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Easy Spring Planter Tips & LoveFeast Shop Giveaway

Hi everyone, seems as though I have been away for quite awhile and now that I am back this post is jam-packed with goodies.
I have recently returned from a special and sweet week in Oklahoma with two of our Grandbabies and came back home to Spring weather.
Naturally the gardening bug hit me hard and I got to work on some Spring projects while also partnering with a great shop which many of you may already be familiar with LoveFeast Shop.
On top of all of this, today is Ten on The Tenth. Where ten "masterminds," just teasing a bit here.
Share creative and thrifty projects or finds for just around $10.  Links at the end of the post.
So in honor of Spring joy, gardening and decorating I am here to share with you some simple tips for creating your own Spring planter that will cost just a few cents over $10 and a perfectly lovely LoveFeast Shop Giveaway too.
Spring Athomewith Jemma

Let's begin with the giveaway, because it is just too good to wait for!
LoveFeast is sweetly offering this "Come In The Evening Sign," for their giveaway.
A retail value of $60 you can follow the link below to check it out on their shop.
LoveFeast Shop Come at Evening Sign
Shipping is for U.S residents only.

At Homewith Jemma

LoveFeast Shop is also generously offering 15 percent off of anything online now through the end of March using JemmaSpring15. 

Let me tell you their shop is brimming with wonderful decor and tons of inspiration that you won't want to miss out on and just in time for Spring too!


You can find LoveFeast on Face BookPinterestInstagram and their online store.
Just leave us a comment below and you are entered in the LoveFeast Shop giveaway!!
Winner will be announced in one week from today by email, good luck and thanks for joining in!

The winner is Cecilia Lynne, chosen by

How To Make A DIY Spring Planter

gardening- Tips-containers- At Homewith Jemma

About this time of the year the garden centers begin to put our their pretty pots and planters.
I am always taken aback at the hefty price tag of their planters.
So, I want to share with you how to easy it is to make your own Spring Planter for just around $10.
You won't have instant fullness, but if you can just practice patience you will be rewarded with a sweet savings and in a few weeks a full and glorious Spring planter.

Supplies For DIY Spring Planter.

1. Lodge Round Pot Planter $4.52 ( or use a planter you already have!)
2. 14 Qt.  All Purpose Potting Soil $2.44.
3. Three Assorted 6-pack of plants @$1.25 each is a total of $3.75.
4. I used Dusty Miller, Dianthus and Petunias.

Directions For Assembling Easy Spring Planter.


For this Spring Planter I used 2 Dusty Miller, 5 Dianthus, 5 petunias.

1. Add potting soil to just about 1 inch below the edge of the planter.
2. Dig a small hole in the center of the container and add tallest plant/plants first depending on the size of your planter.
3. Repeat step one using medium height plants.
4. Repeat steps one using shortest plants.
5. Water well.
6. Fertilize.

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Don't Forget to enter the LoveFeast Shop giveaway by leaving a comment!                 

DIY Spring Twig Planter

Hello my sweet friends, I sure hope that this week has been going well for you.
Mine has been a mixed up pot of sewing, projects, and meeting some lovely ladies for book club.
We are reading Reconstructing Amelia this month, have you read it?

Today I would like to share with you one of the easiest and sweetest DIY Spring projects that you could ever make.

Seriously, if you have about 45 minutes to spare, a few twigs, hot glue, succulents, moss and sweet rose buds you will have made a twig planter.

You can make this Spring planter while you drink a cup of coffee, tea, sparkling water or hot cocoa.


The largest commitment you will have in making this twig planter is a stroll through a park, or a hike in the hills to collect the twigs.


I know this DIY planter is too early to make for many of you, because you are covered in a blanket of snow.

So, if this project catches your eye, but the time is not right to make it, just Pin it!


So, you see I collect all sorts of things when I go for my walks, as well as take photos.

I share many of my photos on Instagram, because by now, you know me well enough to 

know that nature is always joyful to me.


As I walk I sort things out.

I pray, ponder, and when I return home my heart is healthier and so are my mind and soul.

My walks are a therapeutic journey for me, they loosen my joints and help sustain my well 


At Home With Jemma

I really do hope you give this project a whirl, it is a nifty thing to do, while we wait for Spring.

To make this DIY Spring twig planter you will need a few supplies.

1- 8 inch clear plastic pot and saucer (Lowes about $3.00)
or coffee can, coolwhip container...etc. 
Be sure to puncture hole in the bottom of container for drainage.

2- Hot glue gun and sticks.

3-Twigs-break or saw in length to cover up your choice of container.

4-Succulents (garden centers)

5-Rosebuds faux, dried, or silk.

6-Potting soil.

7-Spanish moss.

8- Ribbon (optional).
At Home With Jemma

Settle yourself into your favorite crafting nook, plug in your glue gun and glue away.

When all of the twigs are glued in place, add potting soil, succulents, rose buds and moss.

Optional-hot glue ribbon into place and water succulents.

A few years back I put together a very simple
Decorating With Moss Posts and Baby's Breath, another great option for Spring decorating.


Thank you for joining me and Happy Spring!


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