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8 Chocolate Cakes For The Holidays

Does chocolate soothe your soul,
Quiet your mind, and give you a general sense of well being?
Did I see some smiles...

Well, with the Facebook Debacle unresolved, I was a little on the uptight side, and we were totally out of chocolate.

Seemed the next best thing to do, was to dream of chocolate.
So, I have been distancing myself from the entire FB matter. and dreaming away on Pinterest.

                                  The Best Chocolate Cake ~ My baking Addiction

I found 8 irresistible chocolate cakes for you, and I to make for the upcoming Holidays.
I have included all of the links beneath each photo so you can just click on them and presto,
you will be taken to these talented bakers websites.

                                    Playing With Flour~ A Super Moist Chocolate Cake

I found this recipe from Playing With flour it is originally from Ina Garten's Cookbook, and is a relatively easy cake to make, very pretty topped with buttercream frosting too.

                                                          Nancy Creative

Oh goodness, I just had to share the love of The Best (Texas) Chocolate Sheet Cake.
I  made the vanilla version of this for Christmas one year and oh yes, it was a little
morsel of heaven.

                                            Best Chocolate Cake You'll Ever Have

Good Housekeeping presents one of the very best chocolate cakes ever as well,
a rich cake blended with buttermilk and butter.

                                                        Perfect Marble Cake~ I Am Baker

This cake is for the cake lover who is not totally into chocolate 100 percent, and wants just a smidgen of yellow cake mixed in with their chocolate.
Top this marble cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and bam, it's a delicious dish.

                                         Hot Chocolate Hits~ The Best Chocolate Cake

Maybe you are into a devilishly good cake, which is perfect for this time of the year, where
ghosts and witches roam the avenues.

                                       Life, Love And Sugar~ Best Chocolate Cake

This gorgeous ultra three layer chocolate cake is made with dark cocoa-so this is the ultimate in chocolate decadence.

                              The Domestic Rebel~ Damn Good Chocolate Bundt Cake

Leaving you with a real beauty of a bundt cake, totally drenched in chocolate Ganache and topped with chocolate chips.

All of this chocolate, made me feel much calmer.
One of the best parts was that I enjoyed it all, with absolutely zero guilt and no calories.

Have a lovely weekend, xoxo

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Grandma's Vanilla Cake With Cocoa Frosting

If I close my eyes tight enough I can almost taste and smell Grandma's 

homemade vanilla cake.

Sometimes it had caramel frosting and other times chocolate.

You remember those days, when the kitchen was infused with homemade 

goodies and all of them from scratch, because that is just how it was.

Some say simple, well my oh my, I say heavenly.

I made this cake just a week or so ago and it was oh so yummy!

With just a few basic ingredients, and a little stirring them all together  

you can be serving this by dinner time,

if it lasts until then, which it probably won't.

But I don't really think that is a bad thing, do you?

Smiling ....

Did I ever tell you about my Momma having a slice of cake or a warm

cinnamon roll waiting for me when I got off the school bus?

Well, she did, and a glass of milk, then it was time to run outside and play.

We all ate well, loved ferociously and played outside until completely 


Winter time included, Mom always insisted on plenty of fresh air and lots

and lots of layers of clothing which became heavy and sodden from the wet


She would pull them off a me like I was a banana being peeled, as I 

squealed and complained.  

Then it was time to sit down at the dinner table set for three, 

Mom, Dad and me  

and top off the most delicious meal with yes you know...

another slice of cake...

Well, you get the picture, loving her family was all done with food prepared

with her sweet hands, in her tiny kitchen with yellow curtains that framed

each window over the worn porcelain sink.

And here is the recipe for you to make-it is a moist and comforting cake.

Please bake in a 350 degree oven and check the last few minutes of baking,

an over baked cake is not a good cake-to me.

I made the little truffle balls out of melted semi-sweet chocolate chips with

about a teaspoon of vanilla and then rolled them in powdered sugar and 

tossed them in sprinkles, just to spruce up the cake a bit.

This is one of those recipes that you can memorize and no matter where you 

are you can whip up a dessert and show your family just how much you love 


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Simple Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins

So, let us begin day one of decorating with pumpkins with 

with the sad tale of a recipe gone wrong and a little cake

that no one wanted.  You will need a comfy chair and possibly a 

tissue for a tear which you might shed.

The day began with a festive table runner freshly ironed, the glow 

from a beloved light, a very old recipe that I was trying to rework 

and a sad little cake all frosted, decorated and that no one wanted.

Truly the only thing pretty and redeeming about this little cake

was her decorative top knot-a happy and bright orange pumpkin.

It really wasn't the cakes fault, it was mine and I do apologize, 


I had spent a few hours searching for a cake that utilized a cake mix, 

was well suited for transportation, and one that I could decorate with

an air of festivity ( A pumpkin) wink~

After all who could resist a German chocolate cake mix infused with 

chunks of ooey gooey milkyway pieces, orange frosting and of 

course a top knot with a festive pumpkin?  

Would you...seriously?

Well of course you wouldn't or couldn't!  

The trouble that I ran into, and I am filled with remorse,  is that I

tried to substitute 1 (9.9 ounce) dry package of coconut-pecan 

frosting mix with my homemade version.  

You see, this is a quite an old recipe and unfortunately this dry 

packaged frosting mix is no longer made. 

Alas-my cake became the little cake that no one wanted. 

However, I do console myself that my cake did have her moment of 

glory with her little photo shoot and pumpkin top knot!

Wishing you all better days of baking or substitution baking and a 

simple way to decorate with a pumpkin!

See you on Tuesday with another way to decorate with Pumpkins!

Please Join Me At These Lovely Parties:

The Dedicated House

Chocolate Pudding Surprise

This is a little dessert that is dreamy, uncomplicated so simple and fun.  It has been children tested on all four of mine and now my grandchildren ! 

When my children were young, I would make pudding-from scratch, yes, scratch.  Eggs, milk sugar vanilla and cook it very slowly over a low heat.  I should have used a double boiler, but I am pretty sure I never had one!  So I stirred and stirred.  I did not want the precious pudding to scorch.  Four children undoubtedly ran a muck while I stirred just in order to create my homemade pudding parfait a.k.a Chocolate Pudding Surprise!

Then the pudding would be layered in beautiful glass dishes.  Sometimes I would even use goblets, just to make them all feel very loved and very special.

This recipe can be used with your own special homemade recipe, or a box of jello pudding. If this is to be enjoyed immediately use instant jello-for this post that is exactly what I did!

2 cups finely crushed Teddy Grahams 
1 pint heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
Food coloring
1 large package of chocolate instant pudding (follow instructions
on package and use 2 % milk or make your own pudding.)
Chopped gummy bears or candy treat of choice(this is the surprise)


Step 1: Crush Teddy Grahams
Step 2: Whip cream, add vanilla and pink food coloring
Step 3: Following instant pudding directions mix pudding.
Step 4: Chop gummy bears into smaller pieces

Fill 4-6 dessert bowls with one layer of crushed Teddy Grahams.  Follow with a few chopped gummy bears. Top with a small layer of chocolate pudding, and whipping cream.  Repeat these steps one more time without adding additional gummy bears.  Top with the rest of the whip cream and crushed Teddy Grahams.

Joining the Party at Stone Gable

How could anyone not feel loved after being served this!

Sweet Blessings,

Death by Chocolate Pudding Dessert

It is the happiest time of the year, but it can also be a bit messy-this is such a no-nonsense easy dessert that you can make it the night before.  Your guests will be amazed on your talents, as well as the taste of this little confection!

Always wear your apron!  We know about life!

These are the ingredients that you will need.  I use a 13 x 9 inch foil throw-away  pan to keep clean up even simpler.

 Baked and cooled crust.

First layer of cream cheese mixture.


For Crust: Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
13 x 9 inch pan
1 cup sifted flour
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup chopped pecans
8 ounce softened cream cheese
1 cup sifted powdered sugar
Largest container of Cool Whip-
2 small packages of chocolate fudge instant pudding mix
3 cups whole milk
2 tsp. vanilla extract


Cut butter up in cubes, place in baking pan to melt in preheated oven.
Meanwhile chop 1/2 cup pecans.
When butter has melted remove pan from oven and add sifted flour and chopped pecans to pan. Mix ingredients together thoroughly with a fork in the 13 x 9 inch pan.Then firmly press  into bottom of pan.
Place in oven and bake for 15 minutes.
Remove from oven and cool 30 minutes on wire rack.

Fillings:  I always use my hand held mixer for these steps.

In a medium bowl mix softened cream cheese,sifted sugar and cool whip.
Set aside 1 1/4 cup of the cool whip to use as frosting.
In a separate bowl mix together pudding and milk until thick.

After crust has completely cooled spread cream cheese mixture over the crust.
When pudding is thick pour over the cream cheese layer.
Add 2 tsp. vanilla extract to the remaining 1 1/4 cups cool whip and spread over top of dessert.

Wrap in foil or plastic wrap and chill at least 6 hours-overnight is even better!!

This is always a hit and I have many requests for the recipe!
I hope you enjoy~