How Sweet It Is

I woke up thinking of this song "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." Do you ever do that? Songs that seem to get stuck in your mind, for hours and days... Well, this song was written in 1964 and first sung by soul singer Marvin Gaye and the year was 1965. So, the song, these pictures and the events of the previous day and the day before that all seemed to go together for me and I wanted to share them with Have you noticed the many moments, which are frozen in time throughout the ordinary hours of the day... The brief second of a perfect Spring blossom... The small details of brilliant green moss flourishing alongside a murmuring stream. A quirky, imperfect and yellowish lone tulip blooming ferociously among the weathered leaves from an unusually harsh Winter. Fleeting moments of giggles, rosy cheeks, and muddy boots of those who are the dearest to ones heart. Frothy clouds, plumes of grass, fresh raspberries, pig tails and skinned up knees... Dearest to my hea

Spring In My Dining

For as long as I can remember I have delighted in decorating. Even as a young girl I would pick the red roses from my Mother's carefully tended rose garden to add a spark of color to my lavender toned bedroom. I will say this, I am not a decorator, I don't think I follow many, most likely any of the rules or techniques, I just plain enjoy it and delight in using the things in my home that make me happy. It is a joy for me to sort through my collection of flowers, treasured keepsakes, and this year is no exception. I would say that one of the glorious things about being older is I have quite a bit of stuff that I have saved and I am so glad that I have. I am not a hoarder-just a selective "saver of treasures." I am so glad that I have held on to my various acquisitions, not only are they precious to me, I rarely have to buy anything, unless of course I just have know what I mean... For awhile there I almost lost my way, with Pinterest and all...thinking I'

Sweet Sunday

The beginning of our week looked like this, truly a lovely snowfall. Of course knowing that most of the snow would be gone by late afternoon, made it so much more beautiful. Thinking of all of you who are so tired of seeing the white stuff, it will be gone soon-I know it will. I love the bright red cyclamen and magenta orchid on my kitchen windowsill framed against the pristine snow. Later that day-this is how fast the snow melted! Last weekend was spent with these two happy go lucky souls, they stayed with us while their parents celebrated their 12th anniversary in the sun. Going to build a bear was a must. All Grammy's must bake a few chocolate chip cookies for their grandchildren... Thinking of you all and wishing you a lovely Sunday evening. xoxoxo

Salads For Sale

I have a few questions for you... Would you buy a previously prepared salad from a vending machine? How about if it was in a mason jar and only cost one dollar? I asked myself these same questions as I was reading an article from The Atlantic Magazine . Formerly known as The Atlantic Monthly . The article was in the Health section of the online edition of this magazine. It seems, Luke Saunders, a young entrepreneur invented the salad machine-(vending machine.) The article delves into the premise that if we have the same amount of dollars to spend on fast food or a healthy salad that were both available to us in the same amount of time, would we spend the dollars on healthy salads or turn to the comfort of a hamburger. Super interesting and an article that definitely provides "food for thought," no pun intended...wink... If you have some time to spare and are interested in the article, here is the link The Dreadful Inconvenience of Salad . In the meantime, I have a super great

Natural Spring Wreath & Vignette

It's wreath season at my house and I am thrilled to be making wreaths for my dear girls. The two oldest have chosen neutral naturals and the youngest has chosen green naturals. I have finished one of them and I have hung it on my secretary for inspiration to create this Spring Vignette. I have been hot gluing like crazy at my house these past few days and unfortunately have a blister on one finger that is very uncomfortable. I think it was worth it though for this cute Spring Wreath, one thing is certain, I know it is not going to fall apart! Not one thing went to waste making this wreath, not even the leaves. Total cost around $10.00- $15.00, it will depend on your choice of flowers. At the very least I buy my floral when they are 50 percent off, better yet, always shop the discount section, as there are always pretty posies left behind. Materials Needed to Make This 12 inch Spring Wreath *( 1) 10 inch straw wreath form (finished product measures 12 inches). * (24) 2 inch flowers

Focus On Your Passion & Purpose

On January 1, of this year I hit the publish button on a post which I was compelled to write.  It was on the subject of   Aging With Style . A new year had dawned and so had a heightened awareness within my soul. Aging- a topic so universal and yet when discussed it is done so with adjectives such as- coping, accepting, transitioning, response is phooey! I don't want to cope, I want to live with a heart that is on fire!! I am so passionate about Aging with style and from the comments that many of you left - so are you! In my wildest dreams I did not imagine that the  Passion, Purpose & Productivity Project  would resonate, inspire and encourage women to care for and uplift one another so thoughtfully. As we continue this amazing journey together, hand in hand across the mountains and seas, I would like to introduce you to a lovely, sincere, and passionate woman- Jan. You will find Jan at Jan's Place   sharing recipes, devotionals and decorating tips,  as we