Old Fashion Christmas Shopping With Etsy Shops

October 28, 2016
I am striving to bring back the good old days while keeping life real in my home, heart and Christmas shopping this season.
I  grew up in a time period where the Big Box stores were only in the big cities, or not at all and most definitely not on every street corner.
Mom and Pop stores were the norm and everyone in the county purchased everything from their clothing to dish soap. These hardworking shop owners not only knew your name, they knew the name of your dog, cow and even how your crops were doing. Sort of sounds like Little House On The Prairie doesn't it?
Well in the scheme of things it really wasn't that long ago and it really was my life...a life I long for once again.
In fact, I never even went inside a Walmart until I was in college.
When I write this, it makes me realize even more how important it is to be to get back to the basics.
etsy-shops-Christmas-featured- jemma
Oh, I know how convenient one stop shopping is and all that jazz, but seriously how about you and I supporting real shop owners who craft out of their studios and homes like little Christmas Elves creating home-made goodness just for you and I.
Or those other creative shop owners who have that discerning eye and go junking, picking and hop in their cars to travel to estate sales to find fabulous treasures from the past, filling their shops with one of a kind items.
jemma-Christmas-shops-soaps-gnomes-vintage collectibles
Well now, if this is your cup of tea you my friends are in the right spot.
Beginning November 4th  there will be etsy shops each week sharing their goods with you and I right here on my blog- Home With Jemma.
Did I  mention that these shops will also be offering some super sweet discounts or giveaways for you on select items in their shops.
Yep, it's true, true....sort of a Norman Rockwell outlook on life...
These shop owners all have hearts of gold and talent to match.
So, if you will just envision a main-street in small town America about 40 years ago with welcoming shop owners greeting you at their shop door, you will want to join in on this positive experience.
You will use a unique code that each shop owner provides you on their featured day to receive the discount or giveaway which they are offering.
This code is for tracking purposes only, we are interested to know if you like this style of shopping and the opportunity to embrace the small business owner. 
If the response is positive we will bring it back in the Spring.
I am thrilled be working with these talented entrepreneurs as well as delighted in having the joy of introducing their beautiful shops to you today!
These links will take you directly to their shops and will give you the opportunity to visit them ahead time.
Looking forward to sharing the time and talents of these successful and inspirational business women.
Any questions please feel free to email me.
Thank you from all of us.
NanNas Things Vintage Collectibles 
Eastern Ave Designs Hand-sewn Original totes, bags and Angels
The Gnome Makers-Handcrafted Whimsical Gnomes
Natural Home Made Soaps and Essential Oils
Rose Garden Market-Hand-painted Cottage, Shabby Chic and French Country
Secret Garden Herbs-Organic Herbs and Wedding Whimsy
Tin Roof Studio Art Work
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  1. Good morning dearest one!

    I SO LOVE your description of the mom and pop shoppes and the intimacy of a community that supported itself among its members. I ONLY buy furniture, things for my home or gifts from LOCAL shoppe owners. I love the feel of supporting each other. Wonderful ideas my friend. Enjoy your Friday!

    1. Good Morning my dear Anita!
      Didn't those Mom and Pop shops lend themselves to adding continuity to the community.
      When we grow together and help one another to prosper only good things can happen!

  2. This is a wonderful series and I look forward to going back to a different time in my life when shopping was simple and uncomplicated. I can't wait to meet these Etsy shop owners!
    Have a wonderful weekend ,


    1. Laura,
      Oh yes, working and growing together with a mindset of community is the only way to go! Thank you for your support.

  3. Good morning sweet Jemma, This is going to be fun and I am honored to be apart of your series! I look forward to visiting all the other shop owners too. Your description of shopping in times gone by, remind me of growing up and shopping with my mother in our towns local shops. A time before malls and yes,Walmart.
    I'm proud to be an Etsy shop owner and in a very small way, offer one of a kind treasures. Thank you for creating this series and I look forward to our month of special days shopping.
    Blessings xo

  4. Jemma,
    I think I may have you beat with the Walmart thing....I was out of college, married with a baby before I set foot in a Walmart! Growing up, the closest mall was 1 1/2 hrs shopping in small local, family owned shops was our only choice unless we wanted to travel. I miss those shops, the shopping experience and the people that owned and worked in them. Thankful to be part of this group of Etsy shop owners, thank you for including me. Looking forward to visiting these shops!

    1. Welcome to our Team of keeping it real and purchasing from small shop owners.
      Thrilled to have you participate.

  5. That sounds like a great idea, Jemma. I am trying to get my act together here to get my Etsy shop open for the season, too. We'll

    I was probably in my 20s the first time I ever went to a Walmart. We didn't have one but we had lots of little home-town stores....a five and dime....a hardware store....a fabric shop....etc. Looking back on that it was almost a magical time, wasn't it?

    Good luck to all your Etsy shops! xo Diana

    1. Diana,
      Shopping downtown as a youngster with my Mom and as a young woman was so magical!

  6. What a neat series and I agree about shopping small business. It was how I grew up too and for the most part that town I believe is still set up that way. So I'm thinking before the holidays we should kidnap Stacy and go discover some place where there is a stream of small businesses to enjoy. Have a great weekend!

  7. Wonderful! Etsy is a love for me. It's so easy to click and order gorgeous handmade or collectible items. Etsy is a wonderful resource.

  8. I miss those simpler times! Love this idea. I'm trying to get my shop (will be on my blog) going. Got to get through this week then I can concentrate on my shop. Hoping to open it in December!
    Best idea ever, Jemma!

  9. This is terrific Jemma, and they are lucky to have you in their corner! I avoid Walmart at all costs. I'll go up north if I have to -- but only if I have to! I almost always shop local merchants unless there is something I can't find and for most people try to get things from area artists. Next week is my annual holiday art sale and after four weeks of bronchitis struggling to get everything done. Silk scarves, collaged and photo cards, some other things. I'll probably spend every penny I make buying gifts for my list from the other eight artists I'll be with! And so it goes!

    I'm really looking forward to this series of posts!

  10. It's wonderful that you're focusing on our Etsy shops this season. Like many, I remember shopping in the smaller shops, downtown, going from one to another with our packages in tow. I also remember taking the yearly trip into Minneapolis with my parents to see the animated window displays on Nicollet Avenue. It was magical. Thanks for this opportunity, Jemma. xo

  11. Jemma this is really a great idea. I am a big believer in buying from local "mom and pop" shops. I am a big fan of Etsy Shops so this is going to be so much fun. You are such an angel to feature all these creative peeps on your blog. I love shopping on line in my pj's so this should be fun.

  12. Jemma, thank you for supporting small businesses via Etsy shops and for including Secret Garden Herbs! I'm working on getting shop favorites stocked as well as adding some new specials for your readers! Blessings, Cecilia

  13. Jemma, thank you for supporting small businesses via Etsy shops and for including Secret Garden Herbs! I'm working on getting shop favorites stocked as well as adding some new specials for your readers! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. I'm so looking forward to this, Jemma. I wish I had been in a place where I was ready to participate! I love finding new Etsy shops and love handmade items. You had such a great idea!
    Have a great weekend- xo, T.

  15. Love this. It seems the larger stores just pull out the same old stuff that was shipped here in a container crate for overseas year after year. Looking forward to seeing these items.

  16. What a terrific idea! I'm really looking forward to this.
    Thank you!

  17. Jemma, this is a great idea, and I've already checked out those cute little gnomes. :) You don't see the charming personal shops out there any more, I really miss them. And when you mentioned "Little House on the Prairie," that got me right away, as I watch the reruns all the time. All the white and silver in your pictures is so magical and pretty.

    love, ~Sheri

  18. What a wonderful idea to support some lovely etsy shops for the holiday season! Will have to go take a look at these shops to get an idea of what they make and sell.

  19. I agree, it certainly would be better if we supported those we know and may I say trust! I will be looking forward to seeing these shops. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Oh Jemma, this is going to be so much fun! I am so excited to be one of the shops featured and I have been adding lots of Christmas goodies to my shop. It is fun to go visiting the others ahead of time too! Thank you for supporting us on your wonderful blog.

  21. What a lovely idea! I too love small town mom and pop shops and the unique treasures you can find there. I am looking forward to seeing what is for sale! : )

  22. It seems a very nice idea.
    Loved all your photo's.
    I can't believe Christmas is so close!

    All the best Jan

  23. Jemma, this is actually kind of inspired for me as I keep thinking I've fallen too much in the habit of writing a check to the kids for Christmas. It just doesn't seem Christmasy, even when they love getting the money. Can you believe I've never shopped through etsy? I'll come back and see what you suggest!


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