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Desert Chic And A Cactus Or Two

Many of you are great decorators and I have a question that I hope you can help me with today.
 I have been puzzling over this for awhile. It is about decor and the labels that are associated with it. Labels..labels and more labels and truly can decor be just one label? You can label a can of pears, you can label a species of a flower. But can we truly corral decorating into one style especially when there are so many fabulous colors, textures, accessories, fabrics, furniture, art, lamps, and more to choose from when decorating our homes. Not to mention so many styles are blended together now and just when I thought I had it all figured out a new label appeared or at least to me it did and I love it best of all!
 I grew up in era where our choices were limited and some of those colors and choices were just plain ugly!
I love the decorating and fashion choices that we have in 2017 there is pure joy in discovering new ways  of dressing myself and our home!
When we first purchased our land two and a half years ago and built our home, I was so certain that the style of our decor leaned towards French Farmhouse with a Texas flair.
I have the farmhouse sink.
It was decided...check. DONE.
But the longer we live here and the more in-tune I become with myself, nature, my gardens ( I do have jalapenos) and where I live (which is the Southwest) I do believe that I have discovered a style which is better suited for me.
Desert Chic...oh and Cactus.
But is Desert Chic really a style of decorating, a label, a decor choice, or an idea...will we ever truly know.
Or is it all as simple as finding the right fit, just as I do with a pair of shoes or a colorful blouse.
While reading a few decorating articles on-line, Desert Chic has been described as an interesting and whimsical style with shades of orange and pink that are easily incorporated into a neutral pallet.
I just happen to adore pink and I actually have quite a few orange accent pieces.
I truly feel that I may I have discovered my happy place with this decorating style.
It seems to be not overly ridged, but yet has enough direction to keep me on track.
Sometimes I like too many things and become distracted.
I really like the idea of a neutral backdrop, I like to infuse color with accent pieces and not so much on the walls.
Clean, bright and white with an interesting addition and contrasts of colors, copper, textures, lots of natural greenery and oh yes cactus.
Rugs, pillows, poufs, furniture, draperies and accessory pieces can be the flurry of color in my home, and quite frankly I need a little more color.
This past weekend the husband and I moved furniture around and drew out a plan for the beginning of our Desert Chic journey and we  purchased three cactus.
Our first "big," purchase to inspire and guide us along!
(Did I mention that purchasing new furniture rankles with me... its costs too much!)
I still have our original Thomasville furniture that has been sanded and painted quite a few times.
So I will let the furniture purchasing settle for a bit and grow accustomed to the idea and begin with purchasing some new art.
In the meantime, lets talk about the cactus....

Naturally Cactus go very well with Desert Chic as they are interesting, beautiful, and add texture.
While studying the care of cactus I have discovered that I will need to take a different approach, than I do for regular houseplants.
Here are a few tips if you'd like to give cactus a try as well.

Guiding Steps to successfully growing a cactus or two indoors.
Great Website for more Information.

1.  Water sparingly.
A cactus can survive without water for many, many months.
2. Find a Spot in the Sun.
If possible leave Cactus outside in the Sun from March to September.
3. Drainage is Super Important.
Drainage in the bottom and gravel in the pot.
4. Soil Matters.
Cactus do not like soggy bottoms.

I will  be on this quest awhile for verification of Desert Chic, so I welcome your opinion and also any decorating tips or shopping venues too.
Thank you for joining me today!
Up next this week is a sweet recipe!
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Startle Garden Book Giveaway

Hello everyone! It is with great joy that I share with you today a Startle Garden Book review and giveaway.  But for me, it is more than a giveaway. Today I am sharing with you the talent and spirit of a woman who goes above and beyond. In a world that is full of cookie cutter shaped souls she has carved out authenticity, integrity, hard work, focus and a rare concept in today's world she is true to herself. So without any more delays I happy to be sharing this opportunity with you!

With Spring being  just around the corner, and even though it might not feel that way for some of you, it truly is.
I know I am seeing some of you smiling right about now just thinking about SPRING! and GARDENING!
gardening, workbook, book, tips, howto, garden, flower, vegetables, seeds, planting, athomewithjemma
Carole from Garden Up Green who has recently published her second book, Startle Garden.
Is offering this beautiful and timely giveaway.
It is a lovely gardening book with a workbook style format. Carole takes us step by step through the planning and planting process.
She encourages us to take planning notes as well as make assignments and checklists that will help us to plan our own gardening spaces.
Carole first discovered her passion for  gardening as she worked the garden soil with her Italian Grandma. Carole is now the guru of simplified gardening methods.
Startle Garden is a fabulous compilation of photographs, instruction and tips.
Carole uses her no-nonsense step by step approach to encourage us to utilize what we already have in our gardens and work spaces to add pazazz and personality to any garden space.
Small space no problem...large space no problem. 
She covers it all!
In this book you will find twelve chapters with highlights on managing healthy soil, choosing the right space, seed purchasing tips and much more.
Carole's passion for living her best by doing more, ignites our passion for doing the same and it can all begin in the garden!

Now on to the giveaway!

Startle Garden ~ Grow Your Best Garden Book.

How to enter.

Leave us a little comment on your favorite flower or vegetable that you love to grow in your garden.

Giveaway Deadline & Details

Giveaway ends on February 13th. Winner will be notified by email requesting your mailing address then the Startle Garden Book will be sent directly to you from the author.

workbook-how-to-grow-your-own-garden-raised beds-giveaway-jemma
Don't have time to wait, or you have a gardener in the family, well this will be the perfect gift.

Pick it up right Here:  Startle Garden Book On Create Space
Or right here with prime.
(Free two day shipping with eligible purchases.)
Affiliate links have been included.

As always wishing you the best that life has to offer!
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Gardening In The Fall

Some of the strangest things happen in Texas this time of the year and one of them is that it is time to plant seeds again. 
As long as I have lived here, it always seems so frustrating to me that during the Summer our gardens slow down and then as the temps cool it's time to start all over again.
Oh I get the part about the heat, the lack of water and all of the chemistry sort of details, it's just that seasonally it seems to me illogical not to have a vigorous vegetable garden in the middle of Summer.
Well, there is an upside to this and that is that we can grow a Fall/Winter garden too!

Right now I am still enjoying these amazing zinnias and as you can see so are the butterflies.

I wanted to share with you some drought resistant plants, that I have had great luck with and also you know Fall is a great time to add plants to your landscape.

What to plant that is drought resistant.

Plants do not produce well in the middle of a Hot Texas Summer, except drought tolerant plants.
In fact, most shrubs and plants just survive in our Texas heat-much like I do!
These colorful zinnias all grown from seeds certainly like the heat and have been showy performers all season long.
Hummingbirds and butterflies  have adored them and so have we!
For you gardeners out there I have provided a short list of a few other drought resistant plants.
1.  Sedum
2.  Lavandula Multifida
3.  Salvias or Sages
4.  Japanese Honeysuckle
5.  Glossy Abelia
6.  Verbena
7.  Passion Flowers
8.  Hawthorn
9.  Common flowering Quince
10. Cannas

What to Plant for a Fall and Winter Vegetable Garden
I have "toyed," with planting a Fall/Winter vegetable garden before, but this year I'd like to do a bit more.
So my research has been interesting to me, so it might just be to you too.
There are many benefits to planting a cold weather vegetable garden and it is not just reaping the benefits of the harvest.
Did you know that it is also an excellent method for enhancing the fertility and tilth of your garden.
Actually for those of us who live in warmer climates it is our time to bask in the produce that we can grow.
October is an ideal time to plant greens, broccoli and other cool weather plants.
Interestingly enough several of my friends have commented that their planting zones have changed, so after more research I have found a wonderful tool for you and myself.
It is a interactive map provided by the USDA on plant hardiness and  planting zones
just click on this LINK and you will be taken to their official site.

We have several gardeners in our family and it tickles me so much as I feel as though my farming roots have been passed on to some grandchildren too-I know that would make my Mom and Dad so happy!
One of them is even planting potatoes and that was our main farm crop in Idaho.
Sharing a suggestion list for Fall/Winter gardening crops.



Now that we have our two acres,and the heat is subsiding, I really want to know what zone I was in so I can get to work in my garden.
It seems that in my region of North Texas we live in zone 8a.
If you live in zone 8a like we do, you can grow all of the above plus add the following to your list.

1.Brussels Sprouts

Have a lovely week, here are some flowers from me to you!

Summer is finally drawing to an end in our region of the country and I am looking forward to cooler days, colorful walks and hopefully a little garden that will grow with all it's might in the lazy days of Fall.

Have a lovely day!

Please Join Me~
Botanic BleuJ & JAn Extraordinary DayCedar Hill Farmhouse

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5 Tips for Growing A Garden #1

Before we moved to our little haven in the country we had a greenhouse and I wrote a bit about what I was growing in my greenhouse, various projects and tips on gardening.

So, while I wait for my hubby to build a potting shed/greenhouse I thought I would share a bit about our "food," garden and the tales that will most certainly develop from working in the good earth.

When we purchased this 2 acre property to build our French Country Texas home on, we were immediately smitten with the privacy, and possibilities of semi-country living and of course growing our own food garden.

As my hubby and I venture into a lifestyle of living plain and simple it is important to the two of us to grow our own vegetables and to be able to freeze or can them as well.

Did you know that in North America there are 21 million plus individuals that are growing their own gardens?

So while all of this is fresh in my mind, I want to share 5 Tips For Growing A Garden, with you.

Fell free to chime in, on any tales of your own.

5 Tips For Growing A Garden

1. Soil.

It really and truly is all about the soil. ( Sharing a before and after photo of enriching the soil)

The best soil to grow a garden in has been enriched with compost, and organic matter.

2. Location, Location.

Make certain that your garden will receive plenty of sunshine-a minimum of 6 hours a day.
Place taller plants on the North or West side of your garden so not to block the sun from smaller plants.

3. Water.

Vegetables need one inch of water a week either from irrigation or rainfall.
Thoroughly soaking the garden is much better for the plants than shallow watering and
encourages deep root growth.
Most of us either under-water or over water-which are you?

An inexpensive rain gauge is a easy way to keep track of how much water your garden is actually getting.  I have included a link for your convenience - Rain Gauge.

4. Fertilizer.

There are 3 main ingredients in fertilizer, a well balanced fertilizer will have ingredients with the same numbers.
Nitrogen- needed for formulation of chlorophyll (greening)
Phosphorous-needed for cell division and root development
Potassium-fruit set and vigor

Organic fertilizers are composed of  blood meal, bone meal and wood ashes.

Vegetarian fertilizers are composed of alfalfa, cottonseed, rock phosphate and kelp.

5. How Much Time Will it Take

Gardening takes time, work, patience and effort. 
Decide before you plant on how much time you want to devote to your garden.
Best to start out small and then work your way up to a larger area.
Gardening is a season driven activity, with Spring, Summer and Fall requiring the most work. 

Happy Gardening Sweet friends!

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