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A Slice Of Fashion

I am sharing a slice of Fashion today and a review of a dress.

Along with some pretty picks for Spring, a little makeup, some nail polish and some

cute clothes for kiddos too.

I have never reviewed clothing before, but when I discovered that eShakti has the capability of

custom making dresses, slacks, blouses and even Wedding and special event items,

I thought it would be of interest to us all.

As I age, less is more, and natural is so much more appealing than overdone.

I enjoy the lightweight feel and coverage of Revlon's PhotoReady BB Cream

plus it protects with a SPF 30 sunscreen.

I despise wearing stockings, and pale legs aren't so attractive, so I have tried many bronzers.

My favorite is Ulta Bronze Glow Tinted Sunless Gelee, it is streak-free and natural looking too.

                                        eShakti provided me with this dress but all opinions are my own. 


eShakti has such a lovely variety of styles, fabrics, colors and prints to choose from.

I actually had difficulty making a choice, but when I saw this chambray dress

with embroidered flowers, my search was over.

As a new customer, register and receive $40.00 off your purchase, plus an extra 10% when you

enter athomewithjemma in the promotional box.

Today I am combining a very comfortable neutral pair of Karen Scott espadrilles, with this dress.

They are on sale at Macy's now, extra 15% off-use promo code STOCK.

eShakti has an amazing ordering process where you can customize every item to your specifications

from the comfort of your home and offering sizes 0-36W.

On most dresses you are able to select your neckline, sleeve length, dress length and whether or not

you would like pockets.

On top of this you give them your measurements so you know your dress is going to be custom

tailored to your body type.

Customer service was top-notch, which is a very big deal to me.

For cool weather, or Church I added a 3/4 sleeve bi-stretch jacket from White House Black Market

I have always had difficulty with thin nails, breakage and polish staying on.

I have so many bottles of nail polish that has dried up, so when my middle daughter suggested I try

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme, I did and I love it.

BB cream and Polish are from Target.

I just love ruffled leggings with everything and headbands with bows.

The coolest fellows always add a striped Polo to a pair of jeans or chinos.

Boots and skirts are always in style in Texas or Oklahoma.

Layer a denim jacket over a dress on a windy afternoon.

Of course when you are two, five or nine you look fabulous in everything!

Thank you to our children for the blessings of Grandchildren, we love YOU!!

Have a lovely weekend and as always...


Please Join Me~

StyleMind Chic Life

The Other Side of Fifty

Will you walk with me as the storm clouds move West, and the sweet scent

of rain caresses the rolling meadows, while cheerful Bluebonnets dance between blades of grass.

Just beyond the fence posts we hear the powerful rumble of thunder,

Mother's Nature signal that the Season's are changing, just as you and I are.

You might be twenty, forty, sixty, eighty...

However rest assured we are all aging and with grace we will all be on the other side of fifty one day.

So please stay and visit awhile, you won't be disappointed,

I dare say there is something here today for all.

We all are at varying season's of life, for some of us the walk may be slower, the eyes not as bright.

But the spirit...oh..the spirit is alive, vibrant, eager and well.

Anxious to embrace it all, run with the wind, sing in the rain and grab each moment.

Some of those precious moments slip by us,  and then as age teaches us- so many life lessons,

we notice certain things and say to ourselves "oh, I really get it," why did it take me so long.

Today, Linda is sharing a few of her insights and defining moments during her fifty year journey.

As Linda and I have exchanged e-mails we did sort of a casual interview on what keeps her

focused on being a Productive, Passionate and Purposeful woman.

We just had to chuckle, because throughout the process of our correspondence we misplaced various

e-mails and blamed it on well you guessed it - Age!

I suppose in our youth, we might have become impatient with misplacing notes, lost photos,

posts that were delayed, but in our process of aging-

we have gained insight into the joy of and satisfaction of patience.

We narrowed our questions down to five and then three and here are the reply's which Linda gave.

How is Aging Changing Your Perception of Life?

On some level I have always enjoyed the “simple things’ in life but they seem to have taken on new meaning and significance during this decade of my life. (I am a fifty-somethinger.)
Do you remember that scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy has been hit in the head and she is unconscious?

She sees her family members and other snippets of her life flying around her in wild chaos.  Years ago when our family schedules were busy and often conflicting there were times I felt a similar sort of chaos, as though I was going through the motions, in a subconscious state of mind while all of these wonderful things were going on around me. Dorothy wasn’t kidding when she said “there is no place like home”….…….lesson learned.

Moments spent with my family, my husband, my dog, my friends, my sewing machine, hiking and enjoying the absolute beauty of nature and even literally taking time to smell the roses are a few things that I may have taken for granted over the years.
Now I see these once ordinary things and recognize them for the true gifts that they are and feel infinitely blessed.

Why is Aging with Style Important to You?

"Aging with style is important to me because I have seen both sides of the coin:  those who are old and cranky, focus solely on the negative and withdraw from life and those who exude nothing but a positive can do attitude who continue to live life with gusto. Guess which ones are more pleasant to be around?

I hope to retain a positive mindset well in to my golden years, continue all of the things that I am passionate about and be willing to learn and try new things along the way.
The world can still be our oyster even as we age!
My sense is that I have a few more pearls waiting for me out there in the great big world, and I plan on hunting them down and harvesting them!"

From One Woman to Another, what would you like your daughters to know about the journey?

"One thing I would like to share with my daughters is something I learned at a very early age.When I was in Girl Scouts, our troop leader took us all on a camping trip.After we set up camp, she sat us all down and explained that there would be rules.
One of the rules was that we would be leaving the camping area in better condition than we found it. For some reason those words really resonated with me as a youngster and they still do today.
No matter what situation I am in, I always try to leave my “campground” in better condition than it was found.

My hope is that as my daughters seek and discover what it is that they are truly passionate about, they will be energized and inspired to contribute positively to something larger than themselves."

I hope they will all leave their “campgrounds” in better order than it was found.

 After the interview Linda left me with this quote...

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson on the purpose of life, …….”it is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

What does your journey look like?

Thank you to all who leave a comment, I just know we are inspiration for one another.


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