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Tips On Magnolia Market at The Silos

We made it to Magnolia Market at the Silos while Amanda, Preston and the children were here.
We woke that morning to fabulous clear skies, good spirits and the anticipation of what we would find.
We are fortunate to live in such a centralized part of Texas.
Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Waco are all within a reasonable driving distance.
Waco especially and that is where the famous Magnolia Market is.
Just 1 1/2 hours driving distance from home.

I have some thoughts from that day which I have been wanting to share with you all.
I like Waco and Magnolia Market!
Both Waco and Magnolia are filled with Historical and Old Fashioned goodness.
Waco has lots of trees and some cool places to grab a bite to eat.
Magnolia Market is a wonderful and nifty place to visit, they have really done a fabulous job of preserving the area.
I am partial to grain Silos anyhow, growing up on our farm in Idaho we naturally had Silos too.
I love old, preserved, and cherished Farm equipment and supplies.
Now that we have our couple of acres, we need to invest in some outdoor rustic goods.

Tip 1- When to Visit Magnolia Market

Best days to visit Magnolia Market Tuesday thru Thursday.
Worst day Saturday-everybody is out and about on that day.

Visit the Silos if you can during the week, we went on a Tuesday morning and there was easy parking and what I would call a normal amount of people for any regular shopping day during the week.

Tip 2- Strollers-Not so much

The inside of Magnolia Market is a tad bit tight with wee folks and especially if you have a stroller.
There were many Mom's with little ones that were shopping with strollers but we felt were an annoyance and fearful that we'd knock something over.
Good we had the Daddy of the little folks with us, he took them to the well thought out open play area where Wyatt could swing and kick a soccer ball.

Tip 3- Is it a Retail Store?

Magnolia is a Retail store and many of the items for sale are mass-market goods.
Some of the items in this photo are very pretty and they are made in China too.
However, many other items are designed by Joanna and made by a local artist.
The displays were amazing and we truly enjoyed every moment.

Tip - 4 Evolving Merchandise.

The market is host to wonderful Seasonal goods, as well as everyday living.
At this time the market merchandise is more or less home accent items and gift items.
When we visited it felt like Spring had infused every corner and that nature had burst open in the market. 
We enjoyed strolling through the market and it had a gloriously old time feel to it.

Tip 5- What is the price point?

I would say the items are affordable, but not cheap nor a "deal."
Silk flowers $9 and up, signature candle $26, magnolia wreath $95.
If you want to shop the market, but haven't made it this way here is the link-
Magnolia Market on line

Tip 6-Farmhouse Feel

Chip and Joanna have created a very warm, welcoming and detailed architectural space.
Be prepared to feel sort of cozy and down home.
Lots of silk flower displays which give you the feeling they were just picked from a large field just down the road.

If you go be sure to enjoy the variety of food trucks too.
Oh, and yes, there are even real Magnolia Trees with real blossoms at Magnolia Market!

Have a Lovely weekend everyone!

Please join me~

Cozy Little House

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