Beautiful and Bold Accessories From Brianna Cannon//Team RLN

July 24, 2020
Greetings my Lovelies from the sunshine State of Florida.
It has been said that we all tend to circle back around in life and this certainly seems to be holding true for this gal.
When I first began my blog in the Fall of 2013 I had an entire section dedicated to fashion, accessories and trends.
I wandered away from blogging about fashion and such and now I am sort of wondering why...what gal doesn't love accessorizing!
Today we are sharing a peek into the colorful world of  Brianna Cannon//Team RLN .

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All Photos Shared Today are courtesy of  Brianna Cannon/TeamRLN 

A little bit about Team RLN.

Team RLN creates beautifully bold jewelry, specializing in officially licensed products and custom designs for a vast array of clientele.
TeamRLN jewelry can be found in over 300 stores nationwide and is represented by Brad Hughes & Associates in the Dallas World Trade Center.

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Being a Maker, and a lover of all things glittery, shiny and colorful as well as a long time resident of Texas this line of accessories really won me over.

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I am happy to say that I am now an Ambassador for Brianna Cannon// Team RLN.
Since I am an Ambassador for these  Bold and Beautiful Accessories  just use code JEMMA10 to save 10% off of all orders + free shipping.

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We all know that decorating, entertaining and accessorizing  is all about the details and goodness gracious there are plenty of darling details, fantastic colors, headbands and yes even Team Spirit available for purchase at Brianna Cannon//Team RLN 
Their collegiate section includes Officially Licensed Collegiate Products
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Team RLN (Brianna Cannon) is proud to be a woman owned business, operated by women.
Small but mighty and making hand-crafted jewelry for you and I.

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I love supporting small businesses and I also love supporting women owned businesses.
I hope you'll find something that catches your eye, brightens your day and makes you smile.

Timeless Designer Tips on Accessorizing:

  1. Jewelry matches the occasion.
  2. Use statement earrings to highlight the face.
  3. Gold, black and white.
  4. Pearl adorned headbands.

Thank you for joining me today!

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  1. Good morning Jemma! First of all, congratulations on your new home and "hometown" and for starting on a new path with your blog. I think we are so fortunate, we who have chosen to put ourselves out there because evolution, change, it's all inevitable. To stay the same in our style or message may be good for some for the feeling of security and consistency, but it's vital that we go through those doors that open themselves up to us during the phrases of our lives. I am now, as a RETIRED teacher, having to figure out how I will keep my fashion sense thriving, as I will find myself at home more often. I am hoping that after the pandemic (gosh, when will that be!), I will be able to get out and collaborate with others to help my vision come to fruition. It's during those encounters that I always want to look and feel my best. So, fashion changes are on the horizon for me!!

  2. Cute & upbeat accessories! Fun stuff! 😃

  3. Very cute accessories. Love them all. Congrats on your new home. So happy for you that you have gotten moved and are starting to enjoy your new home. Happy New Week.

  4. These are all so fabulously colorful. Love them all.


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