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The Cabin Called Me

" I came upon a cabin,

I heard it's voice call to me,

come a little closer, and I will tell you what is to be.

The wind rustles through the trees,

the darkness falls too soon, 

but you will know, and so will I,

that kindness should always be pursued."
                                     ~author unknown~

 I would like to share our serendipitous discovery while hiking in

the beautiful state of Colorado last Summer.

A delightful cabin in the woods.

Still well equipped with a trusty and durable metal roof to shield against weather and varmints.


A cabin loaded with personality and colorful interest, intricate details,

could we even say maybe a Gingerbread House architectural design?

She and I sort of clicked, I was mesmerized by her.

She knew it too, because she looked good in every angle and lighting.

Some people might just see old and tattered, I see intriguing -a log cabin with so many stories to tell.

She appeared kind, personable and adorable too.

Offering a lantern to weary travelers.

And another one for overnight guests.

My friend Doreen over at House Honeys lives in a wonderful cabin and even has

bears that wander by-pay her a visit she'd love to see you!

I would like a cabin in the woods, would you?


Please Join Me~

Cozy Little House