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DIY Red White and Blue Door Decor

Welcome to our creative gathering of Ten on the Tenth.
We are a group of friends and bloggers who share our individual spin on creativity for the home for under Ten dollars on the 10th of each month.
With our theme challenge for June being red, white and blue I wanted to create something Patriotic for our front door in preparation for the 4th of July.
So, I headed to my craft closet and Hobby Lobby and here I am sharing my  DIY Red, White and Blue Door Decor.

DIY Patriotic Door Decor For Ten On The Tenth Challenge At Home With Jemma

Stunning Thanksgiving Vignettes Day 4

Decorating, inspiration, seasonal, decor
Welcome to the final day of our 
Thanksgiving Vignettes tour.
It has been a week full of inspiration and creativity, highlighted by our special Thanksgiving edition of 
Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
If you missed Wednesday's tour,visit these wonderful bloggers:
led by our Thoughts of Home hostess

In her inspiring post, Jemma shares the joy that the Thanksgiving season brings.

 The message here at White Spray Paint is all about 
'finding delight in simple things'.

It makes perfect sense then that I love Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is about hope and gratitude and the simple experience of sharing food and fun with family.

It involves all of my favorite things: planning a menu, preparing special dishes, using my Woodland Spode and setting a pretty table.
It is about family, good food, laughter, football, and naps on the couch.
 Some of the best times center around this hutch in the sitting area of my kitchen.
During the fall I exchange my Spode Blue Italian with my
Woodland Spode and add all of my collected copper pieces from the flea market.  

This hutch is where the pies are displayed, and my husband can be heard saying, 
' just one more little piece'.

It is so much fun.
pecan-pie-dessert-White Spray Paint
 Today I invite you to visit the last 5 bloggers in our tour.
They are all so talented.

Marty's beautiful talent and her generosity of spirit makes her a treasured blogging friend to all of us.

 Simple Nature Decor  

Every post Maria creates combines her effortless
style, creativity, and natural elegance.


Jenna's lovely tablescape is just a hint of the beautiful things she creates on her blog The Painted Apron.


Rhonda's talent lies in her creativity, her love of home, and her ability in combining treasures both old and new.

Life and Linda
Linda creates stunning tablescapes with her beautiful collections, and she is also known to many of us as a talented blog designer.

If you missed anything this week, here is this week's schedule.

Monday – November 7th

Tuesday – November 8th

Wednesday – November 9th

Thursday – November 10th

Everyone is invited to join the Thoughts of Home on Thursday Thanksgiving Edition Linky Party.

Friday – November 11th
White Spray Paint | A Stroll Thru Life | Simple Nature Decor | The Painted Apron | Ramblings of a Southern Girl | Life and Linda

It's also not too late to join the fun at Thoughts of Home on Thursday!
Please Join Me~
Love Of HomeLife and Linda

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7 Easy Ways to Add Americana Decor

I think I may have an Americana decorating obsession right now, and quite frankly I 

am not sure why. 

I suppose it is partially because the 4th of July is near, that my home seems to have all the 

right shades to incorporate these vibrant colors and also I am feeling a little nostalgic over 

my country.

Red, white, blue decor for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Patriotic decorating

I am thankful for my country and even though it is not quite the country that I grew up with.

It is where I was born and raised, where my Mom, Dad and all of my children were born.

So naturally I feel so much loyalty to her and how hard she fought to be America.

"The land of the free and the home of the brave." Written by Frances Scott Key in 1814.

Patriotic style, straw hat, red, white bandanna, show your patriotism

I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance, singing God Bless America, and I was and still 

am proud to call it my home sweet home.  

So here we are today with 7 of the easiest ways to add Americana decor to your home.

Decorate with American flags in and around your home to add Patriotism

Memorial day and the 4th of July were big Holidays growing up, and they always, always 

included a picnic, even if we had to eat our fried chicken, potato salad and black olives in 

the car because of inclement weather.

You know, I grew up in Idaho at an elevation near 5,000 feet so we could have snow all the 

way up till the 15th of July .

American decor in our home consisted of Old Glory, red and white checked table cloth and 

napkins and a firecracker or two.

Easy american decor with red, white and blue wreath, pillow, cushion and flower pots

I have taken my decorating roots inherited from my Mom and added a few of mine own to 

create some of the easiest tips for you to add a Patriotic theme to your home inside or out.

If you would like a little more inspiration please visit these previous posts.

Show your red and white blue using mason jars.

DIY Americana Wreath.

Patriotic Desserts

Red and white wreath, American flags, American pillows, flowers, straw hat, faux flowers, bandanna

Here are my 7 easy tips for adding  Americana decor to your home.

1. Add some red and white cushions to indoor or outdoor decor.
2. Toss in an American Flag pillow.
3. Add some American flags to outdoor planters or indoor flower pots.
4. Add a red, white and blue wreath to your door or window.
5. Add a patriotic bandanna to your hat.
6. Add a red, white or blue faux flower to your straw hat.
7. Plant red and white flowers in your garden or decorative pots.

Decorate with red geraniums, petunias, faux red vines, bandanna, straw hat

So fun, so easy and so Americana!


Six Seasonal Vignettes

I am writing this post from Sacramento California, where I am spending the last few days of my visit with our daughter, her family and our newest granddaughter,  Avery.
I want to thank you my dear friends, for your kindness, concerns, prayers and uplifting words of encouragement.  Your thoughtfulness has meant so much to me.

Between the joys, excitement and celebrations, we have also have been enjoying the markets around the area, purchasing pumpkins, and glorious bouquets of fresh Flowers.

The selection of Fresh flowers in the Sacramento area is amazing and the are prices too.
So, we have been infusing Amanda's home with fresh bouquets in every nook and cranny.
We are sharing six seasonal vignettes that will add just the right touch to any home style.

You might just remember we did a series on Amanda's mid-century home ~
They Call It Home.
So, today you will see how she added vignettes to her mantle, antique ice box, marble top table, piano and china cabinet.

Amanda created a charming vignette by incorporating flowers from Avery's birth, a faux Olive Tree from Pottery Barn, and a weathered candlestick on her mantle.

One of my favorite spots in her living room is this marble table top.
You can easily bring Autumn into your home by gently infusing it with a few white pumpkins
or gourds, and a house plant.

Soft hues with just a dash of color dress up her home in an easy, elegant and
uncomplicated style.
Flowers, homemade cookies, bread and love infuse this sweet family's home.

We finished decorating her Seasonal mantle by adding fresh white and tangerine hued dahlias from the Sacramento Farmers market and paired them with happy pumpkins.

All in all I would say this is one Blessed, thankful and sweet family.
Love cloaks their home with grace and gentleness, and this Mimi's heart overflows with 
joy that when I leave to return to Texas, I will know for certain that all is just as it should be.


Please Join Me~

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

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Five Tips To Refresh Your Patio & Porch

Today I am sharing our apartment patio,it is an eclectic assortment of finds as 98 % of 
our home goods are in storage.  
When we first moved here in May, my spirits were high, and I was motivated to garden
on the patio. We even brought quite a few plants with us, the dear movers, bless their hearts, packed these plants up three flights of stairs.

I know, it sounds ridiculous now, just please overlook my crazy moments, moving does strange things to a gal.
And then, just as we moved in- the wretched rain began, for one full month.
The house plans slowed way down... and I lost interest in my patio garden.

I sound a little grumpy don't I...I know I do...

I took a good long hard look over this past weekend at our patio. and I was a little shocked 
on how I had neglected my garden patio.
Right then and there, I said to myself, whoa Lady, you need to get with the program.
So come on out with me, I'll turn on the fan and we will have some sparkling water.

Have you ever had sparking water-oh my goodness it is so refreshing,
all of those little bubbles.
It is my new favorite drink, of course I still like diet coke, and probably always will...
especially if you also have some Doritos to munch

1. Add Art

Lighten and brighten up outdoor corners and niches with Art.

So many great places to find outdoor Art nowadays.If you have a generous patio overhang
you won't need to be concerned with Art that is not specially made for the outdoors.
The overhang will protect your art and your furniture.

2.  Add New Pillows

Pillows fade fast in direct or indirect sunlight, and you might just not have noticed how drab
they have become.  Now is the time to find some great prices on Summer outdoor pillows.
They will brighten up your outdoor spaces immediately.

3.  Add A  Bouquet

We are in between Seasons,here in North Texas.
It isn't Fall, and it seems like it shouldn't be Summer-

Depending on your climate it can be more cost efficient to purchase some fresh flowers than invest in bedding plants to brighten up patio tables or refresh your containers.
I chose some fragrant and vibrant Stock to do just that.

4.  Add Some Succulents

Succulents will grow anywhere, nearly in any climate for nearly anyone.  
You should seriously jump on board this party boat, because succulents are a great way
to add interest, color, and texture to any spot on your porch or patio.

5.  Add A Lantern or Two

Lanterns- in all shapes and sizes provide a great warm glow to any outdoor space.
I found this one at World Market for 90 percent off, this is the time to buy those outdoor goodies. 
Most retailers are gearing up for the upcoming Holidays, and want to get rid of 
Summer time decorations.
So, now my patio is ready and waiting to be decked out for Fall, I can't wait-
here I come Hobby Lobby...smiles....

Any tips on how you refresh your outdoor space?


Please Join Me~

Cozy Little House


Natasha In Oz


A Delightsome Life