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Aging With Style #2

Awhile back I asked for suggestions on topics of interest to you all and one of them was aging with style.
I think that today might just be a good day for me to share some thoughts on that topic.
Aging with style is a mindset, like so many things in life-it is a choice, an intentional action, a cohesive thought on where you are going and how you are going to get there.
I sort of think of it as boarding a train, we wouldn't just hop on a train without knowing where it was taking us, or not having packed.
So today I am sharing with you some of the items that I have packed for my new train ride into the future.
Jemma, Aging with style, inspiration, motivation, positive thinking
I must be honest, I am not so crazy about this new route.
All of my children have officially flown the coop, in fact they are thriving without me.
(Can you imagine that-they don't need my guidance anymore! Shame on them...)
So this has left me with time to "fill."
Hmmm...I don't like that notion of filling time-because in my heart I know that it should be savored, devoured, explored, grabbed, gobbled up and made use of-not filled.
Life is short, life is precious, life is wonderful.
aging well, happy, positive, hopeful, grateful

Do Not Coast Through Life At Any Age Never Ever!

"Insanity is coasting through life." Morgan Freeman
I remember looking at my parents at the age that I am now and thinking that they had
That the train had stopped and they most likely were just going to coast from here on out.
I say to myself now  "what a foolish girl you were."
I mean seriously who wants to coast for the last 30 years of their life?

I know they had hopes, dreams and adventures to still be taken and it is holding onto those dreams, fulfilling as many that are reasonable that helps a person to age with style.

positive, hopeful, dreams, hopes, striving

Those Hikers In Colorado-They Have HOPE!

While we were hiking in Colorado at a whopping 11,000 feet my husband and I had to take a little 
breather. As most of you know we live in Texas at a high altitude of 430 feet.
The available oxygen at 11,000 feet is considerably less than at 430 feet.
Well as we were leaning against a tree, several spry 80 plus year old's passed us without so much as
a huff or puff.
It was these older hikers dreams and hopes... that were keeping them vital and active -it is crucial to do so to age with style.
Never, ever adopt the attitude of I can't, if there is a dream that you want to follow DO IT!
Jemma, athomewithjemma, happiness, thankfulness

New Dreams, Exploration, Spiritual and Mental Growth

As I look in my suitcase that I have loaded up for the next years of my life I see I packed
new dreams, exploration, spiritual and mental growth, letting go, new styles, acceptance and 
I'd like my train to take me to that new mountain to climb, let me explore the new possibilities which
exist in life and God please grant me the opportunities and sight to see them.
Mindful, delight in the moment, encouragement, hope, intention

Look Forward With Hope
Focus on looking forward to the future with hope of new experiences, joy in the present and gratitude for what was. Take those moments of sadness that some of the journey is behind us and replace it with complete joy for the moments, memories and delight in what was and what still can be.
Love the life you have, no matter what "phase," you are currently in.

New Role Model
Delight in being a new role model for other woman, family members, and peers.
Give your time with a generous heart.
Be a woman with a lilt in her step who lives with intention, hope, encouragement and delight in her own life and by doing that she is able to be mindfully present in the lives of others, as well as her own.

Prayers of Thankfulness
Let all prayers begin with thankfulness for the many blessings that we have had.
For those heartaches, disappointments, losses, and ill-health which have paved some of the path of life, make them lessons which make us stronger and not bitter.
age well, age happy, embrace aging, age with style

Attitude is Everything (great read - Huffington Post by Dr. Hyder Zahed)

Are we going to have to push ourselves?
You bet we are, but just remember how when you were a kid and pushed yourself
so hard to run down the street, jump rope, ride a bike, swim and in the end it felt so good.
This will too.

Please Join Me~

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My Year Living Plain and Simple

Last year at this time we embarked together on Aging with Style.
We explored what this idea meant to each of us and how to incorporate a few different principles of Aging with Style into our lives at any age of life.
We all agreed that often times it is difficult to hold onto concepts, but when we work together as a community holding one another close we will all grow and thrive.

This year I am challenging myself to live plain and simple.
If you would like to join me, just leave a comment or send me an email and we will journey together.
I am going back to the basics, as much as I can, I am going back to the way I was raised.  
Just like aging with style, living plain and simple is a mindset, combined with an intentional lifestyle.

I grew up on a wheat and potato farm in Idaho and I LOVED it, I loved my Mom and Dad, mashed potatoes, the scent of hayfields, my yellow thongs,(the kind you wear on your feet.) Riding by blue schwinn down the dirt road, swimming in springfed ponds, trout fishing with my Dad, gardening with my Mom.
I was, and I still am, plain and simple a Farmer's daughter at heart.
I suppose you can take the farmer off the farm, but the farm never leaves the farmer's heart.

Life's a journey and in between the highs and lows, I lost a little bit of that Farm girl.
My gardening spaces shrunk, I heard airplanes overhead instead of birds, ponds gave way to highways, nail salons took over gardening gloves and the Farm girl within me slowly but surely became a shadow instead of a presence.

For me living plain and simple is the art of embracing the resources available to us and not abusing them.
Living gently, gracefully and quietly with an awareness of respecting and guarding nature.
Respecting the world and cherishing the miraculous beauty that it is,a gift from Heaven above and one that I would like to pass on to my grandchildren intact.

So I have a few ideas on how I am going to begin this year in living plain and simple.
My ideas are nothing new and to some they will seem rather pitiful, but Rome wasn't built 
in a day, so this is where I will start.

We are going to put up a clothesline, nothing better smelling than fresh sheets from a day spent in the sunshine and wind.
Invest in a pressure cooker, so rewarding to see those Mason Jars filled with canned goods fresh from the garden.
Bake bread once a week-kneading included-no bread machine...
Husband is going to build a greenhouse/ potting shed, so I can sprout my own seeds for the vegetable garden.

I am wishing each and every single one of you a New year that has the best of health,
that dreams become reality, that your hearts will give and receive love and that life is gentle and kind to you.

New readers, faithful readers, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to write and share my thoughts with you...this was a dream of mine and it became real because of you!

I would love to hear what plans you are making for you New Year too.


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Aging With Style During the Holidays

What thoughts comes to mind when you hear the words Holidays and Style.

Does your imagination create a picture of a White Christmas or Christmas Vacation?

We all have that Aunt, the crazy cousin, the relative that brings the fruitcake that no one 

eats, but she is determined to keep certain traditions alive.

That particular relative that brings the fruitcake would be me, and here is the recipe for

White Fruitcake.

I make it because my Mom did, it was a tradition of hers, and now it is a tradition of

mine, even if I am the only one eating it!

Which brings us to ~

 Aging with Style During the Holidays.

1.Keep the traditions alive that mean the most to you.

Aging with Style is not just appearance, it is living your life with traditions and a deliberate 

mindset that defines who you are and what you represent to yourself and others.

I would rather be remembered as the Lady that brought the fruitcake, than dismissed as 

the woman who had no clear cut direction of what her life meant to her.

2. Keep a sense of wonderment in your heart.

It is the Holidays, so muster up those youthful feelings of wonder over the 

smallest of details.

Practice on having an awareness of the activities around you, and step out of your comfort 

zone to embrace the child within you.   


3. Find joy in the small details.

A joyful heart spreads goodness and love, makes your heart healthier and your mind too.

Find the joy in those mundane tasks of shopping in a crowded mall, standing in line to mail 

package, chopping celery, sifting flour, wrapping presents.

4. Make the Holidays your Holiday

This is your Holiday too, beginning first with Thanksgiving and right on through Christmas.

Define what it is that makes the Holidays special for you.

Be good to you, so you can be good to others.

Is it listening to Christmas music, drinking peppermint coffee, reading A Christmas Carol,

staying up late, decorating, going to bed early and snuggling up with a good book.


5. Create Space and Time of Tranquility For Yourself

Let's face it, the Holidays are wonderful and stressful all in one breath.

It is important to create a space and time where you are able to decompress.

A spot where you can step away from all of the fuss.

Tranquility can be a walk, run, yoga, napping, reading.  

You know what you need, make time for it. 

6. Dress Yourself

Whatever your style is, make it happen, and if you make one splurge invest in a black 

dress, or black slacks. 

A simple cut dress like this one has endless possibilities.

When we spend the time to take care of our appearance, we send the message to 

ourselves and others that we matter.

A woman with self-confidence, who is put together, Ages with style-no matter her age.

7. Be Grateful

As we age, our Holidays are different than they used to be, perhaps the way we had

envisioned them to be, is not even a reality.

Acknowledge this and then accept life as it is and move forward, embracing the goodness 

that does exist.

8. Rest

We must get adequate rest to recharge our minds, bodies and souls.

Be certain to break up the necessary tasks and not wait until the last few days to cram

everything in.

You will be left feeling exhausted and we know that we must look refreshed in our photos!

The Sleep Foundation recommends that ages 18-64 get 7- 9 hours of rest and 

64 plus get 7-8. 

If you'd like more information on sleep just click on the pink link.

9. Smile

Did you know that smiling releases endorphins, lowers stress and anxiety, strengthens your 

immune system and is contagious.

A smile tames anger, provides hope and instills confidence.

A smile is indeed worth a thousand words.

10. If you can't something nice, then don't say anything at all

Tis the season to spread goodwill and cheer, if you find yourself feeling cynical,

cranky or just plain outspoken, stop.

You will be glad that you did and so will those around you.

Enjoy....a little Christmas music...

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Aging With Style!~Health

Have a lovely weekend, my dears!


Please Join Me~

Love Of Home

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5 Tips To Stay Motivated

As part of our  Aging With Style series I have been reading about how motivated people stay motivated. 
Whenever we begin a self-improvement regime, begin a new career, a exercise routine, diet or let's just say anything. We usually begin highly motivated, and with a great attitude. Then as the days, weeks, and months roll on, or something unexpected in life hits us, we can easily become discouraged and thrown off track.

Motivation is amazing, but it is not magical, it does not come in a pretty package,
or a pill.  But it can be harnessed. 
I know, there are many "how to's," in the world-however these five tips are reasonable, and easy to apply to anyone's life.
Consistency in applying these tips makes all of the difference for success in staying motivated.

Tip 1~Think It-Feel It-See It

Think, visualize, feel, breathe and write down what your goal is. Embed your goal into
your heart, mind and soul.  Over time it will become a pattern, a way of life, a habit. 
It will be who you are, a quality, an attribute-woven throughout your framework.

Tip 2~ Make A Plan

Define why this goal is important to you, what is it that you hope to achieve by embarking on this journey. Make a written list of what you hope to accomplish.  Having a physical list helps to hold us accountable and also helps us to remember.  

Lets remember this ; "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Tip 3~Break the goal up-Chunking

By breaking the goal up into pieces it makes it easier to visualize and navigate it.
This also helps to eliminate becoming overwhelmed, by organizing pieces of information into
smaller pieces (chunks) the goal seems reachable.
Anyone who trains for a marathon does not start out running 26.2 miles.

Tip 4~Stay Positive

The power of thinking positive is huge. Telling yourself that you can reach your goals, will help you stay motivated.  Write yourself affirmations, and post them on a mirror, a refrigerator, in your purse,  your walking shoes, a book, the mirror of your car.  Remember if you think you can, chances are you will.

Purposefully infuse your life with a positive attitude.

Tip 5 ~ Manage Mistakes

We are 100 percent human, so we are going to make mistakes.  Mistakes are a learning
opportunity.  Great growth comes from mistakes, the key is to learn from these mistakes and keep on moving.  Conduct regular self-examinations on how these situations were handled and how you would respond, handle and navigate them differently next time.  Write down a strategy, and a solution for when problems arise, it will help with managing mistakes. 

This 5 step process helps me to stay motivated, energetic and positive, do you
have any tips to share with us today, that work for you?


Please Join Me~

Natasha In Oz

Ivy and Elephants

Aging With Style-Health

I am an advocate of women, I always have been and it isn't just because I am one.

It is because I believe in the inner and physical power of a woman.

I believe in empowering ourselves to be the best we can be.

That is not to say that we have to be super stars...(well only if we want to.)

It simply means lets give this journey all we've got with a clear, focused, intentional mindset.

In all areas of our lives, not just the pretty stuff, but the nitty gritty stuff too.

I have had several major health issues and a couple of times they nearly got me.

So, throughout the years I have done extensive research, and reading on diet and exercise and I will

tell you this.

We must be proactive in both of those areas.

I stumbled upon this book years ago and whenever I follow the premise of Younger Next Year,

I always feel stronger, sharper mentally, more optomistic,energized and eager for each day to begin.

This book is a must read for all women, because at one point, God willing, we are going to get

old, oldish, older, catch my drift.

Younger Next Year is a combination of humor, and scientific truths that clearly and concisely point

out that it is possible to turn back our biological clocks.

I don't mean having babies at sixty!  I mean having a strong body at sixty!

This is a book of hope, encouragement and empowerment-it has the power to change our lives.

I have included the Amazon link Here.

A few take a ways from me to you.

1.  We have to move and we must do it six times a week.

This is not an option my friends, start out slow and grow your strength and endurance.

This means we have to push ourselves a little harder each day because the goal here is to live well as

long as we can.

I truly know what it feels like not to want to, or even worse to feel as though we are not able to.

We aren't exercising to try to recapture our youth we are moving in order to stay strong and

vital as long as we can.

We want to burn out not rust out.

2.  Make it fun, seriously make it fun! 

We cannot be expected to exercise six days a week without some fun being part of it.

Remember when you were a kid and just running outside was fun, climbing trees, skipping rocks.

We were always in constant motion just excited about all the possibilities.

We still can be if we try.

Look for the extraordinary in those ordinary moments.

Do you see these two cute cottontails-seeing these cuties was actually a motivator for me, along

with listening to the theme of Rocky on my iPod....smiles....

3. Explore All the Possibilities.

I find that by focusing my thoughts on the strength that I am gaining is a great reward not to quit.

There are endless opportunities/possibilities for discovering exercise that is interesting.

Not only does your body benefit, but so does your mind, and we must keep our minds strong too.

Hiking, swimming, canoeing, gardening, yoga, skiing, the list is endless-explore and venture

out to try something new, you might just be surprised what you find.

4.  Dress The Part - Listen To Music

Love my motivational music, I am still using my iPod shuffle and it keeps me humming along.

Those hills really don't seem as steep if I have just the right music on.

I can't say enough about being comfortable, good shoes are a must for healthy feet.

Quickest way to end the beginning of a work out regime is with blisters or sore toenails.

Dressing the part is a great way to boost your mindset-put those workout clothes on

right after breakfast.

I shop at Academy for most of my work out gear and I actually like their BCG Brand.

It is moderately priced, so after a Summer of sweating I won't feel bad if they need to be tossed.

5. Modern Life Is Not Our Friend.

That is right- it is not.

Modern life has encouraged us to sit more and when we sit more we not only gain weight,

we get stiff joints, poor posture, we can even become wobbly and have the potential to fall.

We are designed to move, we feel better when we do, aging is natural- decaying is not.

Life is to be lived, embraced, held on to and honestly who on earth wants to become

an old stodgy woman anyway-thats no fun, especially for ourselves.

"Believe that you will succeed, and you will."
~Dale Carnegie

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How are you staying strong and healthy?

Aging With Style Detours

We began the Aging With Style Series back in January, and it has been awhile since I did a post on

this topic. Some things popped into my mind and heart as I was driving back from Oklahoma

yesterday afternoon, after spending a few days with our

youngest daughter and our granddaughter- Molly.

Naturally,  I just have to share them with you.

These thoughts popped into my mind as I was forced to take a detour home because of mudslides

along I35 from Oklahoma to Texas.

My altered route took me along 287 - a route which I had never been on, in fact my GPS annoyingly

kept recalculating and wanting me to make U Turns and go back to the familiar route that both of us


At one point I told my GPS to be quiet, that we couldn't go that way because the highway was closed.

Finally she gave in, and accepted that we had taken a detour and should make the best of it.

Detours-we have all had them, we fight them, they are uncomfortable, unfamiliar, unwanted.

We have to recalculate-our plans, our life, they affect our emotions, our thoughts, our outlook and

our attitude.

As a woman, I am acutely aware that I am aging-a detour that quite frankly has caught me off

guard just a tad-it may be a natural part of life, but I just didn't know our bodies would go in one

direction and our minds and souls go in another!

Seriously, this requires a certain mindset and a game plan.

It is more important to me today than ever to accept graciously the detours in my life and recalculate

wisely, intently, and purposefully in order to live a life with style.

A style which comes from within, from the heart and the spirit- a style that is timeless.

Oh, and when those pesky detours coming knocking at our doors, and they eventually find us all,

It is vital to learn how to manage those emotions, thoughts and anxieties.

To let go of the familiar, the comfortable, the journey which we had so carefully planned

and embark on the new route.

As I look back on my life, and as I look to the future, as I look into the eyes and hearts of my

dearest of dears-my children-and mostly centering in on my daughters.

(Because you do know, that women think, feel and hear different than men.)

I would want my daughters, the ones I gave birth to and those which I lovingly acquired from my

husband I would want them to know this.

Life is filled with detours, many of them hurt-badly.

They make our hearts ache and our heads spin.

Sometimes we want to run, but if we must run, run with intent and Run With Passion.

Emotions and thoughts are part of the process of detours, but  recalculate, knowing that

what you are thinking and feeling are just that-they do not define you.

Embrace your Faith, your connection to your Heavenly Father will comfort and guide you.

Seek comfort from those who love you.

Your previous journey has not been a waste, it has been a tool to prepare you for this detour.

Take these tools, add them to your handbook of life, punch the new destination in your

personal GPS of life and truly know that All of this is part of the remarkable journey of living.

Of Aging, at any age, with Style.

If you have a moment, please share how you have managed the detours in your life.


Please Join Me~

Cozy Little House

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Get Real Girl

I was born August 31, with a pair of rose colored glasses on. 

Mom said I was a month late and now I know why, I was being 

fitted with just the right tint of rose colored glasses.


I arrived into this world seeing all the love, goodness and joy I could 

in each day and in everyone I met.  I suppose like most glasses they 

do come in different levels of tint.  As you can see mine are the 

heavy tinted ones.  I didn't really have a choice-I arrived this way, 

sort of like a cabbage patch kid with a pre-designed outfit and birth 



Although these glasses have served me quite well for all of these 

years.  I think it is time to trade them in for a lighter shade of rose. 

Getting real for me means, accepting what is and making the 

very most of it daily.

If I am ever going to get real this seems like the year to start, after 

all I am aging, well we all are and ...I really don't want to miss out 

on all the opportunities of being real. 

I just have to share this quote from one of my favorite childhood 



"Generally by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been 

loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints 

and very shabby.  But these things don't matter at all, because once

you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't 

understand." -Margery Williams

Get Real Girl-

1-She lives a life with gratitude not expectations.

2-She accepts where she is in life, letting go of the past,

embracing the now and has Faith in the future.

3-She knows how to laugh and find joy in the small things.

4-She is growing daily from the lessons of the past.


5-She knows that life is not perfect and that love will always 

prevail, being real, is a fabulous way to age with style.


Please Join Me~

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