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How To Cook Fresh Garden Peas

I just love fresh veggies, especially when they are served straight from the garden to the 

table and that is what we were treated to this last week when I picked our first crop of 

Garden peas.

Cooking fresh peas, is well easy peasy.

The true key is not to over cook them.

I grew up on fresh garden peas and I have many, many sweet memories of shelling them 

under the Ash Tree in our backyard with my Mom and Grandma.

Mom would often times give me a little gentle scolding, if you can call it that, for eating too 

many of them while I was shelling them!

You know fresh garden peas are truly the tastiest straight from the shell.

We would gather our frayed blue and white webbed lawn chairs around in a circle and 

many times we drank a good old fashioned coke-cola while we chatted, shelled and 

sometimes swatted pesky flies.

Grandma always wore floral dresses that were mid-calf, thick stockings and dark black 


Sometimes I forget that, but I didn't this year when I was picking and shelling my garden 


I am discovering all sorts of things about myself while I garden and one of them is that

I feel like I am turning back time.

Now, how about that...maybe I have found the fountain of youth!

Leaving you on this fine Friday with a little Wit and Wisdom!

If a girl finds nine peas in a pod, the next bachelor she meets will become her husband!



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