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A Family That Crafts Together

It all began many, many years ago on a cold blustery day in Idaho.  There were even rumors circulating that a major blizzard was about to hit and that there would be snow drifts too high to make it to Margie's Quilting Bee.
But this group of crafting ladies were not about to let a snow storm or snow drift deter them.
The quilting needles, thimbles, batting and colorful fabric had been carefully selected and assembled in advance. Even a spot had been made in the corner of the living room where the tired yellow and red velvet floral sofa had been pushed aside to make way for the quilting frames.
A flock of chattering Ladies composed of varying sizes and shapes had arrived despite weather adversity. They perched on the sofa like eager birds on a telephone wire, all ready to begin the art of quilting after the refreshments had been served.
Red jello jiggled in multi- faceted glass dessert cups, while a glorious pot of coffee percolated, giving a heavy sigh as it wheezed out one last drop. The delicious scent of fresh brewed coffee combined with the sweet intoxicating fragrance of homemade sugar cookies dotted the winter afternoon air.
This group of rural women not only valued their craft, they treasured their friendships.

My Fabulous Mother, who was part of this generation of makers, has passed this gene down to me and mine.
A crafting gene that has been entwined around all of our DNA from generation to generation and there is no denying it. 
We are a crafting family, so it is pretty much the norm that when we get together we either craft or present a craft as a gift. 
From the youngest to oldest we are of the mindset that no craft is too small or too big and hope prevails as long as we can create.
Today I would love to introduce you to a granddaughter that is designing and selling  Glam Sticks.
I know she'd be so thrilled for you to drop by her blog!
You can see her in the second picture on the right, selling her Glam Sticks and carrying on our family crafting tradition.

Crafting, making, creating, DIY whatever you want to call it is more than just about the product it is about ourselves, life, friendships, family,  inspiration,  joy, and the journey of discovery.
Want to know a secret??
There are no failures in crafting only experiences and you can always create something!
Crafting knows no boundaries!
You might just be amazed at what you discover and what you can accomplish.

Today I am happy to be able to share two simple and delightful crafts with you!

Our first project began one day back in May while I was visiting our children in Puerto Rico.
Amanda and I had walked, talked and solved many world problems as the grandchildren scurried by our side. 
Wyatt was filled with questions has he swatted the overgrowth of the encroaching rain forest while picking up ginormous snails and little Avery was toddling along. 
Finding treasures while on a walk about is fun, and Amanda and I happened across some
Sea Grape Leaves, they are quite huge!
We gathered many of them up, took them home then turned them into Coasters.
So much potential here for all shapes of leaves and themes.
Amanda is a very talented gal and is designing and selling handmade cards in Puerto Rico.
She is new to Instagram at  Coffee and Coconuts, just message her for more info on her cards.

Here is why we love this Sea Grape Leaf crafting project and the supplies which you will need.
1. Simple
2. Quite Earth friendly 
3. Perfect for all ages (blunt tip scissors for the youngsters)
4. Safe
Supplies For Modge Podge Leaf Coasters:

1. Modge Podge
2. Scissors
3. Dried Leaves
4. Paint Brush


Our second project for today are these fun, colorful and easy Jazzed-Up flip flops.
 As the days of Summer grow warmer and more afternoons are spent indoors, how about adding this little Jazz up your Flip Flop crafting to your agenda. Our daughter in North Carolina made this craft with her girls and you can too!


Here is why we really like these Jazzed Up - Flip Flops crafting project and the supplies that you will need.

1. Super Kid friendly craft.
2. Practical and purposeful.
3. Economical.
4. Supplies easy to find.
Supplies & Instructions  For Jazzed-Up Flip Flops:

1. Flip Flops ( many are on sale this time of the year)
2. Bandanna  (craft store, Walmart)
3. Scissors
4. Cut bandanna and tie on straps of flip-flop
5. Adult supervision and age appropriate scissors.
(Children can cut themselves.)



Thank you for taking time out of your day to join me, and Happy Crafting!

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