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Avocado Black Bean Salad With Lime Dressing

Greetings and welcome to a Summer Nights Mini Blog Hop! 
Cecilia from from My Thrift Store Addiction invited me to join her and four other bloggers for this Mini Blog Hop I said I am in! 
This time of the year I am always on the look out for fresh and fun ideas and I just bet you are too.
So if you truly are searching for a great side dish for small Summertime gatherings, picnics or 4th of July festivities well look no further.
This fresh and fabulous Summer Avocado Black Bean Salad with Lime Dressing recipe is a perfect dish for sharing!

Avocado Black Bean Salad With Lime Dressing At Home With Jemma

357 Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies

Before I get started with this little baking story and Quick Valentine Cookie Tip, I want to tell you all who won the Startle Garden Book giveaway from Carole West at Garden Up Green.
It is Angie Goldsmith, please email me your mailing address and congrats!
I use to determine the winner, so it is fair and square...
Valentine, Cookies, decorating, baking, jemma
Well now back to the story behind the recipe and more.
You see it was a windy pre-Valentine day and later on in the evening I was hosting our book-club meeting at our home. 
Our book for the month was The Woman In Cabin, recommended by my youngest daughter.
The Woman In Cabin Ten  is a tightly wound and suspenseful novel, involving a female journalist who writes for a travel magazine. Her assignment takes her on the maiden voyage of a small luxury cruise ship. ( Love to hear from you and what you thought of the book) I highly recommend it if you like twists and turns and a whodunit plot.


I had several things going on at one time and really not focusing entirely on any of them as I probably should have been.
I know you have done this too...don't you find it amazing how everything turns out all right with these sort of distractions and projects...
A generous pot of homemade chicken noodle soup was bubbling and simmering on the cook-top, a half completed decomesh Valentine Wreath sat on the table, while a batch of Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies were just about ready to pop into the oven.
My girls were texting me, and I was happy as a bee sipping on my diet pepsi.
Now you see, this is my dilemma.
I cannot see without my reading glasses on, not even to set the temperature on the oven.
So I hurriedly punched in 3 numbers let the oven preheat, slid two cookie sheets of 357 Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies in the oven and went on to the several other things I had going on.
Fast forward, the cookies are baked, and they came out the best ever!
I know it is a surprise to me too with the amount of distractions that were going on.
They were a  little soft, but not too soft, not one single burnt edge, and I said to myself, I bet it was the extra 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda that I added.

Baking Tip For Chocolate Chip Cookies~
Lower the Oven Temperature, bake a little longer and your cookies will be softer.

So, was it the baking soda that made the difference??
When I went to turn the oven off I discovered I had baked 4 dozen cookies on 357 degrees not 375!
I chuckled all afternoon over this-but seriously these were some fabulous cookies!
They took a little longer to bake, and oh goodness were they worth it.


Quick Valentine Cookie Tip~
Add seasonal sprinkles to the cookie dough.

If you are looking for a quick way to add some Valentine cheer to your cookies today just use the recipe off of the package of Nestle Toll House semi sweet chocolates or your favorite recipe. Add some heart shaped sprinkles in the batter and then for added good measure add a few on the top of the mounds of dough before you bake them.
Thank you friends for sharing your day with me, truly it means so very, very much!

I am wishing you a day that is free from worries, filled with joy, and sprinkled with lots of love!
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