glass cylinder.  

A beautiful oil painting over the mantle and the colors of the ocean 

and sky enhanced with the blue candle and the modge podge letter 

of her last name.  Just look at the gorgeous blue patina of the 


Carefully placed keepsakes and Christmas treasures 
reflect the 

beauty and joy of adding natural elements to home decor.  

A Tis The Season treasury of what makes Christmas special in her

Georgia home.

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