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Christmas Kitchen Window

This is the first year that I have decorated my Kitchen window for the Christmas season.

I was hesitant at first, but when I found these twine, and pine cone swags at Michael's I felt

I had the inspiration I needed to get started.

I knew I wanted white and simple as my focus.

So lucky for me I have this gorgeous white coffee filter, which my youngest daughter made for me.

Just a simple window with some sweet and simple Christmas decorations.

I added this precious Angel from my Mother's Christmas collection.

An aged, cracked and interesting terracotta pot.

With a pine cone tucked among the moss.

I am using candles all about my home this year, and enjoying all types, shapes and sizes.

I even found these two flame less battery operated luminaries in a box from ages ago,

put some batteries in them and presto they still work!

I enjoy the warm afternoon sunlight that filters through these billowy white curtains on sunny days.

I am so glad I took the plunge and decorated my Kitchen window for Christmas this year.

Do you have any new spots in your home that you are decorating for Christmas?


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White and Metallic Christmas

About a year ago I did a little post on adding shine with metallics, I enjoyed the glow of mixing

white, gold and silver so much in January, that I decided to use this theme in my family room

and Kitchen for Christmas 2014!

I keep tweaking the look, adding and taking away.

Along the way of decorating for Christmas, I received an e-mail from Liz from Hometalk,

asking me if I would like to curate a board on DIY Metallic decorations for the holidays.

Well, of course I said yes!

I had the best time, and Liz was a dream to work with, so pop on over and get even more DIY

inspiration for all of your holiday decorating.


Since it isn't likely that I will have a white Christmas in Texas, I am creating my own.

I just adore the look of a White flocked Christmas Tree and I found these 24 inch trees at

Hobby Lobby for 50% off, seems they are a perfect fit on the family room mantle.

I am using these White Christmas trees in my family room as an anchor for my metallic Christmas.

To keep my metallic theme going, I added some white and silver jeweled stockings.

I found this little wooden serving tray at Angel's Attic and painted it white.

Added some silver birds, mercury glass, burlap and another white tree.

Just for fun I glued on some peppermints-

there were more, but someone by the name of

Molly,  pulled them off!

My adorable grand

I always enjoy combing the old with the new when I decorate for Christmas.

So, the past couple of years I  have incorporated these two old black and white photos of Elk.

These are original photos which my Dad took, way back when.  I love them and I thought they

look pretty snazzy in these silver frames.

I have this odd ledge in my Kitchen, for so long it perplexed me and I tried to ignore it.

Now, I use it!

So, I put my favorite Birdcages on this ledge and two gold glitzy bells.

I left my all white Rooster.

In the background you can see the family room mantel, by keeping with my white and

metallic Christmas theme in both areas it creates continuity and harmony.

I love decorating for Christmas!

White, metallic, red, green or blue, how are you decorating for Christmas this year?

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