Natural Fall Wreath DIY

I am sitting here today with our windows open, a cinnamon candle burning, the rustling of leaves jumping across the back patio and tortilla soup simmering in my favorite orange cast iron pot. Loving every moment of it and remembering how much I love this time of the year and just wondering why Fall takes so dreadfully long to arrive in North Texas. So with the cooler weather arriving I felt inspired to make this  natural Fall Wreath over the weekend and I snapped a few photos of it while the morning sun came into our bedroom. You have seen this favorite armoire of mine many a time, it just makes a great backdrop and I love to photograph it too. You know how you have the same piece of furniture for many years,  and tend to forget all of the lovely details. Whenever, I add a new wreath to this armoire, I am always reminded of the quaint and intriguing shop it came from in the historical city of New Orleans. Great memories for me. So, the items need for this wreath are sweet and simple...

No Mess Pumpkins DIY

This no mess pumpkin activity is a perfect afternoon craft for those busy little hands. If you have 10-20 minutes to spare, some color coding labels, scissors, and leftover ribbon you are good to go! I bought two cute little pie pumpkins from Walmart- I think they were around 2.88, each.  I just refuse to spend much more than that for any pumpkin, when they are just going to be thrown out. Although, this year I am seriously considering making some pumpkin pies from scratch. These two little punk-ins might just get double duty this year!  These Color coding labels were $1-I got home and realized there were 315 dots in each package, do you think I went a little overboard? For the pumpkin's mouth, I just cut the dots in half while they were still attached to the wrapping, the removable adhesive makes them so easy to apply and remove. I followed these same steps for the eyes, and eye brows. I would suggest a light spraying of lacquer over these after you have decided on your design, if

Tippy Top of The Mountain

I remember when I was just a kid wanting to climb to the very tippy top of a mountain. I also remember my oldest child, my son, wanting to do the same thing- not to just climb up a mountain, but to reach the very tippy top . He truly, nearly did except... there was another mountain, even taller, behind the first one... Have you felt the same way during your life, the need to conquer the mountain? To reach the highest mountain you could find. Because, then you would have reached your goal, a check mark could be place next to- Tippy Top of the Mountain-reached-check. The funny thing about this is, as you know, the check mark never gets placed to reaching the tippy top of the Mountain. ( unless you are a true Mountain Climber) I suppose this is how life is, tending to think that when we get to this spot in life, this age, this financial level, this house, the children out of diapers, we have finally reached the tippy top. We can  breathe a huge sigh of relief. And then we didn't.

Dressing the House For Fall

I am crazy over Orange for Fall, maybe I am feeling a little nostalgic, maybe I just have a genuine crush on the color... So crazy I am for this Autumn hue that I want to share some of this joy with you. I have been on the look out for velvet pumpkins so when I spied this one my heart skipped a beat.  Great little price too, smiles, smiles and smiles... (Michael' s ) I love to dress my secretary desk for Fall. Fall flowers, pumpkins, leaves, baskets and burlap. Dressing the house with zests of orange in all sorts of nooks. Just a smidgen of orange in the smallest most unexpected places. Little surprises of zesty orange are tucked here and there, and I can't wait to share more of the unexpected spots, you will find orange in our House dressed just for Fall ! How do you dress your house for Fall? Please Join Me~ French Country Cottage Cozy Little House Share Your Cup Ivy and Elephants

French Western Pumpkins Tutorial

I want to thank you , my dear readers for joining me in my blogging journey! Last year I made these  French Western Pumpkins  and since that post, there have been many of you who have emailed me requesting a tutorial on how to make these charming, whimsical and unique French Western Pumpkins. I have done my best to prepare this tutorial for you and I so hope it proves to be helpful, please send me an email if you need any clarification. A word of caution, you may get a few minor scratches when cutting and bending the chicken wire. Tutorial: I purchased my chicken wire from Home Depot, and this Styrofoam pumpkin works well for me to use as a pattern. The dimensions below will make one medium pumpkin, or two small. Okay, now the fun begins, we get to shape our pumpkin and turn it from just a piece of wire into art! When I make these they always remind me of molding clay, and honestly it is so rewarding to see how they turn out, because each one is unique. Secure open sections of chicken

Waldorf Salad Mountain Style

Peaches are one of my very favorite Summertime fruits and I am always searching for ways to incorporate them into a healthy and tasty dish. I truly believe you would enjoy this version of the all time classic Waldorf Salad. In This Waldorf Salad recipe I used  Palisade Peaches , which come from the High Country in the Colorado mountains.  I really think these are the most succulent peaches I have ever tasted. They were firm, yet ripe and the texture was moist and melt in your mouth sweet goodness. This is a sweet yet tart salad which is a great dish to serve with chicken or even alone with some great bread. You are going to love that all you need is one bowl, a knife, a spoon and wisk to prepare this tasty little treat. Oh, and did I mention that there is an added bonus? It is super healthy and I just be your kiddos are gonna love it too! During our visit to Colorado we ate several meals out at some terrific restaurants in Durango, however on our la