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Fabric and Button Spring Wreath-DIY

Happy First Day of Spring and what better way to welcome Spring to your 

home than with this absolutely perfect Spring Wreath project using those 

mismatched scraps of fabric, leftover ribbon and buttons!

We are on day three of our Spring wreath collections, if you missed

day one we made a moss wreath, day two we made a blue yarn wreath.

Lets get started!

A wreath made from this and that...

A wreath on the back door of your home,

A wreath to welcome family and friends and life.

Whether you are the crafty sort of person 

with oodles of interesting pieces of

fabric stowed away in a craft room,

Or the once in a while happy crafty 

individual this wreath is calling your name.

For this project you will need just a few items,

the first, your awesome talent and the second, your creative self, 

because you truly are awesome, talented and creative!

Supplies for Fabric and Button Spring Wreath~

1. Straw wreath form
2. Fabric or ribbon 1 1/2 or 2 inch width (this wreath is a combination of both)
3. Buttons
4. Burlap
5. Glue gun
6. Glue sticks


Wrap and glue the fabric/ribbon as you go keeping it snug so it lies flat.

Add buttons, make a bow and hang-

this seems almost too easy doesn't it?

Don't you just love that

What do you do with your leftover whatnot's? 

Please join me on day four-

Pantone Color of the year for 2014- Radiant Orchid Ribbon and Burlap 

Wreath, perfect for your front door!

Please Join Me~

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