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Buy it or Leave it ~Reclaimed Finds

It is a happy Friday my friends, by the time you open your eyes from a restful sleep my husband and I will be out at our home site meeting with the builder.
Today is the day that the house begins it's journey of being framed and becoming our home. 
Do I hear a round of cheers?
I sure hope so, you are all the best. and you have kept my spirits up, and motivated me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you!

In preparation for adding some architectural finds to our home, my husband and I have 
been shopping in Dallas for some unique pieces.
First stop was at Architectural Antiques were we discovered some reclaimed finds from cottages to mansions.

I could not resist taking a photo of this Suit of Armor.
But, before we pull out the pocket book, I thought I would ask you all what you think of some
of these items.
First up Suit of Armor-not my style, but would you buy it or leave it??

Wonder how this reclaimed light would look in the Foyer-buy it or leave it?

We found quite a nice selection of wall sconces, we need six for our home.
We are placing two in the master bedroom, two in the family room, one in the foyer
and one in the powder bath. Buy or leave?

These glass vintage door knobs really did catch my eye, they are the real McCoy.
I am not sure if $15.00 a pop is a steal or a rip off, do you?

An element of French Country design is the use of  wrought iron accents.
I was pondering the notion of having a unique piece of wrought iron added to the front of our home and mortared in.  What do you think- buy it or leave it?

We found a bit of everything, antiques and hardware dating back to the 1800's.
Including a vast selection of international collectible furniture,
There was something for everyone from chicken coops to villas, a feast for the eyes!  

Wishing you a lovely weekend and as always be safe!


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