How To Make A Transitional Spring Wreath

January 30, 2018
Good Morning! Well, I am happy to be here with you all and also sharing this little transitional Spring wreath. It is no secret that I love wreaths and I love to make them too! One of the cool things about this wreath is that it is going to take me from Valentine's Day right into Spring.

I am a little behind in most everything right now and for some weird reason I feel as though I need to explain why. I guess this will help me justify it all. Like why the housework, garden planning, cooking and even a little sleeping is lacking. You see there is a little culprit behind my lacksidaisycal ways and it is this girl, Sadie May.

My husband lovingly calls her...


So why this little miss is all feed and bathroom duties attended to, I am writing this post.


  1. 12"x12" Grapevine Wreath
  2. Pinking Shears
  3. Red and Black and White wire edged ribbon (2 1/2" wide"
  4. Florist Wire Cutters
  5. Florist Wire
  6. Pink Faux flowers(4 bunches)
  7. Paper Hearts (made them using my Big Kick Die Cut Machine)


1-Cut faux flowers from stems into approximately 3 inch length.

2-Insert cut floral stems into grapevine wreath.

3-Hot Glue paper hearts to wreath, I am going to remove them after Valentine's Day.

4-Make bows and tie to wreath.

Since I have Sadie May now, I have to work fast! So this wreath took me about two hours. I could still add more to it or take some away, that is one of the things I enjoy about making my own wreaths.

I am also super happy to share with you that I will be joining a great group of gals for an upcoming Romantic Tablescape event! Tis the season for love and for sharing it with you all too!

Thank you for joining me today and please don't forget to download your free Valentine printable on my sidebar!

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  1. Your wreath is perfect with the springy tulips and Valentine's touches. I'm going to make one. :)

  2. This is an especially pretty one, Jemma. I love the pink flowers and the hearts which can easily be swapped out or removed as spring nears. (Nearer for you than me, I fear.) Looks pretty easy, too!

    Love your sweet pup -- what fun you must be having (between bathroom breaks and walks and such!) If I had a dog I'd want one like this I think!

    I'll be back at your email later today! Been a zoo here!

  3. I love this wreath! The colors are perfect for this time of year!

  4. The wreath is beautiful Jemma. Little Sadie May is adorable. Congrats on your new doggie. They really do bring us such joy at least after the chewing and potty training days lol! Enjoy that sweet little fur baby.
    Happy New Week,

  5. I love your wreath! You are so energetic!
    I'm so glad you will be joining the blog hop next week.

  6. I love your new wreath and your puppy! Both are darling!

  7. Hello my friend! I am finally here. What a week and it's only Tuesday! Here we are at the end of January, and your wreath and color choices are making me super excited for spring. And Miss Sadie, this little girl is going to keep you happily busy! Oh my friend, enjoy your wonderful life. I again look forward to see all your shares this spring and summer!

  8. So pretty. I liked it with just the pink
    Your little fuzzy girl is a doll. I would just want to spend all my time playing with her....

  9. The black and white striped ribbon makes this wreath extra pretty!

  10. Such a cute reason to get behind! She's adorable! Love your pretty wreath. It will definitely brighten your door through Spring.

  11. Well don't you just have the cutest distraction!

  12. Cute wreath and adorable fur baby! Looking forward to hopping with you next week, Jemma!

  13. That is a beautiful wreath, Jemma! I just made a wreath for Valentine's Day that I will be able to reuse for other seasons or events, but just felt it needed something more. After seeing yours, I now know mine needs more ribbon....I really like how the black striped ribbon just makes everything pop!

    Good luck with that new furbaby. She is certainly cute....probably cutest when she's sleeping and not chewing, right?

    Warm hugs,


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