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My Winter Windowsill Garden

Each Winter my Kitchen windowsill welcomes a winter garden.

It all begins like this.

I make my pilgrimage to our local garden center. 

Somewhere between December and February and while most 

of the garden center is a ghost town there are always a few 

stragglers who refused to leave in late Fall.

Like this reluctant lavender and white pansy who was shivering and

nearly alone on a weathered wooden shelf.

I am fairly certain there had been many opportunities to leave, but 

she stubbornly stayed behind.

You know, I am so glad that she did...

Lucky for her and her sunshiny yellow friend that I came along- 

I saved them from a random snow storm.

Lucky for me, they were happy to join us in our home- it was a 

win, win for us all.

Who could resist a deal of under two dollars-

for this bright and sun loving Kalanchoe-she has such a great 

attitude no matter what time of the year.

I nestled her between these two anthuriums-

which refuse to quit blooming no matter where I put them. 

Who knew they were such resilient plants -

 Did you?  

I adore this ceramic pot-such an earthy piece of art. 

She was another lonely and forgotten resident of the garden center 

who refused to leave before the North wind blew so fierce. 

secretly believe she was waiting for me.

What do you think?

And this wee little white bird seems to be flying from windowsill to 

my favorite ceramic pot-did you notice that too?

I have missed my Winter Windowsill Garden more than I realized-

I am so thankful I have her back again.

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