Greetings To November

November 06, 2016
Greetings to November and a week of inspiring Fall Vignettes.
I have been waiting for after day...longing and looking out my windows.
And then just like that you arrived!
You blessed us with cool skies and breezy weather along with the hope of a crackling  fire and the scent of pumpkin pies.
I have prepared a table just for you.
For me, decorating for the festivities associated with the month of November are so easy, fun and no hassle. 
There are no rules, the deadlines are simple as long as there is pumpkin pie, whip cream and Turkey.
It's all about family and food.
I have shopped a few sales, gathered a few acorns (well the grandgirls did) found some real and faux leaves and have put together a Thanksgiving table that I hope will inspire and delight all of the senses.
Looking forward to sharing my table with you and those of 20 other bloggers all throughout this week.
On this coming Thursday we will have our usual Thoughts Of Home on Thursday link party and we hope you will share your Thanksgiving decorating ideas as well!

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  1. Hello Jemma! Happy November to you! I have a feeling Thanksgiving will come quickly. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  2. It was a bit chilly this morning, but I'm working on furniture and have the air conditioning on. Not sure how long this crazy weather is going to last.

  3. Lovely post and November greeting. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. Often, it gets over shadowed by Christmas. Was there a special invite for those 20 some bloggers for your TOHOT Thanksgiving vignettes? Happy Sunday. xo

  4. Looking so forward to seeing everyone's vignettes. Lovey ones you have put together here! Have a beautiful week ahead!

  5. Happy November to you ... looking forward to visiting your blog again soon

    All the best Jan

  6. Will be popping over to see these vignettes! Even though our Thanksgiving is long past, it's still nice to see the fall decorating. I don't start doing anything for Christmas until right into December. It's still so nice and warm here!

  7. Looking forward to a week full of inspiration, Jemma! I see orange and blue in your tablescape, Love that mix! Can't wait to see your beautiful table.

  8. Dearest Jemma, I hope that this arrival of November in your area will be a time of rest for you. This is really a great time of year, and though we've had some of the best color I've ever seen here, the temperatures are at least 15 degrees higher than normal, so it's hard for me to get my head around the idea!!!!!!

    ENJOY EVERY MINUTE of your time!

  9. Happy November!! I cannot believe it is already upon us. My how time flies!

  10. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. I know your family will enjoy your preparations! Thank you for joining Monday Social.


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