Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles With Almond Butter

February 11, 2018
Hello friends and happy candy making day! It has been awhile since I shared a recipe with you. Seems I'm on a candy making kick these days. So in honor of love and dieting...and craving chocolate, I am happy to be sharing the one of the best and easiest homemade chocolate truffle recipe ever. Don't candy and dieting sound like an odd marriage? But when I diet I crave more chocolate! This is no ordinary homemade candy recipe, this candy is actually sort of healthy. I know you are saying "sure it is." However it's true, it is homemade dark chocolate truffles with almond butter and oatmeal!

Now, what I am wondering is this; what is your first reaction to this ingredient list...hmmm....I know what mine was!

"Whaaatttt......but the ingredient list got my attention.

Since the appeal of candy is normally it's sweetness, some type of sweetener is usually the primary ingredient. However my focus for this candy recipe was less sugar and sweetness along with a healthier mindset. So when I happened upon this dark chocolate truffle recipe in Cooking Light, I gave it a try. Let me share this recipe, and my thoughts with you.

Neat fact about these Almond Butter Chocolate Truffles is that you will have no guilt in eating one and you won't crash either. These terrific truffles are packed with 8 grams of protein 5.1 grams of fiber. Oatmeal never tasted so good!

Well here are my thoughts on these homemade dark chocolate truffles with almond butter. They are better the second day although very tasty on the first. This is a dense candy that forms well and holds its shape. They are great for presentation and no fail. I made my truffles about half the size of what the recipe suggested and they were just right. (Who wants one big piece of candy when they can have two smaller ones...are you with me!) The next time I make these truffles I am going to add vanilla extract. I suspect that you could add any of your favorite extracts to the almond butter/oatmeal mixture and really kick the flavor up nicely, as well as have a variety of candy choices.


Now, just add your favorite toppings and serve today, tomorrow or on Valentine's Day!

Thank you for joining me today!

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  1. They sound delicious, Jemma! I love that I could get a spot of sweet along with my healthy. :)

  2. They look so pretty and sound delicious. Love the no fail encouragement.

  3. No sense in not having our chocolate and dieting too! Lol:)

  4. I feel the same exact fail and I'm in!

  5. Wowza, looks delish! Might do this instead of the dipped strawberries for V-Day! Pinned. :)

  6. I could easily convert this recipe into a gluten-free goodie!! Yum

  7. Oh, those sound delicious, Jemma!

  8. oh my.. those looks divine!

  9. ...and just in time for Valentine's Day!

  10. Truffles = Love! Thanks for the great ideas my friend.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

    Hugs, Lynn

  11. Oh my, these chocolate truffles look amazing, Jemma. And you displayed them so pretty on your pink plate with the Valentine. All my favorite ingredients...oatmeal, almonds, and chocolate! And I'm starting to like dark chocolate more than milk chocolate lately. What a wonderful gift for someone special.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. Hi Jemma,
    These do sound pretty healthy but also delicious! They look so pretty too! I'll have to try these! Yes I'd rather have 2 than 1!!! Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day Jemma! So

  13. Yum, I want some! I crave chocolate too when I diet. :)

  14. Oh, my word! These sound amazing!!! I must try them. Thank you so much for sharing, sweet friend. :) Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. This makes my mouth water big time. Such a great recipe to make for this Valentine's Day

  16. Good morning Jemma! These look really easy to make and healthy. I wonder if I could substitute the coconut oil with oil oil? Have a happy Valentines Day!!!

  17. Those sound amazing, cannot wait to try them.

  18. These sound delicious, Jemma! My hubby and I have just been reading the benefits of dark chocolate with high levels of cacao, so this totally fits in. Thanks for sharing.

    Warm hugs,

  19. Gotta love the no fail. These look heavenly Jenna. We can diet later. XO

  20. Those look and sound delicious, Jemma! And I'm all for treats or desserts that don't have any processed sugar, so this recipe is fantastic. Thank you for posting!

  21. Lately I'm craving chocolate after almost every meal. It's dangerous! I've been buying dark chocolate covered almonds and eating a few. It's strange but I especially crave them after eating meat.

    When the chocolate cravings hits nothing else will do!



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