Holiday Accessories With Mrs. Southern Social and Brianna Cannon

November 10, 2020

This is a Happy Holiday post friends! You know if the Grinch can't stop Christmas from coming, well then 2020 isn't going to either. There is no denying it 2020 has been a rough year so let's decorate our homes, eat dessert first (Mary Berry Sponge Cake) and dress up girls! Just because we may not be going out on the town doesn't mean we can't add some sparkle and glitz to our lives. Today I am happy to be bringing you some Holiday accessories with Mrs. Southern Social and Brianna Cannon.

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Both of these influencers are all about mixing and matching, fun and whimsy and lipstick! I adore their enthusiasm and I am enjoying being an ambassador for Brianna Cannon//Team RLN.

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Entertaining and dressing to the D├ęcor is the motto of Mary Hollis Huddleston from Mrs. Southern Social. When Mary and Brianna From Brianna Cannon collaborated on their latest project these are the earrings they designed.

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Small companies owned by women, supporting women and making a difference everyday in their communities. Now this is what I am talking about!
Please use code JEMMA10 to receive your 10% discount + Free Shipping on ALL orders.

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Brianna was determined to create a collection of earrings that would meet her own standards for jewelry, and combine her appreciation for high-quality with bold designs and color and boy did she deliver!

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Quintessential Rudolph! 

holiday, collection, earrings, accessories, bright, bold, Brianna Cannon, athomewithjemma

*Stocking Earrings (Customization Available) $75.00

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So many choices in headbands offered at varying prices. Gotta love this Tacky Christmas Oversized Tartan Bow Headband.

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You have to know that this is the best and prettiest cakes in Holiday History, so naturally it fits right in with this post. Pretty, bright, and the perfect addition to any hostess table.

Straight from the heart and from my oven a Mary Merry Sponge Cake Recipe.

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There is still time to order your Thanksgiving Holiday earrings too!

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*Thanksgiving Glam Turkey Earrings $75.00

*Thanksgiving Gobble Earrings $75.00 

Thank you for joining me today!


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  1. I love adding touches of season to my wardrobe. It brings a smile to my face. I love everything you shared.

  2. Very pretty and super cute. Happy New Week Jemma.

  3. Good morning dearest Jemma! These are for sure accessories that will make someone feel very pretty during one of the most challenging holiday seasons the world will have experienced in a very long time. Gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for the sponge cake link, Jemma! Looks great!

  5. Oh, cute accessories, Jemma. I really like the reindeer earrings and also the
    bulb earrings. And I smiled when I saw that red plaid headband because I love
    red plaid so much. I can see my granddaughters wearing that. The Mary Merry
    Sponge Cake looks Yummy. Yes, even though we can't go out and about this
    season, we can still add sparkle to our lives, our homes, and our hearts.

    love to you, dear Jemma.

  6. Glamours earrings! Thanks for the encouragement to dress. I'm afraid I have lowered my standards since I am going very few places.


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