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4 Tips For A Fabulous Fall Party

Once September rolls around, and when temperature begins to dip below 80, I heave a sigh of relief, then begin to get obsessed with Fall foods, decorating and baking.
I am even feeling more in the Fall spirit this year, with the anticipation of sitting on our new back porch, enjoying a cozy fire, while watching the oak trees change their coats of green to red and orange.



I always get the bug to entertain this time of year, a few friends, sweet family, and no pressure.  Once Thanksgiving rolls around, then Christmas, there are expectations on all of us, but now, it is time to celebrate cooler temperatures, good food and good friends on a breezy afternoon or cool evening.  Keep it casual, laid back and hassle free.


I have a crafty side, but making invitations is not one of those crafts that I have flourished doing. Besides we are keeping this Fabulous Fall Party as worry free as possible so lets skip the worry of purchasing stamps and bypass standing in line at the Post Office too.
Here are three of my fave paperless invite sites.

Some of these are free, some are very inexpensive, they are cool, nifty and you'll save a tree or maybe

Paperless Invitations and more



Try hosting your party outside so you can incorporate as much of nature as you can.
Let nature be the backdrop of color and inspiration to your Fall party.
Keep it basic by adding galvanized tubs, wooden crates, baskets, burlap and add a few hay bales for sitting.
A few supplies from your local hardware store, Pier One, Target or World Market make this Fall Party fabulously rustic,simple and chic.

If you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit utilize them for roasting marshmallows and added ambiance.



So many choices for serving a group, my favorite for this time of the year is Chili.
If you are looking for an amazing and tasty recipe you might like to give Hearty Sirloin Chili a try or if you are in the mood to grill here is a link to the Food Network for a variety of recipes.
You could put a roast in the oven and toss in some potatoes and carrots. Get the Foodie bunch in your group to bring a side dish, or an apple pie and pumpkin bread for dessert.
Looking for an appetizer, Bacon and Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
With Pinterest as our friend, inspiration abounds, and the sky is the limit for you and your guests. 

Fun For Little Ones-

Will little folks be joining in on the party, yours or a friends, have some sweet little grands that need to feel extra special while they are visiting?
Set up some little sized tables with mini pumpkins, markers, glitter, glue, craft sticks, paper and stickers. Crafty Morning has some adorable, and creative craft ideas.
Little people also enjoy having a "goodie," to take home, making and taking home a craft is a whole lot better than taking home candy. 
After having my own children, and grandchildren now.
I know for certain, a pint sized table loaded down with simple fun supplies will provide plenty of fun,while making sweet memories at the same time.

Enjoy the lull of the Fall Season, and embrace each moment, all too soon we will be 
roasting a turkey.

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Mad Tea Party

Welcome to the Mad Tea Party, a party full of whimsy and magic where anything is possible!

Where we will find unexpected merriment in the strangest of places, plenty of nonsense and fun.

Thank you for joining me today and also in celebrating 150 years of the beloved tale of

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.


This whimsical Tale is written for my grandchildren, who enjoy fairy dust, sugar cookies,

and all of the magic there is in each day!

It all began as a normal day, the sun rose, I drank my coffee and slipped on my sneakers.

I took the normal path for my walk along the overgrown thicket, but this morning something far

different was in store for me.

I heard unexpected laughter, chortling one might say, and then this precious and delightful

Fairy suddenly appeared.

She introduced herself to me and asked if I was ready to take a stroll off the beaten path,

oh, I hesitated briefly, and thought to myself really what do I have to lose.

And that is where our adventure begins.

Don't be shy, come on in and let us serve you some fresh mint tea and home made sugar cookies.

I have two recipes to share with you today and Daisy Bell, the fairy with the most charm,

is here to help guide you through your journey.

Daisy Bell has been counting down the hours for your arrival so, come along, please don't tarry.

We are always short on time here, but you knew that...

Careful, careful please, such a thick brier with the most unusual flowers.

The party and magic begin just behind this thicket, do you hear the clanking of tea cups?

Are you ready for your first cup of tea?

Nor ordinary tea will do for you-here is a cup of Sweet Mint Tea.

"It's no use to going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."
~Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

"Curiouser and Curiouser"
~ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

These rascally snails seem to be everywhere, Daisy Bell has sprinkled some fairy dust on them,

maybe that will help, we don't want them nibbling on our cookies.

"Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast"

~Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Actually I really do....and I really don't think that it is a "bad," thing!

We have been searching for the perfect dessert and of course going a little mad at the same time.

So many decisions and not enough time.

Oh goodness, now the White Rabbit is here too,

 he must have gotten in as we came through the briers.

The cookies are frosted and ready for you, take a few home if you'd like.

Is that the Cheshire Cat?

Is the White Rabbit wearing a Fedora....seriously?

If it isn't snails, it is butterflies, looks like Daisy Bell has been busy scattering fairy dust all about.

I think we are getting to the end of the party, the birds are nibbling on the last of the cookie crumbs

Oh snap and the snail is back too.

Evening is just around the corner, the light of day is gently fading.

Candles glow and flicker as the day ebbs slowly into the comforting cloak of night time.

Where stars twinkle and the moon glows.

Thank you for joining me for a wonderful day!

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Garden Party

Red Tips are in full bloom~

Songbirds share their merry tunes-it's an ideal setting for a garden party!

Make your outdoor blooming vistas the backdrop for your celebrations.

Mother's Day, Graduations, Showers or Birthdays.

Dress up the table using vintage fabric or a white tablecloth makes the day feel even more special.

Bring out the favorites, stemware, plates, dishes and utensils.

( my very favorite stemware hand painted by my daughter.)

Most of the decorating is already in place, thanks to Mother Nature.

Bouquets of your very favorite Spring flowers arranged in creative containers or vases.

Daisies and miniature carnations make this posey,

but just imagine Peonies, Lenten roses and Lilacs...oh..the fragrance...

Chippy plant stands in assorted shapes and colors.

Short on Chair covers use tablecloths secured with tulle.

A Simply Splendid Day.

For more floral inspiration you may enjoy this Passion To Decorate With Flowers


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Passion And A Party

Our Passion, Purpose, Productivity Project continues to be such a delight to me.

Each of your genuine heartfelt comments and observations are inspiring and motivating

as you journey through life being committed to living an authentic and intentional life.

Today we welcome Nancy who will be sharing her insights and passions from

Created For A Journey.

During the past month we have had the joy of meeting Dewena,  Pondside and  Linda as they have

shared their  stories with us as well.

Thank you Nancy, for joining us and sharing your beautiful photos and story on how you find

                                          passion and purpose in your own life.

       Nancy has a heart of gold and is an artistic gem, she delights and inspires her readers 

through photography, love of nature, family, grandchildren and many, many beautiful hobbies.
                            Thank you Tanna From The Brick Street Bungalow, for this quote.

                                 "The Essential Conditions Of Everything You Do Must Be 
                                       Choice, Love, Passion" ~Nadia Boulanger

             " Purpose is the reason for your journey, Passion is the fire that lights your way"

     "Life is short.  If there ever was a moment to follow your passion and do something that

                                                  matters to you, that moment is now."

    "The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion, style, compassion, 

                                                 generosity, humor and kindness."

Making a little trip to Oklahoma to celebrate this little angel granddaughters Birthday.

See you next week, with a few photos of Molly as she turns TWO!


Molly's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Just one year ago Molly Emma Wheeler was born in 

Shreveport Louisiana.  It was indeed a joyous and emotionally 

charged day for us all. 

It has been a year of joy to watch this little miss

grow into a thriving one year old. 

 We celebrated her Birthday last week.

She is sugar and spice and everything nice-even when she loses

her temper. 

At least in my mind she of the many perks of being a 


This is the family of three now- this is their story-One year ago.

Molly loved her smash cake a total therapeutic delight!  Nothing like 

a good hand massage in creamy frosting and moist chocolate cake.

The cake before serving.

Rebecca chose to do a Minnie Mouse theme party complete with 

activities for children of all ages.  Decorating Minnie Mouse sugar 

cookies was a huge hit.

Handmade Pom poms from Molly's baby shower have been saved 

and were used as decorations for her Birthday party-I love these 

little invites too.  

Minnie Mouse cupcakes-these just tickle me-mini oreos for the ears!

Gramps and Molly-Rebecca and I and the goodie bags-

Naturally, no Minnie Mouse party is complete without ears and of 

course bows!

Happy Birthday sweet Molly we love you!!

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