Welcome Fall Entry Vignette

Although the weather outside is still a tad bit warm and muggy, I am  in full blown Fall mode.  I have decided that if I wait for the weather to tell me it is Fall, I will have to wait for a very long time and, I am  just am not willing  to  wait.   And so I shall begin to welcome Fall.  I have many ways to  welcome Fall and since I am admittedly a bit of a pack rat, thanks to  age and saving many, many treasures. I no  longer have to purchase  any decorations. (Unless of course I feel as though I must!)  Just  another great thing  about getting older, I have stuff! All of these marvelous orange pumpkins, golden baubles,  copper  whatnot's,  burnished leaves, and tattered burlap reside in a  very  special box  in the attic marked "fall." I must tell you, that to those around me I appear rather matter of  fact  about the business of decorating, but deep inside me...well...I  am smiling-giddy, happy!   I have always loved to decorate, ever  since I was just a child.  You se

Inspirational Thursday-Magnificent Mountains

You know, I grew up in the West where nature is bigger than  mankind.  Where you remain humble in spirit because you are  surrounded by magnificent mountains that stretch for thousands and  thousands of miles.  Where never  ending blue sky and puffy white  clouds seem to be within arms reach. "Great things are done where men and mountains meet." ~William Blake~ Where natural beauty moves your heart and soul to ache. Gushing mountain streams from melting snow cap peaks race with abandon around curves and corners, with absolutely no fear or wonder what their density might be. Simple sweet serenity rests on each mountain ridge. Cool, clear mountain lakes surrounded by pungent evergreen forests  where  deer, elk, bear, wolf and eagles call home.  A gentle  reminder for mankind that we are not the almighty. Pristine mountain air, gentle sunsets and mountain breezes.   Peaceful, calm, no storms of life, no rush of words, no ego's. The essence of the magnificent mountains calms,

Fall Birdcage Vignette

I am so pleased with the use I have gotten out of my two Bird Cages. They are no longer in my garden, they have been rinsed off,  freshened up and ready for the indoors and Fall. I feel as though the time they spent out of doors gave them a bit  more  character and a little more of a chippy attitude, which is what I  was looking for.  Don't you just love vintage with an attitude!  You  might remember my post back in April  Birdcage In My Garden .  Well here they are now-ready for Fall. You know, I wasn't a instant fan of burlap, at least in my home.  I enjoyed seeing how other people used it in their homes, but I was a late bloomer in that department.  Of course now I use it as  accent pieces throughout my home.  I found these darling burlap flowers and pumpkins at HL-40 % off -such a sweet little deal. I really could not make them for this price. I started wondering why it was that I was hesitant to add burlap, and then it occurred to me that it was because I grew up on a farm

Inspirational Thursday-Mountain Views

This is the time of the year that we have had it with Texas, you know how folks that live in the cold climates go South for the Winter?   Well, when you live in North Texas you want to leave the state during the months of  July through September, and going West is very desirable. It is just plain, hot and dry here and not nearly enough to do even if  you do have a  swimming pool.  Cabin fever sets in and we all know that is not a good thing. So, my friends we are leaving for Denver Colorado. I have done some research about this beautiful state, as well as the mile high city and I am sharing these facts with you today.                                                                          Source I love the mountains, the fresh mountain air and oh the wonderfully cool nights which make for the best of rests. Yes, we are leaving  Texas, for a week. Fun Facts: Denver is known as the mile high city-It is 1 mile above sea level Denver is the Capital of Colorado and turns 154 years old this

Burlap & Chevron Collegiate Wreath

Want to show your team spirit? How about adding a Collegiate wreath to your  door- Or add a Collegiate wreath to your Football party Vignette- What better or snazzy way to add some flair and color to your  door, table or even tailgate party than a wreath. I really hadn't thought much about a Collegiate wreath until a dear friend of my youngest daughter asked if I would make her  one.   I thought this was such a nifty idea and a really great way to show your team spirit. This particular  young Lady recently graduated from  Texas  Christian  University in Fort Worth Texas, she is now employed and resides in  her own apartment, this wreath will hang on her front door. I asked her to give me a list of what was important to her and with  that in mind, this is the wreath which I came up with.   Football is crazy big in the heart of Texas-You remember Friday  Night lights? " A Town, A Team, A Dream" well this is reality in  many, many towns in Texas and the one in which I live i

Seasonal & Thrifty Creations-DIY

You know, sometimes preparing for the change of seasons can be  a challenge.  There are weeks and days in everyone's life where there just isn't enough time, energy or passion.  So I put together a few  simple and fun ideas that I felt were time and money savers.   Everyone loves a cupcake, and everyone loves a cupcake that is  dressed up.  Short on time and energy?  Buy some festive seasonal sprinkles and cupcake liners. Notice how these sprinkles have bright orange pumpkins mixed in  and the cupcake liners are pumpkins too?  Add a little frosting, a  mini cake plate for presentation and you are set!  Thrifty, seasonal  and simple!  Keep your eye open for sales-this cake plate came  from  TJ Maxx-a real steal for 3 dollars. Primitive and natural decorating is not for everyone, but if it is your  thing, keep your eyes open to the possibilities all around you.  I  found these sticks while walking, or maybe they found me, because  they fit together perfectly without any cutting.