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Fabulous Friday

I am so enjoying reflecting on the week staying positive, thankful and finding items

that make our lives a little happier, a little prettier and a little more fun!

Okay ladies, these are must have readers-but we have to save up for them.  

My doorbell rang a couple of days ago and there stood my neighbor wearing these,  

So incredibly cute...

So I snapped a picture right there and then!

Fabulous, flirty and fun!

I have been doing a little baking on these hot Summer days, nothing fancy in fact a little 

lazy-brownies from a mix, but you do know, they really are super good!

I found these cute ceramic measuring cups at Michael s, in those little bins marked

one dollar, two dollar three dollar.  

These were three and I love them!

I have been tinkering around and taking a few photos and I just like this one, 

I like the light, the white and the reflection.  

So sharing this joy with you...

I have been doing some reading on enhancing my eyelashes and adding some glow

to my face.

In my youth I had long lashes, in my older years I don't!

In my youth I had glowing skin, in my older years I don't!

These two products really work and I like them. 

The lashes feel a little weird at first as the fibers truly lengthen and feel a little heavy.

I am really enjoying the radiant boosting primer, I apply a few dabs over my tinted 

moisturizer on my check bones, brow and nose.

Everyone needs some color in their Summer time lives and of course Scout always

comes through with vibrant fun.

This bag is perfect to stow away beach towels, groceries, craft goodies or 

whatever your heart desires!

So have a Fabulous Friday!!


Warby Parker Eye Glass Review

Brian, from Warby Parker contacted me and asked if I would like to

do a review of their eyeglasses.  Honestly I really did not know if I

should.  One, because I have never done a review and two, I did 

not know a thing about the product.

So the process began, this review is written without any 

compensation of any type-I really thought it might be of interest to

those of you who wear glasses.  So here we go!

My husband and I both wear glasses and we know what a hassle it

is to have to go to an optical center to try on frames.  With Warby 

Parker  you do not have to leave your house-the frames come to 


So you pick out five frames for five days, for free.  Free shipping

to you and free shipping back.  Trial begins the day they are 

received.  They come in this nifty box and this is when it becomes 


You try on the five frames which you chose and see which one is

the best for you, in the comfort of your own home.

We actually thought all of the frames were super light, 

comfortable, stayed in place, no sliding down our noses and they

were so fashionable and fun!

You’ve Been Gif’d

Warby Parker also has these darling snowman gift cards if you

should want to drop a hint to someone in your family.

If I was going to pick a pair it would have been these-please forgive 

the tarnished silver in the background-I promise I have been busy 

polishing...really and truly:)