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Reclaiming The 50's

You know how the trend has been to reclaim wood, tin containers, metal containers, 
subway tile.
I just know that you know where I am going with this because of the
Well I am reclaiming the 50's and the girl that lives inside of me.
I mentioned in my last post that she was fading fast-a shadow of sorts, well she is being reclaimed.
It isn't going to be as easy as it might seem because, I am not as young as I used to be, and yet I am not as old as I will be.
So, I suppose the time seems just about right.

I made a commitment to bake fresh bread, once a week, beginning January first of this year.
I was so excited to read your comments and see that many of you are already making similar efforts and are well on your way to living plain and simple.

Whether it be organic food from the local grocery or growing your own.
Clothes lines that are make shift or the real mccoy, it all is a community effort of living a life
with intention, it is a legacy you are creating for you and your family.

The goods news about all of this is, is that you are all thriving with this minimalistic 
50's approach to life (don't you love the way that sounds) and happy as honey bees.

Speaking of honey bees, did I mention that I am going to become a beekeeper-yes I am.

I have some dreams of joining in on a coop or local Farmer's Market and sharing my honey
and homegrown pumpkins from my garden.

So back to the bread commitment so far, so good.
I made my first loaf of braided bread on the second of this month and used the other half of the dough for Parker house rolls.  
You can find the recipe for them right here, this is a family recipe and it is sooo good-
I promise. 
I did change two things-I used butter instead of shortening and fast rising yeast instead of regular. 

I think I like them better this way, and of course the fast rising yeast eliminated one of the

Reclaiming the 50's and that girl inside of me, means that I must slow down and let this process evolve over time.
I have been waking up way too early with a new sense of energy and vitality at all of the possibilities of the day.
I am eager to watch the sunrise and marvel at the light as it gracefully kisses gray and barren tree tops with glistening warm morning rays. 

I am going to be as open as I can with this adventure-because that is what the
50's girl did.  
There was no Facebook, Instagram, Flipbook, Periscope, there were only stories written down, or told across a party line on a rotary phone.

So, one of the reasons I have to slow down is because in my eagerness to get outside, I fell today and I banged up my knee.
Do you know how embarrassing it is to fall, even when no one sees you??
Oh gosh, I just felt so ridiculous, reading glasses and phone in one hand, camera in the other...oops!
I am fine, it's a wretched bruise, but it is the reality of this journey.
My heart lives in the 50's, my body does not!

Thank you for joining me, I look forward to you sharing with us, your stories and just maybe
we can put together a 50's link up party in the very near future!
Now wouldn't that be an adventure...smiles...

Love to see you on Wednesday where I will be sharing a stunning and tasty
Winter Pound Cake Recipe.


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