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Perfect Guacamole Dip

February 27, 2018
I think we can all agree that we are all ready for Spring. When I think of Spring I think of fresh everything! So today I am sharing my perfect Guacamole dip with you. There are many vegetables in season right now and the wonderful Avocado is one of them. The Avocado is the darling of the produce section, packed with nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.

Did you know that avocados are low in sugar. How can something so tasty be so good for you. Oh and they also contain fiber, which keeps our tummies from feeling so hungry. By adding just a half of a fresh avocado to our lunch we might just feel a fuller and eat less...woohoo! I am all about that, aren't you?

And then there are all of these other wonderful ingredients too.

We have homemade guacamole about twice a month and we often times forgo the chips and just add it to our salad. So much less guilt that way...

I also wanted to share this recipe with you just in case you are hosting an Oscar party. If you are you might enjoy my Entertaining Board on Pinterest too.

How about using an Avocado as part of your marriage proposal? Millennials are!

In an effort not to let anything go to waste let's plant an avocado seed and grow our own avocado tree!

Seriously it is possible.

Only about a million years ago when we lived on the island of Oahu in Hawaii I followed the steps below and grew my own Avocado Tree that actually produced Avocados! You can imagine what a thrill that was for me. I have since grown them inside and even though they don't produce or grow as big as the one in Hawaii, they are still a fun and cute little plant to grow and kids love watching the process too.

Thank you for joining me today and happy pre-Spring!

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  1. Good morning Jemma. Yum yum yum! I just pinned this recipe to my boards. I love a good guacamole.
    Hugs and Happy New Week.

  2. Yours sounds a lot like mine, except I never measure anything and probably should! I think I'll copy this one down so I get proportions right the first time! (And yes, it's fabulous on salad and also on BLT instead of mayo!)

  3. Sounds delish! I am sharing it in my recipe FB group, AND making it the cover photo this week!! YAY!

  4. Honest to goodness, I could eat an avocado or guacamole every single day!

  5. It would be nice to grow your own avocado tree. Your guacamole looks delicious and the photo is so tempting. We eat so many avocados at our house.
    The avocado proposal events are hiliarious! Didn't know about that! Thanks for keeping us informed!

  6. Good morning beloved Jemma! I couldn't get to your post yesterday, but this morning is a perfect morning to dream about summer cuisine! How lovely are your photos and recipe here. You are ushering the way in for spring and summer planning, THANK YOU! Oh I can't wait for this February to be done with. Thank you sweet friend for always ringing in the cheer!

  7. Hello Jemma, avocados are a favorite food of my husband. Quacamole is so dreamy with tortilla chips. It can be rather addicting. Thanks for sharing your version. Have a great day. Xo

  8. Hi Jemma

    I love freshly made guacamole and your recipe sounds absolutely delicious! My son is trying to grow some avocado plants with his two boys right now--they like to watch plants grow.

  9. Your guacamole dip looks so Yummy, Jemma. How wonderful that you had your own avocado tree when living in Hawaii. Do you know that when I was pregnant with Nel, I couldn't even look at an avocado without getting nauseous when I had morning sickness, and I couldn't eat them my whole pregnancy? After awhile, I started to love them again, and now have them every week. I bet that was fascinating to watch your little avocado tree grow right before your eyes.

    love, ~Sheri


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