Mad Tea Party

Welcome to the Mad Tea Party, a party full of whimsy and magic where anything is possible! Where we will find unexpected merriment in the strangest of places, plenty of nonsense and fun. Thank you for joining me today and also in celebrating 150 years of the beloved tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.               This whimsical Tale is written for my grandchildren, who enjoy fairy dust, sugar cookies, and all of the magic there is in each day! It all began as a normal day, the sun rose, I drank my coffee and slipped on my sneakers. I took the normal path for my walk along the overgrown thicket, but this morning something far different was in store for me. I heard unexpected laughter, chortling one might say, and then this precious and delightful Fairy suddenly appeared. She introduced herself to me and asked if I was ready to take a stroll off the beaten path, oh, I hesitated briefly, and thought to myself really what do I have to lose. And that is where our adventure begin

Tea Party Preparations

On Saturday July 11th, Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist  will be hosting the 8th annual Mad Tea Party. This is the first time I have participated and I must tell you it has been a whimsical and playful project. It was difficult to restrain myself with the editing as I was enjoying myself so much. I took so many photos and I am still working on putting it all together. Daisy Bell and I will be busy today preparing for it, I am making some special treats and we both hope you will stop by and visit us! As you journey through the Mad Hat Tea Party tomorrow you will find a recipe or two. But mostly I am sharing photos of a very enjoyable project. I hope you will stop by and visit. See you soon! xoxoxo

Aging With Style-Health

I am an advocate of women, I always have been and it isn't just because I am one. It is because I believe in the inner and physical power of a woman. I believe in empowering ourselves to be the best we can be. That is not to say that we have to be super stars...(well only if we want to.) It simply means lets give this journey all we've got with a clear, focused, intentional mindset. In all areas of our lives, not just the pretty stuff, but the nitty gritty stuff too. I have had several major health issues and a couple of times they nearly got me. So, throughout the years I have done extensive research, and reading on diet and exercise and I will tell you this. We must be proactive in both of those areas. I stumbled upon this book years ago and whenever I follow the premise of Younger Next Year , I a lways feel stronger, sharper mentally, more optomistic,energized and eager for each day to begin. This book is a must read for all women, because at one point, God willing, we are

Picnic Venue

Lets roll out those lazy, hazy crazy days of Summer with an amazing Picnic Venue. What better way to break up a Summer day for the children, couples, or out of town guests than filling a picnic basket with some goodies and heading off on an adventure. I thought today we would take a peek into a variety of spots for a perfect picnic. One of the awesome things that I like about a picnic is that you can truly have one anywhere. It can be as elaborate as you'd like or just as simple too. Let your imagination go, just as if you were a kid again. From your backyard to a Mountain top... the sky is the limit. A traditional venue for a picnic is the backyard, always convenient and no need to be concerned with packing up and toting picnic baskets and drinks. Part of the charm for this picnic is the setting, lights, textiles and flowers. Feels magical, doesn't it?                                                                           Source Do you have a lake nearby? Just look at this

Picnic Time

Did you know that I love to go on a pick-nic , oh I really and truly do. I enunciate pick-nic  too, just to put the emphasis in the right place... Love the planning on what to put in the pick-nic   basket which usually includes fried chicken, homemade deviled potato salad , rolls, pickles, olives and a dessert. Anticipating the location and remembering when, remembering the joy of spending time with those you love in the beautiful outdoors. My husband and I had our picnic on the home site in Rockwall last weekend. I woke up early to fry the chicken and I had made the potato salad the night before, you know potato salad must be chilled so the flavors have a chance to blossom. Our home site is an unruly raw piece of land right now, all overgrown and yet a haven for some of the prettiest wild flowers. Come join me, we will step just beyond this branch to where the home will be built. I would like to share some of the items I brought along for this picnic... I brought a basket of goodies