Texas Style Stirfry Cauliflower Rice

Hello folks and greetings from my kitchen to yours! I haven't shared a recipe in awhile and the one I am sharing today is a new style of cooking for me. I guess I must be on a health kick right now or just plain stubborn, because look at this recipe. Seriously where did I ever get the idea to make Texas Style Stir-fry Cauliflower Rice? I mean the hubby looked me right in the eye and said "cauliflower tastes like dirt." Did I care? Well I guess not! Because here is the recipe and I actually think it tastes great ! Truly we are watching our waist lines and looking forward to some trips to the Mountains this Summer. Naturally a trip to the mountains means hiking. I absolutely refuse to be huffing and puffing and gasping for oxygen while someone ten years older or for that matter twenty years younger than me nonchalantly hikes by without a single wheezing sound. We are flatlanders and this actually happened to me one year. I clearly remember hiking in the Rockie

Sprouting Seedlings In Egg Shells

Calling all Gardeners to ask you this most important question have you ever sprouted seedlings in egg shells? Well, guess what... I gave this economical and pretty cute gardening idea a try and it worked marvelously! This is such an easy and really "green," way to sprout your seeds and at the same time nourish the soil! I shared an earlier post right here on how the process all began. I surely feel as though I need to do a little follow-up so you could all see the results yourself and then make your own determination if you want to give this gardening method a try. This is our 30'x30' garden plot and the third season of growing and where I have planted a million flower seeds. ( Well maybe not a million, but it sort of felt like it when I was finished! We have amended this soil with sand, ash, coffee, grounds, mulch, grass clippings and more. Stay tune for next month's gardening post on how to amend garden soil. So, let's see, getting back o

Easter Thoughts and A New Attitude

Welcome to the Easter addition of At Home With Jemma where I am sharing the good news that indeed He has Risen! I am no Theologian, I am just a gal who loves Jesus and dove chocolate! So Happy Easter and Passover Dear Readers, Friends and new subscribers. It has been awhile since we have chatted and I want to share my heartfelt thoughts with you on how Easter ignites my heart and helps me to re-align some old ways of thinking and doing. Also I'd like to share with you that there will be a brand new gardening and recipe post arriving in your inbox this week. I am so thankful for the blessings of our sweet Savior and for this time of the year when I am personally called to Savor Every Moment of life. Easter is sort of reset for me as I re-focus on trusting the Lord's timing while remembering He also wants me to have a cheerful heart. Do you ever find yourself doing some serious soul searching and you come up with a cup that is a little empty? Well this past week has b

Lemon and Lime Spring Tablescape

Hello and thank you so very much for joining me today as I share my Lemon and Lime Spring Tablescape. The focus for this tablescape is the centerpiece. As I thought about what Spring meant to me I knew immediately that I wanted my table to feel fresh; garden fresh, spring fresh and renewed. What better way to get that freshness than to take the table outside and incorporate living elements in the centerpiece. Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate has organized this fun and inspiring tablescape Blog Hop. Truly there is something for everyone and for every budget! I am so happy to be here with this group of creative artists. You will find all of the links at the end of this post for tons of Spring inspiration. The first step to creating my living centerpiece was a trip to the market. Of course I would love to be able to grow my own lemon and lime trees but North Texas is prone to some hard some freezes. I purchased lemons, limes, parsley, rosemary, and Mexican Tarragon to

Peeps and Petunias Easter Centerpiece

Good Tuesday Morning Dear Friends! How many more days do we have to wait for Spring ...not a single one! Say what... I know how excited we all are to kick off the Spring Season. How about we start this week with a Springtime tablescape bloghop and an easy DIY Peeps and Petunias Easter Centerpiece. Incorporating colorful Peeps Candy into our Spring and Easter Décor is a fun and an economical way to add a touch of whimsy. Using Peeps in Easter décor isn't anything new. In fact I made a Peeps Easter Centerpiece a few years ago. But just for fun for 2018 I put a new spin on it by using some different vessels and a new product that I stumbled across at the craft store. This fun and colorful product is Bunny Batts Funfill and I love it! (No advertising here, I just wanted to share this easy to work with fiberfill.) It's not messy and I think a really great alternative to Easter grass, plus it's reusable too and can be used for other Spring projects. I