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Fashion Friday -Fragrance

As many of you know I was the hiring and ops manager for our 

local Victoria's Secret, and as long as I was working there I was 

supplied with all the fragrance I ever needed.  Granted, they were 

not designer scents but Victoria's Secret has a lovely selection of

fragrances for all ages.


After retiring last year I have had enough fragrances to last me until 

recently and Bombshell was one of my favorites because of it's clean 

scent. It was of a reasonable retail price of $52 to $60.00.


So, this past week and a half I have been sampling four fragrances. 

It was fun and my did I smell wonderful!  Since we all know that 

scents smell entirely different on each one of us because of our own

unique body chemistry, it truly is wise to try some samples before 


Prada Candy caught my eye because of the pop of pink and gold, 

everything about the packaging screams femininity and so does

the fragrance.  A glorious blend of musks, vanilla and an explosion

of caramel. It rings of joyful and " more is more and excess is 

everything."  Best price is on amazon for $77.19 free shipping.


Down Town by Calvin Klein made me think of the popular song by

Petula Clark-"things will be great when you are downtown..." This

fragrance exudes confidence, attitude and sophistication.  A 

beautiful blend of green pear, velvet musk and texan cedarwood.

Sephora $ 65.00.

When I hear Jimmy Choo I think of shoes, it is only natural that 

there is a fragrance to go along with this luxury brand. This is such

a delightful fragrance and was designed for the modern woman. 

Inside this darling bottle is a blend of exotic tiger orchid, sweet 

toffee and Indonesian patchouli leaf . "Leaving a sensual memory 

on the skin."  Blue Fly $70.00.


All four of these scents were amazing and any one of them could 

have been the winner for me.  However, I chose Chanel Coco Noir 

"Through black...light revealed." It is incredibly well balanced, soft 

and warm perfect for Fall and Winter months. Gorgeous mix of 

tonka bean, jasmine and white musk.  Just two small spritz on the 

wrist and it lasts for about 8 hours.  Nordstrom $ 98.00.

Hope to see you back Next Fashion Friday-exploring handbags and 

clutches and exactly what is Saffiano Leather-a little history on that