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Happy Fourth Of July and Patriotic Musings

As I sit at my desk looking over the green grass, with an American Flag gently blowing in the soft morning breeze.
I am reminded of the mindset that we are all one in American and my heart overflows with gratitude.
Growing up in rural America in the 60's we were a community of worker bees, striving to keep the colony healthy, thriving and united. It was sort of a blissful time.
I suppose it was a Mayberry RFD mindset and it was peaceful and it worked!
No matter the differences and strife that we hear of, I know in my heart that we are all here to work together and celebrate our beautiful Country.
Setting a positive example for one another never hurts either and if I must occasionally bury my head in the sand, well so be it! I am a woman of another that's another sort of freedom and let it ring too!
I am not a political woman I am a proud woman of the Country that I live in and I call home.
I don't even listen to the news, I just believe in my heart that we are all here to love.

America, July, Fourth, Jemma

Today I am remembering and honoring the WWII veterans as well as  my Mom and Dad.
My parents were not political either, they just did what was they believed was right and took pride in their home, land and the fact that Dad had returned safely from WWII. 
These memories actually make me feel teary and comfort me too. 
There is a grounding in the knowledge of where you come from so to speak and knowing that what you believe in is always true as long as you keep it pure in your heart.
Folks will always want to spin tales, but right is right and wrong is wrong and at the end of the day we should all focus on getting along.
Just that fact that Dad made it home from the war was enough to celebrate life everyday.
Momma had tended to the farm, her aging Father and my sister Sandra while Dad was away. 
Quite an agenda for a young twenty year old woman.
I am ending this post with one neat fact on World War II.
The women during this time period gave up wearing stockings in order for those materials to go into the making of supplies for the War.
Can you imagine giving up of your beauty resources!
If so, what one would it be? 
As for me I cannot live without lipstick, mascara or a touch of bronzer...guess the foundation would have to go!
Happy Fourth of July to each and everyone!
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Old Fashioned Strawberry Cake

Oh goodness, I have been walking down memory lane, will you walk with me?

Let's celebrate this Fourth of July like we used to, homemade ice cream, sparklers,

maybe even a cap gun and oh anxiously anticipating the Fireworks in Town after the sun sets.

Lets have just one slice of  strawberry cake before we venture out...

the kind just like Mom used to make.

Oh remember these cakes, the ones that tasted just as sweet as a sugar cookie and if you were lucky

you could eat the batter straight from the striped mixing bowl, as soon as the cake pans were filled.

And oh the fluffy, swirly frosting made with butter and powdered sugar and just maybe if we

were lucky we got to lick the spoon, or maybe stick a finger in the bowl when Mom wasn't looking.

One of the very best things about this recipe is the no nonsense list of ingredients, and just so

you will know-My oldest daughter told me "Mom, this tastes just like a cake Grandma would make."

Grab a patriotic candle or two just for good measure, and if the cake isn't picture perfect,

no worries, the flavor is.

I am chilling with a couple of the granddaughters a few days this week while their parents are

vacationing, I'll be stopping by to visit you all very, very soon!

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DIY- Patriotic Summer Wreath

You all know that I live in Texas and I am just a little bit proud of the Lone Star State.

Did you know that our super size state is synonymous with Football,

Longhorns (with horns that can extend 7 feet!)

We make a State Fair Worthy Chili with a heap of heat and I mean heat-blazing heat,

with a long burn.

Here in Texas we do the two step, Love Willie Nelson and the gang, and enjoy a Friday night on the

patio with some Tex Mex.

As I was designing this wreath I wanted to incorporate a little natural, some patriotism and

a symbol of our State, which you might think would be cowboy boots, but in our household

it's jalapenos.

Seems we add jalapenos to just about everything now, salads, mashed potatoes and even grits.

I did not used to be like this, but after all of these years of living here, I crave some

spice and heat and myself.

So when I found these precious bright red jalapenos from Hobby Lobby-I snapped them up

quicker than a wink.

I am thinking that you could add some symbol which your state is known for as well or, if you like

a little spice and style of this one, then add jalapenos too!

Second goal in designing this wreath was simplicity and keeping the process under one hour.

Here is how it all unfolded-even the hubby was amazed by my speed...

I am learning, I really am!

I kept this DIY wreath project super simple by purchasing a grapevine wreath, two bunches of petite

faux flowers in red and white, a little greenery as a filler, wooden star, jalapenos and burlap ribbon.

Step 1- Using Florist Clippers cut all of the stems off of the larger stalk and separate into sections 

Step 2- Weave all of the red stems into the grapevine wreath, followed by the white, then the

greenery in even increments so the wreath will be balanced. Secure with florist wire, if you feel you

need extra security.

Step 3-Each jalapeno has a wire on it, so I used the wire to secure the jalapeno to the grapevine.

After I was certain all of the faux flowers, greenery and jalapenos were secured I added the little

wooden Fourth of July Star.

I thought a burlap bow with some red and just a hint of a pattern would bring all of the components

together and complement the natural feel of this grapevine wreath.

This is a great and easy DIY project and I love the fact that I did not have to use a hot glue gun!

This is also a no-burn project...smiles...

Just in case you might have noticed the new look of my blog I am thanking my friend

Linda from Life and Linda.  She has spruced it up and made it a happy breeze to navigate.

Thank you for stopping by and I am looking forward to our next visit!


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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

I hope you are enjoying good food...

A yummy slice of watermelon...

A few fresh vegetables from your awesome garden,

or farmers market.

And some fresh flowers to brighten your world!

Have a lovely weekend!

Red White And Blue - Fourth Of July Wreath

I just truly want you all to know, that I

had planned on doing a Post on my cute 

little Tea Cart.

Which will now just have to wait until 


Because, I remembered that the Fourth of

July was on Thursday...

and I have made my 

promise to re-do a wreath every month.

So here we go, Month Four Wreath Makeover, 

using crepe paper.

The blue burlap ribbon had faded just terribly so it certainly was 

time to remake this wreath. For more information on this wreath 

please go to my earlier post on: Lazy Daisy Wreath

Some simple steps will really transform this wreath along with a very 

simple paper textile ...

Crepe paper- for some really cute little bows!

So, now we have a fresh start-white deco mesh.

I was on a mission to revitalize this wreath

for under 5 dollars and I did it!  I had 

everything that I needed at home except for 

the crepe paper.  I did consider purchasing

some Fourth of July decorations as they were

30 percent off, but I was going to stick to 

my budget.  

I was pretty pleased when I found this 

bandana, pipe cleaners, and an old Fourth 

of July bow from years ago.  

And here she is  Red, White And Blue- 

Wishing you all a safe weekend!

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Celebrating The Fourth Of July

Woo-hoo! I have some great memories of 

celebrating the Fourth of July!

Do you?

How do you celebrate?

How do you decorate?  

What great recipes do you prepare?

I have a few favorite picks and pins to 

share, please visit my Independence Day 

Board on Pinterest for the links on how to 

create the projects and recipes you

will find on this post.

In search for a Patriotic Wreath?

Do you need a little inspiration to get your 

creative energy flowing? 

Please visit my friend and the Queen of 

creativity- Debbie - Debbie-Dabble

So many ways to add charm and fun to your

Independence Day Activities-without a lot of

expense and fuss.

These cookies are wonderful, made with a mix

and jello. You will find a great tutorial 

for the Flag Blocks, and they are so 

inexpensive and so Patriotic.  Stars and 

Stripes Wreath another easy project wrap and


Looking for all types of DIY ideas for the 

Fourth of July as well as party ideas and 

all things crafty?

Please hop on over to

Samantha Conner-Crafty Texas Girls

Until Monday, be safe!

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