Show Your Red, White & Blue

Today we are going to add some red, white and blue to either our dining room or kitchen  and we  are going to use the ever popular mason jar. Did you know that the existence of  the mason jar began a very, very long time ago, and  that these popular jars have been  the go-to vessel for many projects for many generations. In fact ,you might be surprised to know that they have been around since the early 1800's.   Not only are they used for canning, although that was their intended use, they are also  used for flower arrangements for many, many folks, which included my Mother. You see, Mom had her "good," canning jars which had no nicks in the top edge of the jar. This was very important because if you had a nick in the jar, you would not get a good seal  when you put the jar lid on and  pressured cooked your veggies, meats or even fruits. You see my friends, if there is not a good seal on those jars you now have a recipe  for   Botulism  food poisoning. So those jars becam

DIY Americana Wreath

Can you believe that the Fourth of July is only a few weeks away? Seriously, the Summer is going to be half way over before we know it. Since this fun and festive Holiday is just around the corner I am going to use this week to  share  a few easy projects and recipes. Loving wreaths the way I do, I thought I'd kick off the week with this  Americana Wreath, it  is   colorful, delightful, showy and ever so simple to make too. I am totally smitten with hydrangeas right now, in fact I think I may have hydrangea fever. (if there is such an illness) Well, Michael's had their floral stems 50 % off so I scooped up these bright and patriotic  faux flowers along with a straw wreath form, all for the grand total of $30.00. I worked out in the flower beds and garden all morning and the humidity just about got the  best of me, so I was really looking forward to this indoor project. A little music, sparkling water and some cherries covered in dove chocolate by my side, got  my creative spark

Fresh Fruit Parfait

What do you do when you have fresh strawberries from the garden? Hmm...make a fresh fruit parfait, of course! It has sort of been a nonsensical weather pattern and my garden has flourished one  moment and then nearly drowned the next,  right now it is baking under the Texas sun. Not to be confused with the Tuscan sun! Our Texas sun is brutal and not a romantic comedy at all, but we sure do love it in the  Winter. Yes indeed, each one of these precious, sweet and juicy strawberries came from my  garden. They are tiny, but they are mighty and you know there is nothing quite as tasty as  something  homegrown. It seems that everyone nowadays calls layered desserts lasagna, but back in the day they  were  called  all sort of things, but never lasagna.   Lasagna back then was made up of noodles, sauce and a variety of cheese concoctions. So my dessert is going to be called a parfait:) This is another one of those desserts that I share from time to time, that is so  fast   and easy  to assemb

Giveaway Winner & DIY Sugar Cubes

Good Morning everyone and a fine morning it is here in my little slice of heaven. We have sunshine and just in the nick of time too, as all of that rain was wrecking havoc on  many of my plants. Our art giveaway winner was chosen from  Random.Org  and it is Sheri from  Red Rose Alley , congrats! Sheri, please email your address. Today I am sharing a simple way to add little spark to your Summertime refreshments that  need just a tad of sweetening. DIY sugar cubes are the easiest way to add sunshine to a Summer beverage. There are a couple of options for "setting," the sugar molds. One would be to let the molds set for 5 hours at room temperature or baking them in a 200 degree oven for 5-10 minutes. Since we have had so much rain and humidity I chose to bake mine. So many options for designs and now that I have found out how simple this project is I am going to give Easter Eggs a try next Spring. Thank you so much for joining me! xo DesignThusiasm ,  Cottage Making Mommy ,  Li

Get Your Craft On ~DIY Banner

As a youngster I would dress up in my Mamma's black patent high heels and gather up  my dolls. I'd line them all up in a row on the worn hardwood floor while I drew  on my chalk board. All the while chatting to them, as they slumped over and I am certain now that they surely  fell  asleep.  As time went on I began to enjoy  gathering up real people and organizing real events. It could be as simple as gathering up Ladies for  Luncheons, and craft fairs, or directing  Vacation Bible School. So when the Texas Blogging group was formed I began dreaming   of having a group of  talented, creative, funny, happy,  snappy  talkative and talented bloggy type people in my  home for a  Art  and  Craft  retreat  . This dream is actually happening on Tuesday, June 7th! (If you'd like some tips on how to organize one just click on the link) I am truly thrilled, similiar to a youngster...with the news that Summer Vacation has begun! I have high hopes and plans for this retreat and it equ

Beautiful Art & A Giveaway

I am super excited to share this news with you. I am partnering with  Darren Gygi Home Collection , this year. I am contacted by several businesses every month and I choose very few to work with. I am always looking for quality, American made, fair deals for you and I, as well as credible,  honest individuals who stand behind their product. I feel confident and comfortable working with Darren, knowing that I am passing on  quality Art for your home, decorating style and needs. Darren Gygi is an American Artist who creates  Giclee  decor artwork using his own Art creations and his  assembly system. Every piece is made in the United States, I just love knowing this. In fact, you know besides being so fond of his art, I like to support American made businesses. I worked with  Darren last year on another  Art project  and giveaway and I was highly satisfied with their customer service and Art. Kim from  Exquisitely Unremarkable  was the winner of the giveaway last year. So when Darren'